Industry of chemical industry of before 3 quarters increases a value to grow 3.8% compared to the same period

National hair changes appoint the data that released on October 31 shows, before 3 quarters, chemical industry increases a value to grow 3.8% compared to the same period, add fast compared to the same period fall after a rise 4.8 percent. In main product, ethylene crop 13.59 million tons, grow 1% . The plastic crop of primary configuration 64.74 million tons, crop of growth 6%; synthetic rubber 4.32 million tons, crop of growth 2.3%; synthetic fibre 35.19 million tons, grow 5.8% . Caustic soda crop 25.81 million tons, crop of growth 4.4%; soda ash 20.03 million tons, grow 5.3% . Chemical fertilizer crop 50.45 million tons, drop 5.2%; among them, nitrogenous fertilizer output falls 9.8% , output of phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer grows respectively 3.3% with 3.7% . Pesticide crop 2.66 million tons, drop 4.3% . Crop of balata tire cover tyre seven hundred and twenty-four million seven hundred and thirty thousand, grow 5.8% . Calcium carbide crop 19.6 million tons, grow 3.2% .

In the chemical product that monitors mainly, most product value than going up the month rises. September, average price is caustic soda 4000 yuan / ton, than going up the month rises 3.1% , rise compared to the same period 58.1%; soda ash 2250 yuan / ton, than going up the month rises 28.6% , rise compared to the same period 48% . Urea 1630 yuan / ton, than going up the month rises 4.5% , rise compared to the same period 33.6%; homebred phosphoric acid 2 ammonium 2450 yuan / ton, than going up the month drops 0.4% , drop compared to the same period 8.6% . Calcium carbide 2870 yuan / ton, than going up the month rises 6.7% , rise compared to the same period 16.7% .

Zhu Shun makes mechanical fittings. Store, lead mechanical fittings industry innovation development

According to trade statistic, at present Chinese project retains mechanically the quantity is 7 million, these car need a service at any time, scope of the market after project machinery industry is vast. Regard project machine as the one part of the market after the industry, potential of development of mechanical fittings industry is tremendous.

Mechanical fittings also makes mechanical part, be the not detachable fraction that constitutes machinery and machine is individual make. What mechanical fittings points to is: Mechanical, equipment machines all sorts of components of production process. It includes: Component of machining component, hydraulic pressure system, electric equipment component, safe system component is waited a moment.

Current, rate of the informatization of manufacturer of mechanical fittings production, automation, network is very low still, basically rely on manpower, this meeting brings about manufacturing efficiency low, trash leads time of tall, production to grow, bring about an user to cannot find the problem such as appropriate machining plant.

In last few years, internet profundity is affecting the market after the engineering is mechanical, each new pattern and zoology gradually emerge in large numbers. Numerous enterprise in succession open ” Internet + ” mode, or build a website oneself, or it is to join an industry platform of business affairs of tripartite electron, in order to seek transition and outlet. Dimensions of market of our country mechanical element is giant, be ” Internet + ” one of person that the carry out that suits most goes.

Below new condition, heibei person China the president Zhu Shun of mechanical Inc. aims at business chance, made mechanical fittings actively. Store, become attempt Internet + the first person of mechanical fittings mode. Rely on the Heibei that falls at the line Inc. of person China machinery, the platform on the extends about mechanical fittings industry omnibus service line that mechanical fittings store is a major.

Mechanical fittings store passes the resource of each district of integrated whole nation, product of company of chain of industry of fluctuation of information of supply and demand of trends of prices of the information of mechanical fittings news that contains major, fittings, fittings, mechanical fittings, fittings, meeting is exhibited wait for information, devote oneself to to pass platform connection business and client, exchange product and service information more convenient and quickly, extend a product and provide professional service, join client needs sue for peace to serve resource.

Zhu Shunxian gives birth to a hope to pass mechanical fittings. Reveal on the line of the store, the innovation that advances catenary of mechanical fittings industry develops, compose builds wisdom Internet machine fittings is one-stop the service on the line. In the meantime, mechanical fittings. The occurrence of the store is to change industry of current project machinery ” small, medicinal powder, random, weak ” wait for a state, the company should grow the downstream high grade resource in must combining an industry to go up, position is whole entire industry catenary, make new core value, the remain invincible in just can letting an enterprise compete in what did not come so.

Current, mechanical fittings. The store is being built actively in, welcome each businessman to be entered actively be stationed in platform!

Shu Le compressor participates in Russia ” allied date ” of the rocket make

“Allied date ” the rocket is by Russia ” ascensive design department ” production one-time carrier rocket, the main purpose that its design is send astronaut and aerospace visitor into international space to stand (ISS) , for the space the station is offerred oxygen, food and reserve component, also taking on to send the important task of aerospace the satellite at the same time. Before this, this series rocket has done obeisance to Kenuer, Russia general to list Xiesike and law to belong to an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions in Kazakstan Si Tan inferior the cosmodrome of graceful and other places undertook more than times 1900 blast off. 2003 the United States ” Colombia ” date after incident of space shuttle explosion, the ground became provisionality of this series rocket the exclusive vehicle between the ground and international space station. Now, state-owned company plans this Russia to began to pass what the compressor that uses Shu Le undertakes concerned carrier rocket to make 2015.

Current, forging pressure amounts to 2600 tons fluid pressure type to forging the line has been finished check and accept beforehand, plan in May the bottom has delivery. This forgings the line will use what plane of force of 3 dynamic pressure undertakes aluminium makes the component such as hatchcover to make. The extreme load that brings to can bear to take off especially, these component must extremely solid. For this, the drawing of the device approaching a limit of compressor upper part and lower part fills up what can offer 600 tons severally to forging pressure.

“The dimension that drawing fills up has achieved 5 × 6 meters, this is Wagehuoyisaier undoubtedly (Waghäusel) the compressor of the biggest fluid pressure type that plant area place has made, " Shulewagehuoyisaier (Waghäusel) say of plant area executive president Dr. Martin Habert. Send aerospace for will bigger effective load, carrier rocket increases gradually on dimension. Accordingly, the relevant component measure that is used at assembling a rocket also becomes bigger, need bigger product line thereby.

“This designs production compressor to us is a not small challenge undoubtedly, ” Dr. Habert explanation says. Among them the dimensions of content shedding link also very breathtaking: Forging the independent component weight in the line cannot exceed 160 or 170 tons, in order to ensure the security of land transportation link. And the longest segment in whole carriage process is waterborne: Want to cross Rhine, span the North sea, Baltic, arrive at the Volga finally. Nevertheless, shu Le’s experts succeed to this purpose or with confidence, because they are producing the experience that has device 10 years like such large facility respect to accumulate: “Ascensive design department chooses us to calculate seek pair of people, ” say of executive president Dr. Habert.

Compressor of large servo of 2 machine 25000kN passes Jinan check and accept

Came 6 days on June 5, 2014, group of 2 machine tools assumes Jinan ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” national science and technology is great and special, ” large servo compressor ” the project is mixed through checking and accept at the same time in Dalian appraisal. This project relies on the home that provides for factory of Dalian of strange luck car compressor of first 25000KN large servo, achieved the new breakthrough of homebred punch technology, to breaking monopoly of market of foreign high end, drive indigenous auto industry to equip to be changed independently have important sense.

Punch is first technology that the car makes. Make rapid progress of the technology as contemporary car, new-style material, composite material is applied extensively, what equip to punch is flexible change and intelligence changes a requirement taller and taller. Technology of large servo punch broke through the concept of traditional and mechanical compressor completely, use technology of servo motor drive, cancelled flywheel, clutch, brake, provide punch energy directly by servo electric machinery, can ask according to different material, different technology in punch process, the stepless that achieves traversal speed and figuration power adjusts, can get used to thin plate to pull deep punch spare parts and high strenth armor plate, aluminium alloy board the form cutting that waits for new material, have the characteristic such as high quality, efficient, energy-saving environmental protection, it is the another innovation of punch technology and leap. Before, this one technology has the state such as day, heart only a few enterprise masters, the product line of large servo compressor that domestic car company uses also counts an import entirely.

Country of have the aid of urges action specially greatly again, the research that 2 machine tools took the lead in developing servo compressor technology in home mixes Jinan application. This acceptable compressor of 25000kN large servo, in advocate emulation imitate of curve of motion of drive of analyse of credit of transmission system motivation, servo and control system design, servo is optimized, mat of numerical control model develops malfunction of design, equipment to be diagnosed oneself reach the key such as long-range monitoring significant progress was obtained on the technology. Its development is successful, it is 2 machine tools are in Jinan to master and apply thin double arm to send makings punch technology, large multitask quickly on the foundation of compressor technology, in the another new breakthrough of punch technology domain, also indicate a technology of homebred car punch and international latest technology came true to conform to develop with synchronism in the round at the same time.

Check and accept meeting and appraisal to be able to believe ministry and organization of union of Chinese machinist trade to hold by labour respectively. Nearly 20 when come from labour to believe user of place of courtyard of ministry, mechanical federation, scientific research, car each expert attended the meeting. The member that the expert is comprised was listening to project finance affairs report of final accounting of revenue and expenditure and report of technical work summary, examined relevant check and accept a data, saw the moving case that the product is in factory of Dalian of strange luck car on the spot, after to the task medium concerned problem has inquiry, agree consistently to pass check and accept. Made following appraisal conclusion to the project at the same time: Main specifications index achieves this large servo compressor congener product international is advanced level. Project success development equips to improving our country the competitive actual strength of manufacturing industry, have important sense, have wide applied perspective.

The feature of pattern of competition of world machine tool is analysed

(Pattern of 1) international market competition

The modern level of machine tool industry and dimensions, it is industry of a nation developeds one of important signs of degree, the traditional production power of machine tool industry basically is the Germany, Japan, United States, industrialized developed country such as Italy. China already became a machine tool to make big country. In the whole world production value of industry of machine tool of main developed country sufferred 2009 below the circumstance that financial crisis influence appears to drop considerably, china maintained as before growing, and production value is jumped first reside the whole world the first. Production value of Chinese machine tool continued to maintain high speed growth 2010, occupy in global production value than achieving 31% , hold the whole world the first. 2012, machine tool production value continues to hold the whole world the first. China is the machine tool makes big country but not be machine tool powerful nation, 2010, the proportion that China exports a value to hold production value is only 8.8% , come to rose somewhat 2012 achieve 10% , but still produce power under world machine tool far 60% above level. From the entrance at the same time the respect looks, entrance of Chinese machine tool reached 9.42 billion dollar 2010, row whole world the first, 6 countries after exceeding import summation, machine tool entrance is led (entrance forehead / expenditure) for 33%.2012 year, entrance of Chinese machine tool continues to increase, reach 13.66 billion dollar, but amplitude drops apparently compared to the same period.

Taking one with another, pattern of competition of world machine tool presents the following features:

The first, powerful nation of world machine tool held dominant position of powerful technology, dimensions, brand as before, for the brunt; that international machine tool exports

The 2nd, world machine tool basically consumes the market to be being transferred to the developing country, especially the; such as China, India, Mexico

The 3rd, chinese machine tool already held the balance in industry of world machine tool, in in high-end product already had stronger competition ability, but as banner as the world level is put have certain difference.

(Pattern of 2) home market competition

Current, industry of machine tool of domestic metal figuration appears the situation that enterprise of transnational corporation, foreign capital, state-owned company and civilian battalion company compete each other, main show is the following feature:

The first, pattern of whole industry competition is divided into 3 administrative levels. Ground floor second reach foreign capital industry for transnational corporation, depend on advantage of its powerful technology, dimensions, brand, lead position; is held in high-end market it is certain that the 2nd administrative levels is those who include publisher inside to master core technology, have more large-scale with certain brand famous spent a few state-owned company and civilian battalion enterprise, competition ability; is had in market of medium, high end the third administrative levels is the civilian battalion enterprise with lesser dimensions, in low end the market begins competition.

The 2nd, whole of domestic company dimensions slants small, the industry is spent centrally low. Basis ” almanac of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool 2013 ” , industry of metallic figuration machine tool shares 509 businesses, among them sales revenue surpasses 1 billion yuan industry limited company of limited company of group of 2 machine tools, group of Jiangsu raise force mixes only Jinan fertile the machine that get choice (China) limited company 3.

The 3rd, line of the products of domestic single company is less. Metallic figuration machine tool includes hydraulic press, mechanical compressor, forging machine and punch, bend, fold, Jiao Zhi and leveling machine tool, cut machine tool, punching machine and other metal forming machine bed. As a result of historical reason, proprietor of an enterprise of machine tool of figuration of most home metal should produce 9 kinds of products.