New product and make one’s rounds of new technology whole nation perform Waerte news briefing success is held

Came 27 days on May 18, waerte is in Wuhan, Chengdu, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai respectively 5 big cities held a product to recommend make one’s rounds to perform an activity, the understanding that makes a client more intuitionistic thereby thirdly the car of old brand Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp, mill, auger, Kong Jia is versed in cutting tool is tasted newly. It is reported, this company still will be in second half of the year this year different city undertakes make one’s rounds acts the 2nd times, with better recommend new product. The respect expresses Waerte, this make one’s rounds acts in its are new the chamfer of NRF of lathe tool product of development the wide interest that tiger razor blade aroused a client. This product serves as Waerte this year advocate the lathe tool that turn is tasted newly one of, apply to the process of thick, semifinishing machining that has the forging treatment with appearance inhomogenous outline and part of big norms dimension. Its are had not only before much coating of tiger razor blade is compound structure and patent Al2O3 coating, groove design is more special, a kind of razor blade had 2 kinds of chamfer at the same time model. And the module type of Walter Prototyp rectifies Confit of hard milling cutter, have patent to join from centering whorl, come back easily, join is reliable, when high strenth can be being used actually, the section changes knife time about, can combine rough machining milling cutter quickly with the extension bar of 3 kinds of types, establish milling cutter of head of milling cutter of milling cutter, circular arc of point of a knife, ball, shape the add up to such as milling cutter 77 norms in order to apply to all sorts of application circumstance. The main Technical Division that this make one’s rounds performs the client that mobile place invites to basically come from the industry such as car, aerospace, electric power, war industry, the problem that Waerte’s technologists part to put forward with respect to place of respective domain client during was made meticulous solve.

The location of loose riverside machine that make adds medium-sized equipment in series of MC of 5 axes vertical

Loose riverside machinery makes place (city of Japanese blessing well) in machining center of 5 axes vertical (MC) ” MAM72 ” in series, increase appeared on the market the new model that measure of the greatest work is diametical 420mm ” MAM72-42V ” . Main shaft rotate speed 10 thousand 2000rpm. Taking APC (automatic tray changes device) in type, through using Flip Arm means, narrowed equipment bulk. Tray changes time is 18 seconds. With old model, new model 4 axes and the high rotate speed that 5 axes reached 30rpm and 50rpm respectively, deployed resolution to amount to the high accuracy stage of 0.0001deg. In addition, still use the rigid structure that designs for 5 axes only, undertook optimizing to violating section, undertook optimizing to basic bridge-type structure, realized tall tigidity thereby, acceded the characteristic of MAM72 series. The fast feed speed of Z/Y/Z axis all is 50m/ minute, the biggest acceleration is 0.9G, 0.9G and 1.1G respectively. New model secures the APC door of stage and machining area through improving disjunctive work, narrowed cut bits to splash ejaculation dimensional limits. Cut bits for convenient processing, used dip angle to be 30 degrees Y axis guide bar, control deployed helix conveyor. This company will be in what ~ held 13 days at American Chicago on September 6, 2006 ” IMTS 2006 (international industry exhibition) ” and 1 ~ had 8 days at Tokyo in November bright the international exhibition center holds ” JIMTOF 2006 (machine tool of the 23rd Japan is exhibited) ” on showpiece 42V.

The machine tool with half basketball big field is in Chinese ” premiere “

Big machine tool of half basketball field is in Wuhan ” premiere ” , nonlocal machine tool opens first 4S store in Hubei. Can go up in the machine rich that kicked off on September 23, numerous ginseng exhibits an enterprise to all express the strong interest of pair of Hubei cars and component industry, in succession layout Wuhan market. Shenyang machine tool monarchs 23 days only the biggest exhibit, show equipment of machine tool of on 10 large high end. Among them value is controlled 3 million yuan, cover an area of size of half basketball field ” horizontal machining center ” , use technically at component of sophisticated car, shipping, aerospace one-time processing. In addition, 1 million also have 34 to 2 million yuan machine tool. By factory of Shenyang machine tool of own research and development ” vertical machining center of 5 axes linkage ” also be in Wuhan ” premiere ” , according to agential Hubei Zhang Jun of president of trading company of 3 annulus whole set introduces, price of this tall accurate machine tool 1.8 million yuan, already was close to international banner level, precision amounts to 0.001 millimeter. “So luxurious battle array is to be in Wuhan to appear first. ” Zhang Jun expresses, inn of 4S of machine tool of Hubei head home already built in Wuhan this year, product of machine tool of main representative Shenyang. This year in September, be aimed at technically still have those who buy large facility need is medium small look forward to, roll out a machine tool to mortgage loan business. Zhang Jun says frankly, because dimensions of this enterprise of province car component is lesser, although dragon of east wind, god is truckload,the factory all is set in Hubei, but 80% component from provincial purchase, if enterprise of this locality component throws a product line to need 30 million yuan at least, medium and small businesses lends a money very hard from the bank. To solve this one problem, roll out machine tool equipment to mortgage business especially. At present Dun mouth developing zone has two companies, 10 lasher also have enterprise of a component to reach instalment to purchase intent. Before Japan is ranked 3 mechanical agent — the trading company also reachs hill kind first Chinese, be used at processing product of communication of car component, photoelectricity showpiece ” machining center ” , stick piece ” extend meeting special offer 430 thousand yuan ” . Appearance of equestrian field filial piety shows president of division of China of hill be apt to, this year in July, just was in Chinese establish this enterprise to be in first mid office. Introduce Japanese mechanical and electrical products Wuhan, value Hubei automobile industry to develop just about, there is thorough collaboration with this cropland in Japan, but to China as Japanese car manufacturer mid city is transferred, of mechanical trafficker ” form a complete set ” also enter subsequently Chinese, at present already with east wind this cropland undertook a butt joint.

Task of technology of calibration of precision of geometry of space of machine tool of 303 numerical control passes spaceflight evaluation

Recently, the bureau of industry of national defence science and technology that spaceflight assumes 303 times (division of former national defence is versed in appoint) metric task ” technology of calibration of precision of geometry of space of numerical control machine tool ” passed a test to evaluate. Current, this task has prepared all checking and accept data, plan to report bureau of work of national defence family to check and accept evaluation. This task uses much general to strap laser interferometer logarithm to accuse diagonal of machine tool body to undertake metrical, use the pace that divide an axis to advance the principle of the law, through compensating the research of the principle to error of space of numerical control machine tool, make up dimensional error to compensate software and interface communication software oneself, compensate a model through built dimensional error, depart gives the 12 errors weight of numerical control machine tool, compensate a watch from error of movable unripe space, pass interface communication software, keep watch of dimensional error compensation into numerical control machine tool, realized the compensation of precision of geometry of space of numerical control machine tool, and compensation effect is apparent. With the pitch error with numerical control at present general machine tool compensation means photograph is compared, this technology achieved a big breakthrough.

Machine tool of Changchun numerical control strengthens brand construction to answer financial crisis

Limited company of machine tool of Changchun numerical control is a business that pursues a machine tool making for years, main production general accuracy machine tool, friction welding receives machine tool and digital machine tool 3 kinds of products. From 2008 second half of the year begins, foreign order decreases, company profit exceeds now to slip. Face stagnant economic situation, this company captures its friction welding to receive technical divisions to precede at international level this one advantage, increase ” Changchun numerical control ” the productivity that friction welding receives a machine tool, benefit servantchooses a person for a job to make a brand without technology of my some core, enter the market. Authority of Jiang Hong of company chief engineer expresses, company the order Feburary does not fall to be added instead, had achieved 8. The business that strengthens own brand construction so like Changchun numerical control still has a lot of. Surpass in 100 grams, gold, amend, the enterprise such as technology of new industry photoelectricity, project controller is in in speaking of financial crisis ” go against the raise on situation ” when the reason, happen to coincide the ground mentions the value that the brand builds.