Zi rich holds contest of skill of the 6th profession

On July 16, organize classics of federation of trade unions of ministry, city, round municipal Party committee, city to believe by Zi rich municipal Party committee appoint, combination of bureau of company of person of bureau of city science and technology, city is sponsorred, the skill of profession of the 6th worker of Zi rich city that institute of technician of Zi rich city undertakes contest final kicks off.
The contest establishs machine tool of jockey of electric welder, machining center, numerical control to install tone to maintain project 3 projects, every project cent takes an exam for theory and operate two measure actually, more than 100 player of 29 delegations such as each area county, big company attends finals. It is reported, accomplishment of synthesis of put together of each type of work is accorded with the first times about the player that declares a condition general to company of person of city federation of trade unions, city bureau, round municipal Party committee parts declare ” revitalize Zi rich ” labor medal, ” expert of technology of Zi rich city ” , ” Zi rich city is outstanding, bring into library of whole town qualified personnel to consolidate management. Before put together of each type of work synthesizes accomplishment 6 player is promoted to a high office by bureau of city person company technician qualification.
This second skill contest aims to drive Zi rich city ” big training of 1 million workers ” the development that quality promotes the action is begun, arouse a worker to learn the technology, enthusiasm that gets business, experienced technical ability further. Whole town is broad worker general this second activity and ” apprentice of renown division height ” , uncover a list of names posted up to tackle key problem wait for an activity to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, hold to ” dry what, experienced what; What, filling what be short of ” principle, began a technology extensively to learn, experienced, compare and read the activity such as self-study, rise jointly in mutual study, promote ceaselessly in specific production, innovate ceaselessly on working station, revealed the times elegant demeanour of laborer adequately.

The demand of time of knife of trade of high speed machining center is rising stage by stage

High speed machining center is the typical product of high speed machine tool, component of high speed function is like guide screw of electric main shaft, high speed and linear electromotor begin use enhanced cutting power greatly. For the high power of cooperative machine tool, those who serve as one of important parts of machining center is active the equipment that change a knife (ATC) high speed changes the content of main mastery of a skill or technique that also becomes high speed machining center accordingly. As cutting speed rise, of cutting hour shorten ceaselessly, the demand of trade knife hour also is rising stage by stage, the rate that changes a knife already became a of high level machining center main target.

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Strength to conquer the customer Today sign the big standard and some automobile fitting enterprise

Recently, the guangdong some auto parts production enterprises and shenzhen today standard precision machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Today throughout the standard &;)Again, ordered 43 single, double spindle of CNC, and after orders for the other two contracts signed, since 2011 the company signed with today’s standard 86 Taiwan CNC heart machine procurement contracts.According to understand, shenzhen today standard precision machinery co., LTD., founded in 2002, after ten years of hard work, innovation, has now developed into a heart type CNC lathe production research and development in the integration of professional machine tool manufacturing service providers.Today’s standard has always emphasized in the field of go heart type nc machine tool precision manufacturing, to provide mechanical processing industry of high precision, high efficiency, easy to maintain professional CNC heart type lathe.Go all of today’s standard production and car milling compound center is the trump card of the company, the main parts of these high quality machine adopts Germany, Japan, Taiwan imported components, machine tool castings are through two aging treatment, in the field processing, with an excellent performance.Company products are widely used in aviation, spaceflight, war industry, automobile, motorcycle, communication, refrigeration, optics, electrical home appliances, micro electronics, electronics, watches and clocks, and other industries of all kinds of high precision, batch, more complex shape of the disc set affects the precision of composite processing of shaft parts, and is popular among the masses of customers.And with the cooperation of some auto parts enterprise is domestic sensor manufacturer and solution provider, the most complete product line power to be reckoned with.The ultrasonic sensor, flow sensor, sound devices and ultrasonic transducer series is a market leader.Today’s standards and auto parts enterprises cooperation began in 2011, the company has three times to today’s standard bought 86 different specifications and types of machine tools, especially this year on September 6, because business grows need, some automobile fitting enterprise again ordered 43 digit-controlled lathe to today’s standards, is the largest single since six years cooperation.Including model for TCKZ – 20 c0, TCKZ – 20 c4 single axis nc go trying and TCNZ – 20 d, TCNZ – 26 d, three types of double spindle TCNZ – 32 d CNC go trying, all is the star of today’s standard products.For journalists, however, is so close cooperation between the two sides is not the beginning, more reason is that in the six years of cooperation, today’s standard high quality products and excellent technical services has won the acceptance of some automobile fitting enterprise.Standard of general manager Mr Stanley today still remember the day on January 12, 2011, he and the then marketing director Yang Qing traveled far in the conference room has hosted visiting some automobile fitting enterprise general manager Bryan and Chen Yuhua purchasing director.Through in-depth communication and discussion, both sides have reached a preliminary cooperation intention.On that occasion, some automobile enterprise to today’s standard purchase 8 computer numerical control go, small number, but this is the beginning of both sides.Two years later, in 2013 to May 8, some automobile fitting enterprise puts forward cooperation again, from today’s standard purchase a one-time walk more than 35 types of numerical control.It can be said that the two years, today’s standard products and services won the trust of some automobile fitting enterprise finally.As today’s standards, the sales manager said: & other;Before selling, we will be the first time received the customer’s drawings, tailored process scheme for the customer.We will according to the actual needs of customers, for customers recommend appropriate machine tool products, to the customer quote an accurate price.In sales, we will design a specific product for the customer the styles, solicit their opinions.For after sales, our company implements the after-sales through-train service, the company office staff will respond to the customer in the first time, can save a lot of problems for customers.Throughout the &;It is reported that so far, some automobile fitting enterprise use all the walk all kind of machine is for today’s standard products, a genuine loyal customers standard today.Believe in the future, today’s standard product will win more and more customers like some auto parts enterprise, national machine tool a shiny brand in China.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

Scroll feature special product assessment work entered a new stage

On September 5, 2017, China’s machine tool industry association held & other;Scroll feature special product evaluation throughout the third stage work expert seminar &;And & other;Scroll feature throughout symposium & industry development;.Ministry of equipment department related to leadership, jining bot, nanjing han dalian machine tool, high Kate, high technology, gold industry executives, such as nanjing university of science and technology projects, professor, doctor, and machine tool association related staff to attend the meeting, machine tool association executive vice President of chang-cheng guo chaired the meeting.Rolling features special product evaluation is the ministry of equipment department entrusted China machine tool industry association to organize and implement, aimed at 4 special scroll feature industry has implemented project, on the basis of the level of performance testing and evaluation, continue to related products to understand the practical effects of the project to provide data support for under a special arrangement, promote domestic rolling features improve product quality and market competitiveness.The work started since the end of 2014, according to the work plan, evaluation work is divided into two cycles, and one of the first cycle is divided into three stages, respectively for rolling features special product of the static stiffness testing and evaluation, comprehensive performance and accuracy stable.The second cycle assessment work to the entire scroll feature industry products.Has now completed the first two stages of the first cycle, the assessment result in CCMT2016, CIMT2017 exhibition.Now start of the third stage is the first cycle of evaluation work, namely rolling accuracy stable measurement features special products.The meeting discussed the phase of the work plan, exchanges the scroll feature industry development present situation, and problems for the development of industry, positioning and development direction of the enterprise.Equipment department leaders said the scroll feature evaluation is a good platform, industry should make good use of this platform, to improve product performance and accuracy stable, according to the way of marketization operation, to form a long-term mechanism.Chang-cheng guo evaluation work in the first two stages are summarized achievements, as well as the assessment work to promote industry play an positive role in product performance and quality improvement, in the third stage assessment work are proposed.Machine tool industry association, director of LouXiaoZhong advances some Suggestions on the work plan, the stage work for discussion to participate in the evaluation of enterprises and evaluation institutions.Nanjing university of technology professor hu-tian feng introduced the basic condition of the stage.The attending enterprises for the enterprise the management situation and 04 special for industries and enterprises produce the positive role of technological progress and development, and in view of the enterprise management and development are faced with the problem put forward policy Suggestions.Enterprise in communication have said in the speech, evaluation work for the enterprise product quality and performance improvements played a very positive effect, obvious effect, hope the relevant government departments will continue to support product through special project evaluation work.(the original title: rolling features special product evaluation work entered a new stage). (source: China machine tool industry association industry department)

Laser cutting under the impact of the traditional sheet metal processing and advantage?

The traditional sheet metal cutting equipment equipment has a considerable market share in the market, in addition to their well known reason, mainly is the price is cheap.Although they are relative to modern technology, such as laser cutting, disadvantage is obvious, but they also have their own unique advantages.CNC shearing machine CNC shearing machines due to its main is linear cutting, although the board that can cut one knife for up to 4 meters, but it can only be used on only need linear cutting sheet metal processing.Commonly used in plate kaiping, after cutting only need linear cutting in the industry.Punch press have more flexibility in curve machining, a punch can be one or more sets of punch, round, or other special requirements, can work out some specific sheet metal artifacts, is one of the most common chassis cabinets industry, they asked for the processing technology of main is linear, square hole, round hole cutting, such as fixed pattern is relatively simple.Its advantage is to simple graphics and plate processing speed is fast, the disadvantage is that when strong thick steel plate ability is limited, even can flush the surface subsidence, mold, mold development cycle is long, high cost, flexible degree is not high.Abroad more than 2 mm steel plate cutting processing is generally use more modern laser cutting, instead of using a punch, a thick plate punching and shearing surface quality is not high, when the second plate need larger tonnage punch, waste of resources, three blunt thick steel plate when the noise is too big, is not conducive to environmental protection.Flame cutting flame cutting as the original traditional way of cutting because of its low investment, in the past for machining quality is not high, when asked too much to add a machining process can be solved, the market’s is very big.Now it is mainly used for cutting more than 40 mm thick steel plate.Its disadvantage is that the thermal deformation is too large, cutting the slot is too wide, waste materials, moreover the processing speed too slow, only suitable for rough machining.Plasma cutting, plasma cutting and fine plasma cutting and flame cutting, heat affected zone is too big, the precision is much larger than the flame cutting, speed also have an order of magnitude of leap, become the main force of the medium plate processing.Domestic top fine CNC plasma cutting machine cutting precision of the actual on-line has reached the lower limit of laser cutting, cutting was 22 mm carbon steel sheet at a speed of more than 2 meters per minute, and the cutting face smooth level off, the slope of the best can be controlled within 1.5 degrees, the thermal deformation in cutting thin plate is weakness is too big, slope is bigger also, powerless when high precision requirements, consumables are more expensive.High pressure water cutting high pressure water cutting is using high speed water jet doped silicon carbide in the practice of sheet metal cutting, it is almost no limit of material, the thickness of the cutting is almost can reach more than 100 mm and for ceramics, glass and so on easy to burst when using a thermal cutting material can also be cut, high reflection for laser materials such as copper, aluminum water knife can be cut, and laser cutting has a bigger obstacle.The shortcomings of water cut is processing speed too slow, too dirty, not environmental protection, consumables is higher also.Laser cutting, laser cutting is a technology revolution, sheet metal processing of sheet metal processing & other;Machining center & throughout;.Laser cutting high degree of flexibility, cutting speed, high efficiency, short production cycle, as the customer to win the broad market.Laser cutting without cutting force, surface machining deformation;No tool wear, good adaptability to materials;Whether simple or complex parts, can use laser rapid forming a precision cutting;Its narrow kerf width, cutting quality and high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution;Can realize automatic cutting layout, nesting, raising the utilization rate of materials, low production cost, good economic benefit.The technology of effective life time is long, the ultra structure of 2 mm plate in a foreign country mostly adopts the laser cutting, many foreign experts agree that the next 30 to 40 years is the golden period of development laser processing technology is the developing direction of the sheet metal processing).(under the impact of the original title: laser cutting, sheet metal processing and traditional advantage?)(source: jung)