Du Bang devotes oneself to will high-powered biology is plastic use at packing to wait for an industry

Du Bang company of Weiermingdu predicts Germany: Will high-powered biology is plastic use at packing course of study to perhaps be used at for example textile and project are plastic the product domain that waits for other utility, will tell dispute to often have those who develop prospect to earthly environmental protection.

Afore-mentioned concepts are not a bagatelle, its just revealed a company to had been had, and of the milepost type of on record grow. For example, this company is revolutionary production Bio-PDO compound transforms the chemical craft previously for the biochemical craft with efficient zoology. Du Bang company devotes oneself to the biology material of innovation, aim to innovate the field that material develops, pack course of study especially. This year March, du Bang company continues to devote oneself to the research and development of solution of innovation biology material, the year that accordingly its also had the honor to win place of research firm FrostSullivan to evaluate is optimal this one beauty of biology data company praise. About plastic relevant content, the business of global biology data that can be in company of science of biology of Du Bang industry is in charge of Dr. Michael Saltzberg to be in know.

Michael Saltzberg says: The innovation of biology material can take the form that craft innovates, with more the means of environmental protection makes same product or member, perhaps compare with makings of existing oil base material, its can develop the new material that has outstanding specifications. We are the innovation definition that is based on function use more the craft of environmental protection and more the data of environmental protection will make better innovation product.

In the meantime, michael Saltzberg still points out: Plastic one of grail that pack are a kind of feasible passive solution. Its can make not only plastic pack light quantify, still can will plastic pack expand at present as a result of certain limitation, and in the applied domain that must pack with metal or glass. In this kind of new material, our company generated strong research interest to the brand of converter and polymer, at present we are signing confidential combination to develop an agreement with main potential client.

Bio-PDO is proprietary of company of a kind of use Du Bang ferments craft, and make call 1, 3- third the element of 2 alcohol. The current name that Sorona is the brand name; Sorona that the polymer place that to benzene to be being mixed by Bio-PDO 2 acid make takes Du Bang company is Triexta, triexta is multi-purpose in the applied domain at textile and carpet.

Michael Saltzberg comments on: Du Bang company produces the craft of Bio-PDO to had won patent, but the patent that its element itself is not our company. Compare with other polymer, sorona is a kind of polymer that has distinctive function and character. In certain applying, it is especially in carpet, its can rival; to be in other application with the exceedingly good character of nylon, sorona can be rivalled with the function of other synthetic fibre and photograph of natural fibrous function.

Additional, bio-PDO is one kind uses the liquid that ferments craft is made by industrial corn in syrup. And Sorona is by Bio-PDO and the polymer that to benzene 2 acid make, it is derived by oil. Sorona offers a client normally as polymer grain, its can be squashed to be mixed into fiber, film shape component.

To packing application, du Bang company is cooperating with company of Archer Daniels Midland, development went ester of a kind of new armour of monomer furan carboxylic acid. When synthesizing polymer with Bio-PDO or other monomer group, FDME was offerred special agree with beverage and food are packed use, and have revolutionary protective screen character to carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Will tell to packing, sorona shows a few limitation in filmy application. To the development of FDME, du Bang company is cooperating with company of Archer Daniels Midland, the plan is in what the fourth quarter has built to be able to appear on the market this year to set an example factory. If this project still afoot, we predict this commerce factory will build go into operation 2021.

Michael Saltzberg says: We predict, by what FDME makes furan radical polymer will use a field with what pack at horniness, the function of good protective screen of the carbon dioxide in the domain and oxygen is very here main, these domains include carbonic acid soft drinks, beer, soda and fresh fruit juice to wait. We also expect FDME is asking to protective screen property very severe film base use in application, for example the flesh kind in packing a domain with cheese.

Additional, the development of FDME and the polymer that make by its, it is the will implement next plan that Du Bang company packs a domain in biology material. We are being commercialized in what drive this kind of material, expecting it to be able to get further progress. Although with future still a lot of jobs want to do now, dan Dubang company is trying hard advance 2021 commercialize.

Zhejiang power first one thousand tons press forging is about to start

Recently, in zhejiang power forging machine tool co., LTD., workshop, technicians are 1000 tons of two point for new completion press for debugging.It is reported, 1000 tons of two point press in the domestic machine tool enterprises in zhejiang province is the first, it marks the forging press “power” has been successfully out of the new path of the file to upgrade products, take possession of the commanding heights of the mechanical press.These days, the machine more than 10 meters high “big MAC” machine is departed for guangdong some automobile manufacture enterprise.

in recent years, with the rapid development of the mechanical press application fields and market demand of mechanical press is more and more big.Power industry is relatively competitive, however, zhejiang metalforming machine tool co., LTD., based on the concept of “man without I have”, constantly committed to product innovation and gear upgrades, to the large size, large size and large tonnage direction.Power since 2009, zhejiang metalforming machine tool co., LTD., begun to make inroads, big tonnage press from 200 tons to 300 tons, to 500 tons, the press specifications grew, big tonnage press in China gradually occupied a place in the market.

we have learned.In the second half of 2012, zhejiang power metalforming machine tool co., LTD., receiving orders from some automobile manufacture enterprise in guangdong to develop a double point press 1000 tons.Power companies and the introduction of technical personnel from design to development.Because is the first time in the production of such a large products, from product development and design, to the processing and assembling, everything is a new concept, the company have to fumble in step by step.Because the product size is too big, not such a big company processing equipment, using three points method, in the design of the whole product can be divided into three pieces of processing, again when it is assembled together.Because of itself requires precision is very high, will be three body concatenated assembly time how to ensure the accuracy and became a difficult problem.Technical personnel and the assembly workers together to battle, in time and again after the calibration of the installation, the overall accuracy has finally reached the design requirements.After completion of the assembly, and found the crankshaft and block of interference, in the face of this sudden new problems, technicians calmly put forward solutions, and organize workers overnight to grind the repair.

Liao forging will be moved to the new factory The old enterprise keep pace with The Times development

liaoyang metalforming machine tool co., LTD. Is an old enterprise established in 1936, in recent years, the rapid development of still maintained a youthful vitality, advancing with The Times, full development.Recently, liao forging will move in the second half of 2013 enterprises, the new site is located in shenyang – dalian highway exit of vega industrial park, the new factory covers an area of 200 mu, and on the basis of the original new equipment more than 4000 ten thousand yuan, 3000 x 10000 CNC gantry boring and milling machine, 200 x 12000 Φ CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, 1250 x 1250 x 8000 and Φ Φ more than 5000 CNC lathe and heavy lifting equipment.After the move to a new site, liao forging will provide customers with more high-quality equipment and better service.

liao forging, began in

and 76 years of trials and hardships.Forging has been brilliant in the 20th century, liao dynasty, also had depressed, but after the enterprise restructuring of the early new century, the old enterprise coruscate gives new vitality again, at present, liao forging with vigorous pace, marching on the way to more brilliant.

20 century, liao forging had many outstanding achievement: the 50 s, the first domestic double disc friction press produced from liao forging.The first 70 tons in the 70 s, domestic electric spiral hammer and the first vertical precision forging machine, in the 80 s, the country’s first fully automatic brick molding machine and the domestic electric screw press, go out in the 90 s as the first compound brick moulding machine, are also produced from the liao forging.After entering the 21st century,

enterprises, after the conversion of the liao forging leadership enrich the technical force, in the new product development and increase the intensity of the development, new product development speed increase rapidly.In recent years, in order to comply with the national policy on energy conservation and emissions reduction, liao forging in electric product research and development and made great effort, has developed the domestic first inside a brick of 1000 tons and 1000 tons of the numerical control electric screw press brick machine, and the first domestic die out 1000 tons of brick CNC electric screw press machine.

liao forging relies on a press to development and understanding of the products at home and abroad for many years, created with liao forging characteristics of electric products, these electric products are not on any agencies and organizations, is a completely independent intellectual property rights, and has won four national patents.The current electric products has been upgraded to the second generation product, structure more reasonable, higher reliability, has been covering forging, refractory and composite bottom tableware industry.Throughout the domestic all electric products manufacturers, liao forging is the most complete specifications of the enterprises in domestic production of electric products, a total of 10 major series, more than 50 specifications of electric products.Liao

forged the 10 major series of products, services to many basic industries: LD53 and LDE53 series services in forging industry.LD54 and LDE54 series services on the bottom of the composite vessel manufacturing;LD67 and LDE67 series, a series of LDZ67 LD93 and LDE93 series, the series of LD69 and LDE69 services in refractory industry.Above all series of multiple products are currently in use, because of its use in good condition, energy saving effect is obvious, force can be controlled accurately, the product quality is stable, no impact on power grid, not burning motor, reduce the amount of operating personnel and workers no operation skill, and many other advantages, from on the bottom of the forging, refractory and composite tableware many user’s high praise.

in addition, the liao forging company has perfect after-sales service system, provide efficient and timely after-sale services and site, and assist users such as technical training for operation and maintenance.Moved to new headquarters,

, said liao forging leadership, liao forging is still the continuation of the previous tenet: quality first, customer first, mutual benefit and win-win, and many customers with the best quality equipment and the best service.

Component of lathe of automation numerical control reachs working principle

Lathe of automation numerical control is one kind uses numerical control technology, realize behavioral machine tool according to the program that has written beforehand. It feedbacks by unit of program carrier, device losing a person, CNC, servo, position system and component of machine tool machinery are formed.
On lathe of automation numerical control treatment spare parts passes the following measure normally:
1) basis machines the design of the spare parts and technology program, the code that uses a provision and block format write program sheet, record it in the; on carrier
2) inputs the program on program carrier in CNC unit to go through inputting device;
After 3)CNC unit passes the program of the input processing, to the machine tool the servo of each coordinate gives out signal;
The signal that CNC unit issues 4) servo basis, the athletic component of drive machine tool, control necessary auxiliary operation;
5) drives the opposite movement of cutting tool and workpiece through component of machine tool machinery, treatment gives the workpiece; of the requirement
6) detects the motion of the machine tool, give CNC unit through feedback device feedback, in order to reduce machining error.
Of course, to machine tool of open loop numerical control it is to did not detect, of feedback system.

How should numerical control lathe undertake maintenance in day-to-day operation?

The maintenance of system of 1. numerical control
(1) abide by strictly operating rules and maintain a system daily
(2) the door that should open numerical control ark and strong report ark less as far as possible is in machine general metropolis has oily mist, dirt in the air of job shops even the metal is pulverous, once they fall inside numerical control system on circuit board or electronic parts, cause yuan of insulation resistance between parts of an apparatus easily to drop, bring about yuan of parts of an apparatus to reach circuit board attaint even. Some users are in summer to make numerical control system can excess load works for a long time, adopt the door that opens numerical control ark to come loose hot, this is a kind of method that cannot take extremely, its bring about the acceleration of numerical control system finally to damage.
(3) time sweep numerical control ark medicinal powder each cooling fan jobs that heat up ventilated system to should check numerical control ark to go up are regular. Every half an year or every quarter check air channel filter to whether have jam phenomenon, if the dirt on screen pack is accumulative too much, clear not in time, can cause the temperature inside numerical control ark exorbitant.
(4) the input of numerical control system / safeguard of take-off regularly
(5) the regular examination of dc motive brush and change dc moves what Electromechanical brushs to transfer wear away, can affect the performance of electromotor, cause the damage of electromotor even. For this, answer electromotor brush to undertake be checked regularly and changing. Milling machine of numerical control lathe, numerical control, machining center, answer to be checked every year.
(6) change regularly memory uses cell to CMOSRAM memory parts of an apparatus is set inside system of ordinary numerical control can fill batteries to maintain circuit, with making sure the system is different electric parts of an apparatus can maintain the content of its memory. Be in usually, even if have not invalidation, also answer to change every year, in order to ensure the system works normally. Of batteries change should undertake below condition of power supply of numerical control system, the information inside the RAM when changing in case is missing.
(7) reserve the maintenance of circuit board is spare printed circuit board long-term need not when, the electrify in answering to install numerical control system regularly runs period of time, damage in case.
2. The maintenance of mechanical component
(1) advocate the rate of degree of tightness that the maintenance of transmission catenary adjusts main shaft drive to take regularly, prevent to turn because of taking what boast causes to lose phenomenon; The constant temperature mailbox with examination lubricant main shaft, adjust temperature limits, seasonable complement oil is measured, clean filter its; After plant of clamp of the cutting tool in main shaft is used for long, can produce gap, affect the clamp of cutting tool, need to adjust the displacement amount of piston of hydraulic pressure crock in time.
(2) deputy maintenance checks whorl of ball guide screw regularly, adjust guide screw whorl deputy axial clearance, assure retrorse drive precision and axial stiffness; Whether does the link that checks guide screw and lathe bed regularly have become loose; Guide screw guard has attaint to want to change in time, in case dirt or cut bits to enter.
(3) knife library and the maintenance of the manipulator that change a knife are forbidden overweight, the cutting tool of train in excess specified length loads knife library, collision of knife or cutting tool and workpiece, clamping apparatus happening is dropped in order to avoid when manipulator changes a knife; A zero place that often checks knife library is proper, main shaft of examination machine tool answers position of the spot that change a knife to whether reach the designated position, adjust in time; When switching on the mobile phone, should make knife library and manipulator sky move, it is normal that the examination works partly each, especially each journey switch and electromagnetism a powerful person whether run normally; Examination cutting tool is tightened in manipulator lock reliable, discovery should be handled in time out of order.
3. Hydraulic pressure, baric system is safeguarded the filter of lubricant to each, hydraulic pressure, baric system or cent mesh undertake cleaning or change regularly; Undertake to hydraulic pressure system oleaginous assay examination is mixed regularly change hydraulic pressure is oily; Divide colander to turn on the water to baric system regularly
4. Machine tool precision is safeguarded undertake machine tool level and mechanical precision are checked regularly corrective.

The method of correction of mechanical precision has soft hard two kinds. Its are soft the method is to pass systematic parameter compensation, like guide screw backlash fixed position of compensation, each coordinate, precision decides countervail of have a snack to stave off hunger, machine tool to answer reference point position corrective etc; Good method wants to undertake when the machine tool heavies repair commonly, if have guide,repair blow, nut of ball guide screw deputy tighten beforehand adjust backlash to wait.