Machine tool industry a new round of market demand picks up intelligent transformation of new opportunities

chinese-made 2025 specifically to choose ten key breakthroughs, including high-end CNC machine tools and robots on the list.Industrial 4.0 era coming, machine tool manufacturing industry must seize opportunities, active docking, realize from & other;Manufacturing & throughout;To & other;Smart & throughout;To & other;Create & throughout;The shift.On the basis of improve the level of product technology and quality promoting & other;Digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing & throughout;To provide the overall solution, is an important symbol of machine tool industry transformation and upgrading, and common machine tool enterprises.

2017 is our country structural reform continued to deepen, a supply side, in the international economic recovery and domestic economy under the background of kinetic energy conversion, China machine tool industry is facing unprecedented new environment, new challenges and new opportunities.

at present, China’s machine tool market demand changed dramatically, and significantly reduce the total demand, accelerate upgrade of new market demand structure characteristics are becoming ever more obvious.First of all, the machine tool market structure upgrade, performance to the rapid growth of the demand for the automation of complete sets of niche, the personalization, customization demand growth, universal product performance, reliability, increased demand shift upgrade;Second, the technology development trend of nc machine tool in & other;Efficient, precise, composite & throughout;On the basis of the intelligent and & otherGreen & throughout;Put forward higher requirements.

in the first half of this year the overall recovery, China’s manufacturing industry intelligent upgrade continues to advance, maintain high sentiment robots and automation equipment.According to the national bureau of statistics data show that 1 ~ 6 months, domestic industrial robot cumulative production of 59000 units, up 52% from a year earlier, in June, year-on-year growth is 61%, among the top of the various types of industrial products.1 ~ 6 months, metal cutting machine tool cumulative production of 400000 units, up 8.7% from a year earlier.

actually, begin from 2011 until the present moment, bearing of the machine tool industry is still no obvious improvement.For more than five years, the market for several years, machine tools industry enterprise development differentiation more hasten is clear in the past two years.Some enterprises have difficulty, the phenomenon such as bankruptcy reorganization.

then, a series of policies in the country came under the environment of dense, boosted by strong demand in the domestic market, metal cutting machine tool industry recovery capacity is obvious in our country, the continuous production to achieve positive growth in June, composite products in intelligence, high speed, and motors, multi-axis, etc has made significant progress, in our country from the manufacturer to the manufacturing power in the course of play an important supporting role.

as the world’s largest machine tool producer and consumer, although the Chinese machine tool enterprises in the national support, to speed up the high-end machine tools with key features in research and development, and achieved certain results, for example, jinan second machine tool developed the domestic first full servo high-speed automatic press line, stamping technology has reached the world advanced level.But the Chinese machine tool enterprises more and more concentrated in the low-end market, and high-end machine tool market is still dominated by Germany and Japan, the traditional machine tool enterprises.

along with the rapid growth of China’s machine tool industry, structural adjustment and the deepening of specialization, with various techniques and performance advantages of motorized spindle will benefit from the downstream of the machine tool industry industrial upgrading.And high import price of motorized spindle, long delivery time, maintenance difficulties, domestic product import substitution vast space.In addition, the motorized spindle are often malfunction caused by improper operation, part wear, also because of the long-term use of precision will be reduced and need maintenance.

& other;Machine tool industry needs upgrading direction and long-term inherent advantage in the machine tool manufacturing industry in China.Throughout the &;China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general Ronald chan has previously said that & other;China machine tool industry need not face, but the depth.Throughout the &;

China as the world’s largest manufacturing power, in recent years, influenced by machine tool market demand picks up, China’s machine tool industry on the scale of production capacity is rising.And, as automobiles and parts, aerospace, mold, railway transportation equipment, engineering machinery, and other various types of equipment manufacturing industry, the production scale expansion of the strong demand for multi-level machine tool products and related industry, machine manufacturing industry in China is developing in the acceleration period.

in addition, the machine tool association aspect also judgment, structural reforms to boost the supply side, along with our country financial industry increasing support on the real economy, & other;Steady growth & throughout;Measures effect appeared gradually, and market new kinetic energy and investment hot spots of pull factors effect, has caused the industry from the year before this round of market demand, and expects to have running machine tool market and industry this year will be stabilized to the good momentum.

China enterprise need not & other;Tiger balm & throughout;4.0 type industry solutions, but customized map, including the realization of digital lean transformation of energy consumption optimization and automation, efficient and high-quality digital business model, innovative products and business model development, consumer demand oriented business strategy, etc.Believe in the government under a series of measures, the unremitting efforts of enterprises, to machine tool machine tool industry in China will be moving towards a better future.

Neat heavy nc innovation in a world class

as the country;156 period of key construction projects, one of the neat heavy nc equipment co., LTD., strategic restructuring in 2007, technology innovation as the motive force of sustainable development, always at the speed of 25 new products per year on average, the product upgrading to world-class level.In recent years, enterprises for national defense, transportation, energy and other industries of production and processing provides a number of patented technology and complete sets of equipment, for the national key need project provides a large number of numerical control equipment, high-end products also into Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and so on more than 30 countries and regions.The development of these products not only broke the foreign technology blockade of our country, more made important contribution to China’s comprehensive national strength.

technology innovation, equipment outside China

heavy nc leading products is given priority to with vertical, horizontal heavy machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, also has the heavy rail crankshaft lathe, lathe, roll lathe, milling and boring machine, vertical grinding machine, vertical landing gear milling machine, hobbing machine bed 26 series more than 600 varieties, the 10 categories of machine tool products.Company launched more than 20 new products per year, since the factory has more than 300 products to fill the domestic blank, which is suitable for China’s first brand heavy vertical, horizontal lathe, domestic market share of 50% in the heavy vertical machine tool products, mainly in the service of our country energy, machinery, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, military industry, traffic, metallurgy and other industries.

for national science and technology major projects, replace imported, manifested the enterprise indispensable strength.Since 2009, the qi heavy nc undertakes national six major projects of science and technology, there are 2 items for special national top ten landmark products, including car milling compound machining machine tool CNC heavy crankshaft can produce only in Germany and Japan before project, is the first in our country, the end of the our country now will not be able to process the history of large Marine crankshaft ten thousand horsepower.Nc post project is one of the world’s largest mobile vertical milling lathe CNC heavy duty machine tools, also is the world’s most advanced function, the highest machining precision CNC heavy duty machine tools.6.3 meters of super-heavy CNC horizontal boring lathe project is the world’s largest horizontal lathe turning diameter, whether the product specifications, or technical parameters, have reached the international leading level.Super-heavy CNC roll grinder project for domestic first sets, can replace imported high-end products.Adhere to independent innovation, and actively expand the market, forming the new economic growth point of enterprise.In order to meet the market demand to the actual situation of high-end transfer structure, heavy CNC in the original vertical, horizontal, on the basis of machine tool products, speed up the development to adapt to the market demand for high-grade replace imported products, research and development of a batch of products with core competitiveness.Qi heavy nc and Harbin engineering university cooperation and common development has made the deep sea manipulator and an Shi Sheng groove cutting machine.At present, the company is developing the indexing of one hundred desktop milking machine, the project market prospect is very good.In recent years, the company actively seeking international cooperation, to hire foreign enterprises well-known experts as technical advisers, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, actively explore the international market.

system innovation, activate enterprise internal

heavy CNC based on flexible mechanism and institutional advantages of private enterprises, break down barriers, galvanize release dynamic inner driving force.

to perfect corporate governance structure, remove the original state-owned enterprises, decision-making management efficiency greatly increased.Earlier this year, in order to further improve the corporate governance structure, improve the company management, production and technical backbone staff cohesion and competitiveness, the controlling shareholder tianma holding group co., LTD, subsidiary company management, production and technical backbone personnel holding policy, there are 109 management, production and technical backbone personnel subscribed to nearly 30 million shares, inspired the masses of cadres and workers to realize rapid development of the determination and confidence.

organizations reasonably efficient.Neat heavy CNC based on improve the efficiency of management, scientific integration function relevant departments.Company consists of 53 departments before the restructuring to reduce to 22 department today.Lean organization, reduce the personnel repeat Settings, reduces the enterprise the operation cost.

open mechanism of choose and employ persons, the company follow the principle of efficiency and benefit priority, broke the state-owned enterprise worker iron rice bowl, greatly improve work efficiency.The use of talents can be selected through talent growth channel, not stick to one pattern.Employees get effective shunt and post adjustment in recent years, more than 4000 people to reduce the number of employees by restructuring of the 1948 people now, better cope with the impact of the market downturn brings to the enterprise.

compensation allocation to a line of tilt.Compensation allocation to production backbone, technical backbone and management backbone tilt, not only reflects the work more, and embodies the technology content of jobs, truly;Tiller;Its field;Workers have;Its shares, to pay harvest, losses will be damaged.At present, the company has formed the special contribution of government experts, domestic machine tool industry leader and master the international advanced technology of foreign senior technology consultant for scientific research and development team.

management innovation for enterprise development power take-off

in recent years, qi heavy nc adhere to fine management as the main line, continuously improve enterprise’s response to market mutation and the ability to resist risk.To establish a system for assessment of assets management responsibility system, encourage the production and business operation entity using spare capacity independent increase their income.Establishes an index system of cadre performance evaluation, salary directly linked to each unit of leading cadres monthly salary.Heavy machine tool industry in China the first enterprises to implement ERP management, full implementation of 6 s management, strongly promote production site standardization process operation, completes the high-end leading experimental research and pilot test of new products.Enterprises to increase cooperation with scientific research institutes of technology, successively with tsinghua university, Harbin institute of technology, technology and other scientific research institutes to carry out technical cooperation, strengthen the research and development cooperation with users, realize the mutual support of both technical resources and share the results of new products.

;During much starker choices-and graver consequences-in, qi heavy nc will be;Two-step: adjust gaining from 2016 to 2017, the enterprise implementing turnround micro surplus;Rise of transformation from 2018 to 2020, through the commercial operation pattern of internal and external seek and international cooperation;Two paths, make the company become a machine tool industry leading enterprise of be worthy of the name.

Shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent manufacturing valley in hubei springing up

8, hubei Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley construction project site, 5 building 70000 square meters factory building, one of the building area of 5000 square meters of factory have been capped and completed the construction of infrastructure, one of the first 80 units from shenyang machine tool to i5 intelligent machine tools have also been completed installation and debugging.

4 in shenyang machine tool and hubei zhongxiang government officially reached a strategic cooperation, promote the central i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project construction;In early may, complete intelligent manufacturing valley construction planning;In early June, 5 building workshop construction;In mid-july, i5 intelligent machine into valleys.I5 valley of intelligent manufacturing becomes the new engine Zhong Xiang equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, through high-end intelligent manufacturing attract scattered in the auto industry inside and outside the processing enterprises, the formation of industrial clusters.

, said an official with the shenyang machine tool on i5 intelligent manufacturing valley caused the attention of the regional internal and external enterprises of different industries, consulting, and heats up.There are two enterprises are deep discussion;Bag check in, one is from shenzhen enterprises, another is half shaft industry well-known enterprises in China.

, according to the controller introduces i5 intelligent manufacture of the construction of the valley;Zhong Xiang accelerated zhongxiang is focus on the development of high-end manufacturing was determined.Zhongxiang located in central hubei province, the han river middle reaches, it is the national experimental area for sustainable development, the state-level ecological demonstration area, the national scientific and technological progress advanced counties.In recent years, zhongxiang to construction;JingZhong city new town,;Wisdom city as the main body in the economic development strategy, strive to promote the city’s high-end manufacturing industry development.I5

intelligent manufacturing valleys will establish i5 intelligent manufacturing experience center, regional industry research and development center, intelligent test center, regional practice training center, center and remanufacturing industry data cloud, with modern service industry as the way to integrate social resources, in zhongxiang, and the surrounding area to form ecological intelligent manufacturing sharing.Central China i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project planning land of 1000 mu, is expected in the i5 intelligent equipment 10000 units, predicts 2021 sales income 6 billion yuan.

Xi ling company development booster nc machine tool development by innovation

Our country is manufacturing power, machine tool industry is facing a situation of “big but not strong”.Market demand structure of escalating, reversed transmission of machine tool enterprises to accelerate the pace of transformation.With ever increasing user demand and the popularization and application of modern means of science and technology, intelligent machine owner to development direction.
as industrial machine tools, machine tool is the foundation of the foundation.Is currently developing nc machine tool industry in China, and strive to improve the technical level of domestic machine tool.Although currently under the background of machine tool industry is in a recession, but there are still a lot of machine tool enterprises relying on its own strength to occupy a heaven and earth, zhejiang west ling co., LTD. Is there a shining star.

in zhejiang province west ling co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “west ling shares”) was founded in 2000, is focused on high precision drilling machine series machine tool manufacturing of high-tech enterprises.Its leading products include precision vertical machining centers, CNC drilling and milling machine, radial drilling machine, vertical drilling machine, drill press, machine tool accessories, such as more than 130 kinds of products, formation of many varieties, many specifications and series covered the pattern of similar products in the same industry.At the same time won the west ling shares issued by the China machine tool industry association “drilling machine series products production enterprises and market share of domestic industry first”, “well-known firms in zhejiang province” issued by the industrial and commercial bureau of zhejiang province, “zhejiang famous brand” and “zhejiang famous brand products” issued by the bureau of technical supervision of zhejiang province.
, innovation is the important source of enterprise development.West ling co insists on innovation for development, the establishment of the new high-tech product research and development center, has a number of highly qualified professionals.The technology center of west ling shares won a title of “zhejiang provincial enterprise technology center”, including the national invention patent, utility model, the software copyright patent rights for more than 100.West ling shares to further improve the competitiveness of the company in the drilling industry, to meet the demand for high-end CNC machine tools in the downstream industry, will increase investment in research and development in 2016, investment direction including nc drilling machine, the efficient compound machine tool and unmanned machining equipment and so on.

quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development.West ling shares always strives for the survival by the quality, based on cultivating core competence, has now become a leader in the field of drilling machine.Company established a perfect quality management system, and in 2001 passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, the product has passed the CCC, CQC, UL, CUL, GS, CE safety certification, etc.Company for many enterprises at home and abroad to provide safe, efficient, precision universal or special machine tools.