Machining center becomes consumptive mainstream to enter fast hair exhibition period

Development of industry of whole machine tool is old, the market that mixes nearly two years in the high speed development that experienced gold 10 years is small after confusing, the structure of integral industry is adjusted gradually, numerical control intelligence kind innovation technology product is held in both hands by market heat. Accompanying the rapid change of market demand, homebred machining center also entered fast hair exhibition period. The data that comes from Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference shows, “15 ” and ” 915 ” in 10 years, industry of Chinese machine tool came true to exceed high speed to develop continuously, arrive all the time 2011 first half of the year, demand still very exuberant, enterprise of great majority machine tool is in produce and sale in the excited condition of two flourishing. But from last year second half of the year begins, demand is added sign is clear hasten delay, sheet of new revise and enlarge is acuteness glide, economic benefits state tends gradually austere, profit margin drops continuously. Although the high speed first half of the year increases mat base, total production value of annual China machine tool industry was added last year fast still realize profit to add to the 32.5%; of year end by the nearly 39% fall after a rise of the beginning of the year fast fall by the 57.5% drama of the beginning of the year 29.8% to year end. Visible, the phasic change of industry of Chinese machine tool is acuteness last year. 2011, the entrance of industry of Chinese machine tool is 20.7 billion dollar, and exit is 7.3 billion dollar, adverse balance of trade of imports and exports is as high as 13.4 billion dollar. Visible, the demand of product of tool of Chinese machine tool is objective existence, it is enterprise of domestic machine tool cannot be satisfied adequately only just if; can accomplish imports and exports be balanced basically, chinese machine tool industry can increase the sale of 13.4 billion dollar completely last year again. Homebred machining center entered fast hair exhibition period, current machining center with its efficient with high accuracy, get rapidder and rapidder development, already made the product that numerical control machine tool develops the fastest, place to occupy a proportion is the largest kind in of all kinds product, also be a kind of equipment with manufacturing industry the widest application, already made consumptive main trend. Developed country of a few main economy is the first job that regards machine tool of development numerical control as development machining center more, its development matters to national economy construction and national defence safety directly.

Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center detect through the country

On March 12, install Yangxin to fill machine tool Inc. to develop the country reached ADG of product of great and special set 2009 lathe of high-grade numerical control and turning center, the workshop is assembled to detect smoothly through national machine tool in numerical control of company constant temperature central expert detects. The member that the expert is comprised is opposite respectively early or late index of each crucial technology of this product, function and dependability undertook detecting, because my company is home is assumed congener and special in the first accepts a product to examine acceptable unit, because each expert member is in whole detect of process camber serious and responsible, detect in machine tool dependability especially in the process, a few experts ten days of day and night are on duty ceaselessly by turns, nevertheless, the expert is detecting still is to did not discover any technical problems in the process, this product is all technical index is one-time through detecting. Finally, expert the admiration that to me this kind of company product gave height ” the ADG series product of your development, it is we come a few this years the product of numerical control machine tool with the best quality that has seen since manufacturer of countrywide so much, and, although you are produced is ‘ high speed ‘ numerical control lathe, but the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard! But the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard!! Hear the expert’s opinion, the company’s present technology felt immediately in heart of deputy total Wang Yuping and each technology personnel greatest gratified, be company everybody all leader, special technology personnel takes the height of special job seriously and long-term since countless are paid arduously day and night, through relapsing ceaseless technology tackles key problem and debug, just obtained today the achievement of such arrogant people. “Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center ” be ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special in one of tasks of first support, this product basically resolves the pressing demand of the domain such as car, aerospace, war industry. My company is used actively in item executive process advanced ” 3 > of 1 + 4 ” ” produce, learn, grind, with ” mode of collaboration of innovation scientific research, hand in Inc. of piston of emperor of gold of engineering college of big, Central Plains, Qu Fu to wait for coact of user of college courtyard place and key with Xi’an, the success that achieved technology of key of general character of machine tool of a batch of high-grade numerical control tackles key problem, obtained the positive result of science and technology of a batch of plentiful and substantial: File national patent among them 6, invent patent among them 4, establish a standard 2, publish a paper 11, publish 2 in foreign famous journal among them, developed team of a batch of senior professional. This project product is main technical index still belongs to blank in home, congener product imports cycle to grow from abroad, the price is high, the success of this task is carried out, realized our country congener product to replace the strategic goal of the entrance, also proved my company made a respect obtain new breakthrough in research and development of machine tool of high-grade numerical control at the same time, also promoted my company the significant position inside countrywide industry further, for the company ” 925 ” develop the strategy carry out laid good foundation.

Dalian of rejected product of birth of eligible machine tool flies amount to enterprise of Hunan harmful pain

Sticking ” certificate of approval ” what machine tool production goes out is unqualified product completely, 460 thousand yuan of payment for goods in one’s hand hind, refus does not admit the machine tool has quality problem, however with ” operation error ” wait for reason general responsibility all shirk gives the buying party, dalian flies the inferior machine tool that amounts to production of mechanical production limited company is killed sufferred from Hunan double horse electric limited company. Came in May 2010 during August, hunan double horse is electric limited company (company of double horse of the following abbreviation) fly from Dalian early or late amount to mechanical production limited company (the following abbreviation flies amount to a company) purchased lathe of 3 Chan Zhuli type, among them CX5110 two (number is D1008101, D1008102) respectively, CX5112 (number D1005056) , goods is worth add up to 460 thousand yuan. However, double horse company discovered during facilities tries an operation machine tool precision forbids to wait for quality problem, machine the product that come out to short of quality asks and all can discard as useless only, because this is serious,manage what affected a company normally, caused huge loss to the company. Detect via double horse company discovery, actual precision does not accord with the machine tool fly the tolerance on the product certificate of approval that amounts to a company to offer, and error is bigger. The lathe of odd column vertical that is D1008101 with number is exemple, fly the place of certificate of approval that amounts to a company is shown ” workbench end panel is jumpy ” allow difference is ” 0.05mm is inside 1000mm diameter ” , fly the actual measurement value that amounts to a company is 0.03mm, but value of actual measurement of double horse company is 0.08mm. The immediate consequence that machine tool precision forbids to bring about machines the product that come out to not agree with namely add up to norms to ask, cause ” round, square ” case, this is an immense labor to rigid production business. As we have learned, double horse company ever forbade to wait with respect to machine tool precision in June last year problem and fly amounted to a company to undertake for many times negotiation, although the other side ever sent a person 3 times to come round to maintain, but inextricability from beginning to end problem, equipment still cannot be used normally up to now. Subsequently, fly amount to a company to handle the reason shirk responsibility such as error with double horse company unexpectedly, refus does not respond to all requirements of double horse company. But under, double horse company pledges to Xiangtan city inspect bureau is complained. Xiangtan city pledges inspect bureau stems from service company, maintain the position of business rights and interests, the requirement flies before amounting to a company to send a person, will handle relevant matters concerned, danfei amounts to a company still the attitude is aloof. This year on April 1, xiangtan city pledges inspect bureau pledges to Hunan Province inspect bureau applies for product quality appraisal. Suffer Hunan Province to pledge inspect bureau is appointed, the expert has collate test at going to the spot on April 19 related organization of institute of Hunan Province quality inspection. The expert is undertaking detecting. Basis of personnel of spot survey produce the expected result ” vertical lathe examines conditional precision examines the 1st part: Chan Zhu and lathe of double column vertical ” (GB/T 23582.1-2009) is right the project of place designation of certificate of approval of product of 3 machine tools undertook precision examine, according to ” the metal is cut cut a machine tool current technology condition ” (GB/T 9061-2006) , ” the metal is cut cut machine tool casting pig technical condition ” (JB/T 3997-94) level is right hardness of cast of beam of 3 machine tools undertook examining, examine eventuate does not accord with national level to ask. Meanwhile, crossbeam is perpendicular and mobile shift of the verticality of the face, vertical to workbench tool carrier is opposite ram of the parallelism of workbench face, vertical tool carrier moves the parallelism of pair of workbench axis of rotation (or goods of vertical tool carrier moves really the verticality of pair of workbench faces) wait for a project. Additional, value of hardness of surface of cast of beam of 3 machine tools all also does not accord with GB/T 9061-2006, JB/T 3997-94 the requirement of relevant provision. The expert discovers in detect, fly amount to a company charge for the making of sth. of product of these 3 machine tools is very coarse, and the industry standard of designation of the place on certificate of approval all far the requirement under national level. After product quality survey report comes out, bureau of Xiangtan city qualitative inspect gives at will reporting the result is sent with express means on May 7 fly amount to a company, the requirement sends a person to come round to assist processing, danfei amounts to a company still pay no attention to, end before distributing news dispatches, this company still did not manage with double Ma Gong or bureau of Xiangtan city qualitative inspect gets in touch. As we have learned, dalian flies amounting to mechanical production limited company is business of mainstay of stress of production industry of Dalian city machinery, of production (number is shown, numerical control) lathe of Chan Zhu, Shuang Zhuli type, sell each district of past whole nation not only and sell as far as to the world each district such as the United States, Russia, Italy. Normally for, the machine mass that this company produces is to have assure, fly however 3 machine tools that amount to a company to sell double Ma Gong manages all appeared same quality question, and be tagged on product certificate of approval industry standard actually under national level, this lets a person unimaginably queer. This kind reduces product standard to produce the method of responsibility of shirk of problem of quality of inferior product, occurrence product, let a person generate suspicion to the character of this enterprise indeed.

Lever of silk of half closed circuit heats up machining center be out of shape automatic compensation technology reaps level sex gain

This project is in the online production test and verify this year, with axis of X of TH6350 machining center (half closed-loop control) to study the object undertook filar lever heat is out of shape automatic compensation experiments, came true to amend process act accurate, control is stable and reliable, make its heat is out of shape the fixed position error that cause by 42um above, reduce 21um less than, reduce an error 50% , increased the dynamic precision of the machine tool and thermal stability effectively. The control of this technology, for the development of new product of machine tool of company other numerical control, improve the dynamic performance of the machine tool, provided strong technical support. It is reported, to numerical control machine tool heat of lever of silk of half closed circuit is out of shape undertake detect automatically and be compensatinged, had not seen applied precedent in domestic person of the same trade at present. Craft place lab is accelerating the application of technology of hot to this compensation to consider, realize heat of lever of 3 reference axis silk to be out of shape hard undertake heating up is out of shape compensating controlling at the same time, complete the test of scientific research of manufacturing test and verify this year.