Shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent manufacturing valley in hubei springing up

8, hubei Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley construction project site, 5 building 70000 square meters factory building, one of the building area of 5000 square meters of factory have been capped and completed the construction of infrastructure, one of the first 80 units from shenyang machine tool to i5 intelligent machine tools have also been completed installation and debugging.

4 in shenyang machine tool and hubei zhongxiang government officially reached a strategic cooperation, promote the central i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project construction;In early may, complete intelligent manufacturing valley construction planning;In early June, 5 building workshop construction;In mid-july, i5 intelligent machine into valleys.I5 valley of intelligent manufacturing becomes the new engine Zhong Xiang equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, through high-end intelligent manufacturing attract scattered in the auto industry inside and outside the processing enterprises, the formation of industrial clusters.

, said an official with the shenyang machine tool on i5 intelligent manufacturing valley caused the attention of the regional internal and external enterprises of different industries, consulting, and heats up.There are two enterprises are deep discussion;Bag check in, one is from shenzhen enterprises, another is half shaft industry well-known enterprises in China.

, according to the controller introduces i5 intelligent manufacture of the construction of the valley;Zhong Xiang accelerated zhongxiang is focus on the development of high-end manufacturing was determined.Zhongxiang located in central hubei province, the han river middle reaches, it is the national experimental area for sustainable development, the state-level ecological demonstration area, the national scientific and technological progress advanced counties.In recent years, zhongxiang to construction;JingZhong city new town,;Wisdom city as the main body in the economic development strategy, strive to promote the city’s high-end manufacturing industry development.I5

intelligent manufacturing valleys will establish i5 intelligent manufacturing experience center, regional industry research and development center, intelligent test center, regional practice training center, center and remanufacturing industry data cloud, with modern service industry as the way to integrate social resources, in zhongxiang, and the surrounding area to form ecological intelligent manufacturing sharing.Central China i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project planning land of 1000 mu, is expected in the i5 intelligent equipment 10000 units, predicts 2021 sales income 6 billion yuan.

Xi ling company development booster nc machine tool development by innovation

Our country is manufacturing power, machine tool industry is facing a situation of “big but not strong”.Market demand structure of escalating, reversed transmission of machine tool enterprises to accelerate the pace of transformation.With ever increasing user demand and the popularization and application of modern means of science and technology, intelligent machine owner to development direction.
as industrial machine tools, machine tool is the foundation of the foundation.Is currently developing nc machine tool industry in China, and strive to improve the technical level of domestic machine tool.Although currently under the background of machine tool industry is in a recession, but there are still a lot of machine tool enterprises relying on its own strength to occupy a heaven and earth, zhejiang west ling co., LTD. Is there a shining star.

in zhejiang province west ling co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “west ling shares”) was founded in 2000, is focused on high precision drilling machine series machine tool manufacturing of high-tech enterprises.Its leading products include precision vertical machining centers, CNC drilling and milling machine, radial drilling machine, vertical drilling machine, drill press, machine tool accessories, such as more than 130 kinds of products, formation of many varieties, many specifications and series covered the pattern of similar products in the same industry.At the same time won the west ling shares issued by the China machine tool industry association “drilling machine series products production enterprises and market share of domestic industry first”, “well-known firms in zhejiang province” issued by the industrial and commercial bureau of zhejiang province, “zhejiang famous brand” and “zhejiang famous brand products” issued by the bureau of technical supervision of zhejiang province.
, innovation is the important source of enterprise development.West ling co insists on innovation for development, the establishment of the new high-tech product research and development center, has a number of highly qualified professionals.The technology center of west ling shares won a title of “zhejiang provincial enterprise technology center”, including the national invention patent, utility model, the software copyright patent rights for more than 100.West ling shares to further improve the competitiveness of the company in the drilling industry, to meet the demand for high-end CNC machine tools in the downstream industry, will increase investment in research and development in 2016, investment direction including nc drilling machine, the efficient compound machine tool and unmanned machining equipment and so on.

quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development.West ling shares always strives for the survival by the quality, based on cultivating core competence, has now become a leader in the field of drilling machine.Company established a perfect quality management system, and in 2001 passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, the product has passed the CCC, CQC, UL, CUL, GS, CE safety certification, etc.Company for many enterprises at home and abroad to provide safe, efficient, precision universal or special machine tools.