Love better to launch machine tools with high precision measurement

Nc machine tool as a kind of precision processing equipment, has been more and more widely applied in the field of precision machining.In order to ensure that the numerical control machine tool has the very high machining accuracy, on the machine is equipped with appropriate displacement measuring device is necessary.As & other;Gusu talents & throughout;, graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences, associate professor of electrical engineering, southeast university post-doctoral, lead ChuJianHua entrepreneurial team, through five years of technology, and developed the & other;Active ball grating displacement sensor measurement & throughout;.Reporter in love good company met this kind of measuring instrument, the equipment is mainly composed of a metal ball from the land scale measurement and a signal equipment, ChuJianHua introduction, this & otherThe ball grid scale & throughout;Whole sealing structure is adopted to IP67 protection grade standard, its measurement precision is not affected by oil, water, iron and other common pollutants affect workshop, ruler of the warranty period can be up to 10 years.& other;General measurement sensor is not hard to do, I study hard, difficult in big mechanical implementation of advanced measurement.Throughout the &;ChuJianHua explanation: & other;An open large nc machine tools, electromagnetic interference is very big, and there are oil, in such bad environment, still can ensure the measuring accuracy of 1 micron, this is very not easy.Throughout the &;For a long time, on the precision machine tool configuration is a set of three coordinate displacement measuring device, mainly imported from abroad.According to introducing, the measuring instrument accuracy of similar foreign is 5 microns, a group of more than ten meters long three coordinates measuring instrument for about 7 to 80000 yuan, and love not only higher precision of products, the price is only half of the same products abroad.ChuJianHua revealed that China’s existing stock of 8 million sets of machine tools need to be modified, in addition, an annual increase of precision cutting machine more than 70 sets.He chuckles & other;Each machine needs to be equipped with precision measuring instruments, this is a & lsquo;Blue ocean market & rsquo;Every year, there will be billions of market demand.Throughout the &;Because see the demand in the industry, ChuJianHua lead the team to focus on automation measurement field, during the period of product performance testing, he often spends one night, in the machine tool workshop a continuous test.& other;The traditional grating measurement with the defect of instability, mainly by the environment, such as dust pollution, we solved this problem by electromagnetic principle, guarantee under the condition of the processing environment is very bad, the instrument can work normally.Throughout the &;In 2017, love good company won the jiangsu province private scientific and technological enterprise qualification.Product original ball grid structure, the active methods, key technology such as segmentation processing, weak signal processing is applied for two PCT patent, products comprehensive performance reached the international first-class level.It is understood that in addition to & other;The ball grid scale & throughout;, ChuJianHua r&d team to develop the space level precision Angle measuring equipment, has been successfully used in aeronautics and astronautics.The angular resolution can reach 0.1 & Prime;(seconds), measurement accuracy can reach & plusmn;0.2 & Prime;, the environment temperature range in – 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃, also can work normally under the strong shock.At present, the project has been successfully used in small satellite engineering center in Shanghai, and signed a contract in China academy of space technology.ChuJianHua said, love good company in the future will focus on the field, solve the market problem, in intelligent manufacturing precision core sensing components continue to research and development, contribute to further reduce the manufacturing cost in the industry.(the original title: love beautiful launch machine tools with high precision measuring device) (network) under the source:

EMO2017: male, AGE – W robot Angle compensation unit

As the world’s first robot Angle compensation device, the male grams (SCHUNK) AGE – W for all three axis rotation and Angle compensation, can fast and accurate processing of no accurate positioning components.While grabbing parts from the container, the module can provide the necessary flexibility for the end of the actuator, is suitable for machine tool automatic up-down material, handling and assembly of components and positional deviation problem.Manipulator or other actuators connected to the robot through the male, AGE – W, to the corresponding workpiece position can be adjusted flexibly, without detailed record operation process monitoring and control system, also need not precise fetching strategy at a time, so we can save the time of programming and operating at the same time.AGE – W section: male, AGE – W is a combination of rotation and Angle compensation can be adjusted flexibly according to the parts where the end executor AGE – W application: AGE – W Angle compensation unit;PZN – plus manipulator and finger according to the application of custom AGE – W in the direction of the X axis and Y axis compensation scope of 0 & deg;To + \/ – 13 & deg;In the Z axis (rotation) of 0 & deg;To + 19 & deg;.By compressed air to separate regulation of calm heart, achieve the best deflection torque.If the unit switch to its rigid position, use reliable ball lock, to ensure the high centering precision of + \/ – 0.09 mm, so as to achieve high process reliability in the subsequent operations.Using inductive proximity switch can monitor lock.Shell USES anodic alumina, compensating element hardened stainless steel materials, low maintenance requirements, longer service life.Installation of flange type DINENISO9409-1-125 standard, so no additional adapter plate, can be connected to all kinds of robots.The maximum horizontal carrying weight is 22.7 kg.(the original title: EMO2017: male, AGE – W robot Angle compensation unit For the robot end actuators provide rotation and Angle compensation function) (source: MM metal processing network)

Guangzhou nc: intelligent welding power industrial manufacturing

On June 27, the 22nd Essen welding and cutting “fair in Shanghai new international expo center, the grand opening, the exhibition a four-day, attracted a lot of viewers to visit.Guangzhou CNC carefully prepared, with the exhibition a series of advanced and efficient welding robot, for metal processing, auto parts and manufacturing, and other industrial manufacturing in the field of welding automation provides a rich solution, make the exhibition a large window, attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to stop watching and advisory negotiations.RB165 \/ RH06 frame welding robot complete scheme demonstration RH06 aluminum formwork welding robot welding products from guangzhou CNC production of independent research and development of robot welding much money will be on display in the exhibition, displayed in different welding process and welding material conditions.IIW·CWS·ArcCup2017 international welding competition as IIW·CWS·ArcCup 2017 international welding equipment and the venue provider competition competition, during the exhibition, nc booth in guangzhou also can catch a glimpse of international players in GSK welding robot welding competition power under the fierce competition.By the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of education, ministry of industry and information technology guidance, the brics countries business council sponsored the brics skills development and technology innovation contest and IIW·CWS·ArcCup 2017 international welding contest is in China in 2017 as the brics rotating presidency of the important achievements and influence in the world widely, the specification is higher, attracted from Russia, India, kazakhstan, Nigeria, Spain and other countries and China’s higher vocational colleges, related enterprises and social organizations, such as hundreds of teams compete.Competition is China as the brics rotating presidency of the important foreign affairs activities and results of open, its aim is to promote the development of the brics skills and technical communication work, implement the brics countries related to the talent development cooperation memorandum signed related spirit, building & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;And the brics countries vocational skills development, engineering ability and intelligence technology innovation platform for the talents of international cooperation.(the original title: intelligent welding power value enhancement) (source: guangzhou CNC)

Iscar with many leading-edge products attend EMO HANNOVER 2017

EMO machine tool exhibition is one of the world’s largest industrial exhibition.In 2017, EMO exhibition will be held in Hanover, Germany.There will be more than 2000 companies from 41 countries participation;An estimated 150000 people visiting this big machine tool show.Iscar booth located in HALL 4, booth number E38, booth area of 342 square meters, again to & other;Machining Intelligently”Namely, & otherWith smart change throughout manufacturing &;As the theme, and will display the cutting edge of cutting tool.Iscar launch meet industrial standard 4.0 tool to help users big feed using high-speed cutting tools and cutting tools for processing, cutting and minimal quantities of lubricant (MQL) and other modern processing strategy in order to follow the user and machine interconnected & other;The Internet of things & throughout;Demand.Iscar continues to expand its already on the market product series, the products in the global metal cutting industry established many industry standards.Today, manufacturers are facing austerity, lean production, and the challenges of the market, need to get more support from its suppliers.Iscar tool series to help manufacturers with its technological innovation through the use of advanced processing strategy, cutting-edge engineering solutions can continue to improve the efficiency of its in the metal cutting processing, improve investment returns.New cutter series focused on through the clever tighten in the blade clamping mechanism and improve the reliability of the machining process, eventually improve the productivity.Iscar to respond to the latest market demand, the demand for ubiquitous high-speed machining and car milling compound machining center and the development of amplification;On the blade and the blade geometry form common upgrade, less downtime, lower labor costs.Here are part of the cutting tool product: dovetail IQ tool (DOVE – IQTURN) : the dovetail groove of technology innovation combined with a lever type clamping mechanism, very solid, high rigid blade clamping for heavy cutting.Damping vibration control module type tool (WHISPERLINE) : iscar anti vibration cutting tools for cutting and cutting groove series, with a new type damping module vibration control mechanism with vibration, improve the quality of processed surface, improve the blade and tool life.Dovetail groove IQ knife (DOVE – IQ GRIP) : this series of cutting tools with unique front locking mechanism, design makes in a deep cavity of heavy cutting processing can achieve smooth chip removal.IQ pentagonal overlord knife (PENTA – IQ GRIP) : impressive pentagon blade with small specification 5 cutting edges, suitable for processing cutting depth deeper and higher machining accuracy of groove and cut processing.Spiral blade milling cutter series 390 IQ (HELI – IQ – MILL 390) : milling insert with three cutting edge, leading edge cutting edge design has a lower cutting force and reduce the machine power consumption efficiency.Compared with traditional two cutting edges of the spiral blade milling cutter, the blade has a more economical advantage.4 blade disc cutter (MILL4FEED) : big feed milling cutter (FEEDMILL) new series, clamping with four cutting edges of the square single-sided milling insert, or reduce large overhanging the machine is designed for low power applications of cutting force.Dovetail cutter series 845 IQ (DOVE – IQ MILL) : a specially designed eight blade milling insert is widely applied in 50 & deg;Main Angle face milling, suitable for the vast majority of rough milling and milling and fine processing of the material processed.Fast shadow tool (FLASHTURN) : application of a wide range of small specification ISO blades, each cutting edge is more economic.Iscar offers a variety of geometric shapes of the blade, blade edge radius, chip breaker groove and frontier carbide grades to choose from.IQ in the double THREAD blade (DECA IQ THREAD) : the unique THREAD machining blade circumscribed circle diameter of 16 mm, with 10 cents to double blade cutting edges.Compared with common three paperback screw blade, blade new design geometry blade each cutting edge is more economic.High pressure cooling double-headed cutting knife (DO – GRIP JET LINE) : high pressure cooling JET (JHP) to the blade between the rake face and chip area.Not only makes the chip removal is very smooth, but also gain a longer tool life.IQ chameleon DRILL 700 series (CHAM – IQ – DRILL 700) : with unique design, by the elastic deformation of cemented carbide cutter clamping part since the lock;From the demand for clamping the attachment.Set of mind, is the result of cutting head well hole machining precision is higher, cylindricity is higher.IQ of magical chameleon diamonds (SUMOCHAMIQ) : expand the SUMOCHAM segment options, introduced the cutting edge of the cutter with a concave surface of technology innovation, design improved the concave surface bit self-centering performance, without guide holes.Magic beam gun drill (SUMOGUN) : the bunch of magic chameleon diamonds (SUMOCHAM) segment, used in the range of 10-25.9 mm in diameter deep hole drilling processing, maximum drill as deep as 800 mm.By magical chameleon can be realized in the machine gun drill replacement segment, don’t need to remove the drill pipe by replacing cutting head.Made with the clip-on IQ slot knife (TANG – GRIP IQ) : single-head cutting blade, high clamping rigidity;Great compact design makes the chip removal is very smooth.Swiss automatic lathe upgrade series (SWISSCUT INNOVAL) : upgrade SWISSCUT series, the new blade elliptic clamping hole with technology innovation.New clamp design adopted the special clamp screw, can from the front of the tool holder and to tighten and loosen screw on the back of the operation, be exempted from the risk of any component drop.Hot wheels cutter P290 (MILLSHRED P290) : for large overhanging shoulder milling provide the ideal solution.Clamping waveform milling cutter slice cutter can realize the vibration reduction, and optimize the vast majority of processed materials processing.Double spiral milling cutter series (HELIDO LINE (690) : 690 new milling cutter series for 90 & deg;Shoulder milling.H690 series cutter clamping band 6 triangle right hand spiral cutting edge milling insert.Spiral blade design makes the blade is more durable, more stable processing performance.In cold speed spindle (SPINJET) : holding small diameter cutter, cooling fluid drive high-speed spindle, turning velocity, 20000, 30000, 40000.Iscar is committed to work closely with users, not only to develop new technologies to meet new market demand, also by improving the equipment utilization and optimize processing performance to maximize the investment value of modern machine tools.Iscar blade and blade adaptation to a new generation of processing center, making it possible to feed processing and high speed machining, high productivity, intelligent and can share data.These knives again fulfilled iscar help users keep promise of success, and gradually establish the industrial 4.0 related standards.(the original title: iscar with many leading-edge products attend EMO HANNOVER 2017) (source: iscar)

Waves with many processing solutions for EMO2017

Waves before 2017 emo show broadcast: efficient five-axis machining, automation solutions and digital production, the scene will show a lot of processing solutions.The exhibition window early know: the high dynamic performance is in DZ 08 FXPrecision + 2017 EMO show.Five-axis machining efficiency and precision of machine tools, automation system solution and digital production is huge waves in the EMO is the focus of the exhibition.The wave group four brand waves, stark, and modified expert schere CMS will in 12 pavilion, C04 booth appearance together.Wave group will present at the scene a variety of processing solutions, including automation solutions, there are such as: the crowns of the health care industry and stainless steel plate, the auto industry of cylinder head and the longitudinal structure, turbine components as well as in the field of aerospace engineering machinery hydraulic pieces of different industries, such as a variety of processing solutions.& other;SMARTLine”Will provide you with intelligent control software module, digital production and the two-way communication between machine tools and the terminal.DZ 08 FX Precision high speed five-axis machining center + waves double spindle machining center DZ 08 FX Precision + will in the EMO show debut.Precision + technology can gives it the super-high-yield processing advantages.DZ 08 FX Precision + 7 is the maximum torque nm, 14 kw spindle power, top speed of 40000 RPM, the startup time just 1.9 seconds.X axis acceleration for 10 m\/s&sup 2;, Y axis acceleration of 17 m\/s&sup 2;, to 20 m\/Z axis acceleration s&sup 2;.X axis and Y axis fast moving speed can reach 75 m\/min, the Z axis is fast moving speed of up to 100 m\/min.Chip crumbs – time of 3.0 seconds, tool change time of 0.8 seconds.Waves will appear for you double spindle machining center DZ08 FX Precision + in the shortest possible time for five axis machining Precision + technology in X, Y, and Z axis using non-contact linear drive, can produce greater tension, so that the feed speed faster;Can also be faster running speed, improve the quality of surface processing.Direct measurement system to ensure that all shaft has the highest accuracy.This new machine will be live demonstration processing medical stainless steel plate.In addition, the waves will display have to expand processing area of five-axis milling center FZ12FX MAGNUM and FZ18 FX MAGNUM, the two models are mainly used for aircraft turbine semal milling with hydraulic control blocks.& other;Car milling compound & throughout;: milling and turning and milling and turning at the same time, it requires to machine tools have & other;Car milling compound & throughout;Processing technology, such as waves FZ08 MT Precision +, equipped with swing milling head, turning spindle, knife tower and vice principal axis, the five axis machine tool can be six surface machining of complex workpiece.Automatic turning and milling of the complete system VDZ schere 100 DZ\/DS with waves of 12 W Variocell UNO integrated automation solutions as a typical automation system solution, the wave will display for processing cylinder components of compound double spindle milling and turning the complete system, which is a common development with the deal.The complete system solutions, is made from vertical turning center VDZ 100 DS, schere waves DZ12 W processing center, the workpiece switching device and Variocell Uno robot units.The solution for optimization of predictable zero inventory unmanned production.Waves of intelligent software system at the same time to provide you with & other;SMATline”Digital production solutions for intelligent software is a key part of automation, high waves & other;SMARTline”Series will provide intelligent software service for you.Among them, & other;DataLine”Can be configured to meet the specific needs of the intelligent device application system, designed for monitoring and diagnosis of machine tool machining process.It can collect the workpiece, cutting tool and machining center operation data, and pass the data to the department.& other;DataLine”Can identify the production process even very small deviation and find out the reason, improve the efficiency of machine tool production in order to reduce the malfunction.Waves can also provide you with the remote network diagnosis and maintenance & other;RemoteLine”System, as well as for automatic programming and simulation of nc machining & other;ProcessLine”System.(the original title: waves with many processing solutions for EMO2017) metal processing network (source: MM)