The structure that odd screw of plastic and mechanical reciprocating type mixes refine extruder reachs utility

Reciprocating type odd screw mixes refine extruder is one of common plastic and mechanical equipment. In the treatment process of any polymer. Gift the fabricating characteristics with certain polymer or gift products is specific performance characteristics. Often need to undertake different polymer between be mixed in all or polymer is the same as the mixture between all sorts of auxiliary, dye. Overcome colophony of the partial gel grain that the possibility between its element produces or end melt. And puissant blender has odd screw of plastic and mechanical reciprocating type fitly cut the even, expensive dispersive, expensive stuff, characteristic such as drawing fuse-element. And integrated the advantage of extruder of odd, double screw. Unique working principle, the whorl that adds on one cycle sets component and facility of form a complete set, make its application wider, on a machine, can accomplish batch mixing, mix refine, model to change, dispersive, cut, drawing, take off gas, build bead, make the interfacial area that fuse-element flows in the machine far large flow at be being cut commonly.

Odd screw of plastic and mechanical reciprocating type mixes the structure of refine extruder and utility to be as follows:

1, leader plane canister, screw all uses building blocks type to assemble. Machine canister is comprised by much group starting a hole and closed pore cylindrical shell, analyse divides the cylindrical shell of type, can open expediently quickly, facilitate clean, overhaul; screw by cover all sorts of snail mixing refine on core axis piece and carry snail piece composition. Machine canister and screw can differ according to stock breed, what craft asks is different, comprise good form neatly.

2, gear case and sway box is designed distinctive, came true while screw is doing whirligig, undertake the reciprocate of axial, screw every turn a week, reciprocate, whorl is interrupted 3 times, produce the strong result that mix refine thereby. Its mix action is in axial is not in radial, and happen between whorl and pin. Total stock gets inside snail chamfer even shearing stress, the stock that is not one layer is cut.

3, the permutation of type of whorl cell building blocks is on core axis, can undertake permutation assorted according to diverse demand. Machine cover liner go up how to contain 3 pin, pin cent is 6 kinds of model, sincere grows pin to use fixed liner to cover, enhancing; of the effect that mix refine to grow pin action hollowly is fixed, mix refine, installation to measure lukewarm head, long pin of crop of; of inject liquid auxiliary secures liner to cover; crop pin to be used jam reserve pin of short sincere of refine action; is mixed to undertake to taking makings mouth stock since pin of aperture; sincere broken.

As the reciprocate of screw, the opposite motion contrail of pin and every snail piece shows a curve, produce axial stock exchange when mediate pin passes whorl space, pin is in the process of screw circumgyrate circuit, produced pair of stock with the opposite motion of snail shuttle side cut pair of screw and machine canister to undertake clearing in axial and radial. This is reciprocating type mixes refine extruder to mix thoroughly, foundation of action of mediate He Zijie. These pin are like the beater of same set, make stock realizes redistribution, discontinuous whorl makes stock produces circumfluence, make stock bears to be cut continuously, the process of orientaton, cut, fold, drawing.

One part fuse-element is united in wedlock afresh, one part fuse-element goes further break up, in the snail chamfer of every L/D, fuse-element wants to be broken up through 4, from this knowable, why can reciprocating type extruder be Bineishi mixes very short long way effectively of fuse-element now. And the surface inside machine canister by whorl yuan make sweep anything away pass, shed blind angle without content, have very good from clean ability, taller transportation efficiency and stable and even stock retention period.

4, fuse-element is, action is the discharge after the pressure boost of fuse-element of high temperature polymer that will come from extruder, Qing Dynasty is pressed send crowded head giving a model steadily. No matter how force of extruder internal pressure changes, how does discharge fluctuate, fuse-element pump can furnish from beginning to end the stock that modular head measures certainly. Gear is the core of fuse-element pump, the whirl of gear and respect of to bite syncretic can squash tine) the fuse-element between I, make stock carries another ground; from one aspect of the matter on the other hand the clench the teeth of gear can close low-pressure antrum, decrease to drop treatment temperature upstream, be helpful for building higher output pressure. We use involute helical gear, can increase the registration of gear clench the teeth, when clench the teeth as gear ceaseless inspiratory can undertake add, smooth extruding to stock with eduction, reduce the wave motion of pressure, achieve stability to carry the end of fuse-element. At the same time helical gear still is had certain from clean action, avoid the deposit of stock to decompose.

In fuse-element pump exterior of heat, cooling device, the purpose is control temperature inside certain limits, make its hold first-rate craft position, heat means has report to heat with oil two kinds of forms. Additional, the working principle that reciprocating type odd screw mixes refine crowded airplane and character decide this machine is used at plastic processing to be not its director, but, match after extruder with fuse-element pump, shape together modular head join, combine the modified that mix refine and processing the 2 brand-new technology that are an organic whole, decreased to build a link, mean reduce investment, reduce manufacturing cost, shorten production is periodic, saved the sources of energy, the hot course that fuse-element omited fabricating model is changed, the advanced sex of this one technology and economy are self-evident. Fuse-element pump jacket has a group of pressure sensor, measure an its pressure change well and truly, be helpful for the adjustment of craft.

5, accurate metric. , way of logical feed in raw material is the key that carries out a recipe strictly, also be assure product quality the first close, we the function according to stock, the need of the user, deserve to have a variety of feeding stuff kind, if volumenometer quantity, dynamic weightlessness is metric,wait a moment, in order to satisfy the need of different product.

6, the system deserves to have screw of compulsive feed in raw material, side direction double screw is fed makings, preventive makings piles up in mouth of feed in raw material, expect in order to make sure each constituent stock is entered in proportion at the same time, solved the environment that creates as a result of premix to pollute a problem.

7, this machine uses device of Xi Menzi frequency control, function is admirable, reliable. Cylindrical shell uses report to add hot water to cool, deserve to have 2 class pressure sensor, intelligence of 6 groups of RKC charge lukewarm unit, two-way PID adjusts, the frit temperature inside canister of quadruplet development machine spends sensor. Bona fide reflects the actual temperature of each area fuse-element, additional, have appearance of check of make one’s rounds of a many dot temperature, so this equipment accuses Wen Zhun truly, the error is small. Interlock of advanced machinery, electric equipment, have machinery and electric equipment double overload protection, can protect equipment and person security effectively, imitate is set to show drawing board on ark of device control character, circumstance of each place roll shows set intuitionistic and clear.

8, the system deserves to the water-cooling that pull silk cuts bead, eager water-cooling, eager wind is cold wait for a few kinds of means that cut bead. Can differ according to material, the requirement of the user undertakes configuration.

9, the system deserves to pair of rank type create an unit, use equidistant waiting for extruder of deep odd screw to carry fuse-element action is the model that finish change and fore-and-aft mix, those who build stability is crowded give pressure, because its rotate speed is inferior. Cut consequently inferior, avoid stock to produce advocate cut heat, accuse lukewarm optimal.

Such configuration to a few low product of sex of epispastic, heat quick will tell, the system will be mixed refine and build pressure two paces craft is handled apart, turn fuse-element model hand in after finishing constant pressure, send crowded head giving a model lukewarmly, mensurably to cut bead surely, prevent to heat up quick sex and the degradation that cut quick sex stock, have yield tall, produce character to measure stable characteristic, the process that mix refine can be optimized do not suffer create makings craft effect. In the process that enters odd screw in stock, set vacuum exhaust, exhaust of this kind of method because exhaust area is large, change of stock watch area is big, have sufficient exhaust time, compare exhaust of extruder of sheet rank exhaust to change so fruit is good.

10, in leader plane canister jacket has hopper of evacuating device and automatic exhaust, compulsive feed in raw material to go up, automatic exhaust all is set on side direction feed in raw material, all sorts of volatilization of the generation in the water portion in excluding stock in order to assure thoroughly and treatment process gas.

Australian city also joins polybag ban on the west cavalcade

Australia another city on the west Australian city began in July this year, the high density that announces taboo is one-time spends polyethylene polybag.

Australian city is the big city that Australia implements a ban the 6th times or area on the west. But, two cities with this compatriots the most concentrated mouth, er person city and Victoria city return Xin Nawei to did not take any actions however.

Stephen Dawson of minister of Australian state environment expresses on the west: Adopted a ban to obtain very big echo to one-time polybag, research shows plastic pollution had produced major effect to our environment, plastic fragment was swarmed in the enteron of seabird, mix polybag very easily to chelonian acaleph and promiscuous.

Mark McGowan of Australian state prime minister expresses on the west, will make Australian city is mixed on the west station of district of and other places of island, Kun Shilan is in Dasimaniya united front, in the meantime, australian city returns what will introduce container of a beverage to press on the west put policy.

Save marine zoology environment to blend in global processing small plastic difficult problem

Instantly, small plastic had distributinged at global maritime space, it is international ocean ecology and environmental science consider to get heat and forward position. According to estimation, the marine rubbish of 80% above comes from land, among them plastic rubbish is as high as 80%95% , marine rubbish and ocean are small plastic had become issue of global ocean environment, of the PM2.5 in having ocean those who say is small plastic browbeating badly the health of marine zoology environment and mankind. To save marine zoology environment, we again flagrant also oneself apathetic, place oneself outside its.

Save marine zoology environment to blend in the whole world to administer small plastic difficult problem

The 8th arctic of our country inspects an activity: Investigation ocean is small plastic

On July 20, the 8th arctic and scientific expedition of our country will take science of snow dragon date to inspect a ship, from Shanghai polar inspect domestic base dock to set sail, head for arctic executive science to inspect the task. This is 935 inspect an activity importantly during, with Xue Long date boat is platform, develop arctic channel diversity of comprehensive investigation, marine biology, marine hydrology, marine chemistry, marine geology, ocean is small plastic investigate with the contaminant such as marine rubbish etc inspect the job, in the Bering Sea, Chu Keji channel of the sea, boreal Europe sea, northwest is mixed the key maritime space such as arctic high latitudinal sea area begins business to turn investigation.

This second arctic makes an on-the-spot investigation scientificly is our country carries out arctic business to change observation job first. The content of observation includes small plastic, acidification, it is the item that adds observation first, future still will build long-term observation to carry chain, develop a system, comprehensive, successive, the construction of standardization, the long-term business that drives arctic environment changes observation and construction job, it is to inspecting frequency arcticly to also will shorten annual, accelerate Chinese arctic to inspect development facilities to catch up with the pace of the world.

What this second arctic inspects an our country is small plastic monitor extend to inferior arctic and Arctic ocean region, advanced our country ocean small plastic monitor blend in global ocean plastic rubbish is monitored and international is administered.

Our country first will marine small plastic monitor extend to ocean domain

Local time on September 2, division of 45 the number of voyages or flights takes an examination of Chinese ocean the team is in east Pacific Ocean maritime space begins dragnet sampling operation, burgeoning to ocean contaminant is minute plastic undertake monitoring.

Since 2016, our country begins to be opposite coastal waters is small plastic undertake monitoring. This year, our country first will marine small plastic monitor extend to ocean domain, this exercise also is our country is in first east Pacific Ocean maritime space gets marine small plastic sample. This effectively promoted our country the international consequence in marine rubbish and small plastic domain.

Our country investigates sea area of northwest Pacific Ocean first small plastic circumstance

Come to solve our country coastal waters the small plastic distributinging feature of area of northwest Pacific Ocean, and the Kuroshio influence to small plastic transmission, the first marine institute uses national ocean bureau exposed to the sun is red 18 boats came on September 25 on October 12, carry out small plastic special subject to investigate the number of voyages or flights in maritime space of northwest Pacific Ocean first.

Method of this investigation of the number of voyages or flights includes water of dragnet of water of sampling of boat ADCP, CTD, surface layer, surface layer to walk along boat sampling to wait, the contaminant in carrying atmosphere grain matter at the same time distributings, the research such as microbial diversity research, the skill data of small plastic distributinging circumstance in taking the lead in obtaining this area ocean environment, understanding is circumfluent small to ocean plastic the influence that distributing, be helpful for evaluating small plastic wait to environmental influence and zoology effect, in international for our country problem of small plastic pollution handles the active advantageous position on and speech authority to offer research foundation and technology to prop up.

Save marine zoology environment to blend in the whole world to administer small plastic difficult problem

The European Union will cast 550 million euro to administer ocean

On October 5, european Union diplomacy and safe policy are high announce on the 4th when hold in Malta on behalf of Mogailini our marine international conference, the European Union exceeds investment 550 million euro, take 36 actions, make ocean more healthy, cleaner, safer.

Mogailini expresses, in recent years, ocean is more and more insalubrious, to 2050, the plastic likelihood in ocean is more than fish, we are thrown into the bane of sea mile to be able to return table to go up, hide in the food that we eat. In the meantime, ocean is more and more insecure also, the soup frequency such as hurricane is sent, sea level rises force millions person to leave home.

36 adopted actions involve economy of maritime safety, marine pollution, blue, climate to change, ocean is protected and can last fishery 6 respects. Among them, 37.5 million euro will be used at hitting African southeast ministry foreland pirate. Additional, the European Union still will be in in all European Unions falling into disuse to build stage by stage before the bottom 2017, water the cup of one-time plastic water on machine, automat and conference.

Dai Er solves problem of marine and plastic pollution from fountainhead

To reduce plastic pollution, the company that wear Er established a new project, the plastic products that will flow into ocean possibly to cause pollution originally reclaims, make a product pack. Current, the company is in Haitian collect Hdpe, for its Xps132-in-1 computer makes the new tray that pack.

Plastic rubbish is in before entering ocean, be reclaimed, treatment, mix with the Hdpe after other spending next, make the plastic tray of 72 grams, in lading when use at placing computer.

Suffer harsh environment effect, these plastic function had degraded somewhat, dai Er general 25% those who reclaim is plastic after be being consumed with 75% standards plastic mix together, will make tray. The respect that wear Er expresses, this project will collect 16 thousand pound from inside the environment plastic, revealed ocean plastic in also can applying at global business.

Ocean of Ford have sth in mind is plastic rubbish

20 time have the century on, ford devotes oneself to biology material, henry Ford used wheat straw at that time. Go up century 40 time, ford uses soja, hempen etc again natural material, make its plastic.

Personnel of Ford research and development expresses, the company is using live thing plastic, can pay close attention to the plastic waste inside ocean. Ford researcher expresses: The litter inside ocean also is one big question, we should collect the plastic litter inside ocean.

Kiziltas expresses: Ford and engineer, researcher, supplier seeks a solution jointly, the company puts attention inside ocean, can future use the plastic waste inside ocean make car component?

Author epilogue:

2015, the 2nd big scientific question that small plastic pollution is included environment and zoology science to research a field. Current, annual and plastic crop already exceeded the whole world 300 million tons, a large number of plastic rubbish enter ocean through a variety of ways, final with small in ocean of plastic formal consist in, small to ocean plastic processing already no time to delay.

Will look according to current condition, china has extended antenna to arctic area and ocean maritime space, undertake investigate and be administeringed to its. And Europe also exceeds investment 550 million euro, adopt 36 actions to administer ocean. Relevant enterprise also has begun to begin the precaution of marine and plastic rubbish and processing, believe, unity is strength, can return surely we a La Hai.

Raise one-time eat price to provide can you reduce pollution? Of environmental protection still shoulder heavy responsibilities

Can saying this year is the most severe environmental protection year, close paragraph of time about outside the plastic rubbish such as the one-time dinner service that the rapid development that sells a profession brings, polybag increases in great quantities got pay close attention to. A few days ago, 4 quadrangle accept Beijing formally federation of volunteer of Chongqing city green is sued 3 issue of liability of platform environment pollution sells one record outside the home. Lawsuit requests to sentence your the accused to order eat interface in its prominent place setting is paid use the option such as one-time tableware, mark a price to the plain code such as one-time chopstick, polybag the environment damages the zoology that; sentences your the accused to already was caused to its to have repair or bear repair cost.

Nowadays, 3 platform had made known his position external, say to preparing new environmental protection actively to plan. Actually, one-time tableware, even if businessman is done not have additional mark a price, collect fees, also be an in the long run. And in consumer there, no matter be to feel free by accident, still have no right to choose 0 dinner service, or pay no attention to a bit penny, final metropolis reflects the burden to go up in the environment.

Involve the issue of commodity domain, cannot ignore the effect of economic shift. Review not do one’s best of model of 9 fixed number of year, a lot of people point to spearhead sell model, say the shop earned many, but polybag is increasing however. Actually, because supermarket polybag price is too low, just brought about consumer dosage big, discard at will next. If polybag price sells a few higher, repeat use with respect to meeting grow in quantity. Of course, premise is polybag quality rises, is not to rise in price compulsively let manufacturer and supermarket earn sudden huge profits.

The problem of one-time tableware also is same argument, experience cost problem clearly only, consumer just can think afresh the necessity that uses one-time dinner service. Green couplet can appeal to 3 big outside sell terrace, not be the development that terrace sells outside limitation, ask its mark a price to one-time tableware plain code however, the purpose carries cost feeling and option namely, let more person change consumptive habit.

And relevant section also should apply similar thinking, the level of manufacturing level; that raises one-time tableware is high, it is benefit is used at repeating, 2 it is to rise in price to force the public is changed excessive the consumptive convention that uses one-time dinner service. The consumptive habit that changes consumer is a long-term course, should from go up at all reduce an environment to pollute a problem, want to grab first from education of environmental protection of enterprise, popular.

The toy is medium 4 kinds plastic obtain exempt adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid tripartite detects

Commission of American consumable safety is maintained recently, 4 kinds those who contain specific additive is plastic, do not contain at present children toy and children nurse things bans used certain adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid. Maintain according to this, since September 29, this those who contain specific additive is plastic not must detect by tripartite, with proving to accord with children toy and children to nurse things bans the benzene that use adjacent compulsively the regulation of ester of 2 formic acid.

” consumable safety improved a standard 2008 ” the 108th regulation, children toy and children nurse of things can contact plastic component, or other contain the component that the material of ester of 2 formic acid makes adjacent benzene by the likelihood, must not contain concentration benzene of 6 kinds of of 0.1% above specific adjacent ester of 2 formic acid, namely DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DnOP. Ever since, consumable safety commission suggests of a DINP temporarily ban instead is permanent ban, remove of DIDP and DnOP temporarily ban, increase in prohibitive detailed list at the same time other benzene of 4 kinds of adjacent ester of 2 formic acid, namely DIBP, DPENP, DHEXP and DCHP, nevertheless these act to all was not fulfilled.

Basis classics ” consumable safety improves a standard ” castigatory ” consumable safety law ” the 14th, every gets the consumable security that by consumable safety committee carries out the product that regulation or similar regulation, ban, standard or compasses exemple superintend, its manufacturer must prove this product accords with all applicable provisions that by consumable safety committee implements. Children product side, of the orgnaization of assess of tripartite qualification that attestation should approbate with reaping consumable safety commission detect eventuate basis. Accordingly, the children toy that compasses of set limit to of ester of 2 formic acid is in charge of benzene accepting neighbour and children nurse things, its manufacturer is in give out children certificate of products, nurse children toy or children before things throws American commerce domain, should hand in detect by tripartite whether to accord with these limitation.

Commission of safety of consumable of 112-28 date directive seeks the American public law August 2011 opinion, discuss have deny a method to reduce tripartite to detect formulary cost, ensure accord with is appropriate at the same time used consumable safety regulation, ban, standard or compasses exemple. This public law returns commission of accredit consumable safety to release new or via castigatory tripartite detects compasses exemple, want consumable safety commission to decide the compasses exemple such as this can reduce the cost that tripartite detects only, ensure accord with is appropriate at the same time used consumable safety regulation, ban, standard or compasses exemple. For this, toxicology Excellence For RiskAssessment of requirement of consumable safety commission this orgnaization with respect to adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid undertakes study, plan to have two report as a result with respect to its. According to this research, staff of consumable safety commission concludes, namely uptodate very little data shows, the plastic products such as polypropylene, polyethylene, certain polystyrene and ABS colophony may be contained ban at present use or the regular likelihood according to afore-mentioned draw up bans used adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid. In addition, make clear without evidence, 4 kinds this when consumable place uses plastic this adjacent benzene that contains chroma to exceed 0.1% ester of 2 formic acid.

For this, consumable safety commission is maintained, these 4 kinds plastic if contain following any additive, still belong to accord with adjacent benzene ban of ester of 2 formic acid, because this not is needed,detect by tripartite in order to ensure eligible.

Polypropylene: Contain polybutene, the last of the ten Heavenly Stems 2 acid are ester of 2 laborious ester, laborious of colophony acerbity different, olefin, cycloalkanes hydrocarbon, mineral the oil that add model and multivariate the; of activator; filling that the plasticizer; such as alcohol did not reclaim advocate antioxidant and deputy antioxidant; counteract bright of; of agent; antistatic agent slippery agent;

Polyethylene: Contain glycerine 3 benzoic acid ester, get together the plasticizer; such as balata of glycol, sunflower seed oil, olefin, paraffin oil, mineral oil, glycerine, EPDM and EVA polymer; of fire retardant of; of; antistatic agent prevents the activator; filling that; of initator; accelerant did not reclaim bright of cohere agent; is slippery cross-linking of; of agent; vesicant

General polystyrene, medium polystyrene of intensity polystyrene, high strenth polystyrene, extra high strength: Contain catenary of; of the lubricant inside the activator; that did not reclaim to transfer / Potassium of aluminium of chloridize of; of colorant of; of thinner of; of stabilizing agent of changeover agent; , chloric ethane or ferric oxide of hydrochloric acid; , oxidation or oxidation chromium; or duplex cross oxide

ABS colophony: Contain hydrocarbon to machine oily, phosphoric acid 3 benzene ester, between benzene 2 phenol are ester of 4 phenyl phosphoric acid, low get together ester mixes fatty acid of phosphoric acid ester, long chain; element measures the antioxidant of; of lubricant of; of plasticizer; stabilizing agent such as sulphonic acid amide of scent a group of things with common features initator of conditioning agent; / the activator; activator that did not reclaim

Consumable safety commission points out, this is maintained discharge manufacturer only will specific plastic the additive that reachs place to add meets the tripartite qualification that by consumable safety committee approves the responsibility that assess orgnaization detects. Whether to discharge the requirement that tripartite detects no matter, children toy and children nurse things still must be accorded with ” consumable safety improves a standard ” to adjacent benzene the materiality of content of ester of 2 formic acid is restricted the 108th. If consumable safety commission issues final regulation, DINP temporarily ban instead is permanent ban, join DIBP, DPENP, DHEXP and DCHP prohibitive detailed list, consumable safety commission also will revise exempt limits, what with covering benzene accepting neighbour final regulation restricts ester of 2 formic acid is same kind of adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid.