Wuhan is heavy-duty machine tool: China of Chinese equipment equipment

On June 1 afternoon, hubei of media of network of 2015 whole nations goes staff comes Wuhan limited company of group of heavy-duty machine tool. This is domestic production heavy-duty, exceed norms of heavy-duty machine tool the large backbone company with the biggest, the most entire breed, be subordinate to belongs to company of group of Chinese arms industry.    “Fierce weighs vertical lathe of production, a weight has 120 tons, its exercise accuracy can reach a hair actually very one of. “Hear this one news, firm magnify of king of reporter of ministry of government affairs of net of the Yangtse River mouth, is this true drop? Mouth of original Wuhan door has the success that makes a person proud so.    On June 1 afternoon, hubei of media of network of 2015 whole nations goes staff comes Wuhan limited company of group of heavy-duty machine tool. This is domestic production heavy-duty, exceed norms of heavy-duty machine tool the large backbone company with the biggest, the most entire breed, be subordinate to belongs to company of group of Chinese arms industry, dominant product has heavy-duty, super- heavy-duty vertical lathe, center lathe, do not fall wheel pair lathe 8 kinds big, more than 300 50 many series, breed.    Stalk of grain especially with dispatch net industry is interested in a subeditor Zhao Li Duijun quite, look in her, “Of Chinese production 2025” put forward, bring new development turning point for war industry enterprise. Although fierce is serving respect of automation, equipment automation and international person of the same trade again,compare still have difference, but difference also is the space that develops promotion up at the same time. In the meantime, the reporter understands, the connecting with the boxing skill that develops flourishing also will appear on the market again. Next, fierce will be in again the respect such as industry of construction of machine of compose of mine machinery, aegis, metal adopts capital to run, through appearing on the market financing, stimulative business is better develop more quickly.    All along low-key fierce has a not low-key catchword again: “China equips, equipment China ” , hear fierce to weigh a staff member to be opposite the introduction of this one catchword, everybody stands a thumb in succession. The native place of yellow little river that letter of Guangdong province net runs is Wuhan, see development of home town industry is so rapid, he feels pretty is proud, “Without advanced fundamental industry, do not have advanced high-end manufacturing industry. Fierce is the pride of Wuhan again. Fierce is the pride of Wuhan again..

Internet thinking realizes transition of company of lathe of small-sized numerical control

Industrial standard sees equipment manufacturing industry, level of equipment manufacturing industry sees lathe of small-sized numerical control. This word is worn by test and verify ceaselessly. Regard equipment as the foundation of manufacturing industry, industry of lathe of small-sized numerical control is facing the test that economic be issued to lower levels brings.    In every case does a business, no matter be the poineering traditional industry entrepreneur that still pounds next transition to upgrade in Internet, “Internet + thinking ” had become everybody’s collective pet phrase.    Since Lei Jun of CEO of millet mobile phone, after with 3 years time makes silent and anonymous millet mobile telephone into the brand of widely known, what he applies ” Internet + thinking ” means of sale mobile phone also by everybody hep. But after all what is Internet + thinking? Opinions vary, not heart is one. I talk about my view simply, a lot of content did not spread out, the welcome takes bricky communication.    “Industry of lathe of Chinese small-sized numerical control is already exalted ran many year, from 2012, began 2013 somewhat low fan. ” leader of middle-level of enterprise of lathe of one wife and children of Shandong numerical control tells a reporter. Came in January 2015 in May, accumulative total of industry of tool of lathe of countrywide small-sized numerical control finishs exit delivery to be worth eighteen billion two hundred and four million yuan, accumulative total grows 4.18% compared to the same period. Particularly advisory Cai Weici expresses Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, course of study of lathe of small-sized numerical control although the situation is very difficult, but add this year fast it is industry of prep above machinery of average level.    Standing vice-president holds association of industry of tool of lathe of Chinese small-sized numerical control concurrently secretary-general Chen Huiren ever expressed, hopeful of industry of tool of lathe of Chinese small-sized numerical control walked out of interval of be issued to lower levels 2015, predicting industry whole develops state general and on year keep balance or small growth. Internet + : Soft scleroma closes   In traditional impression, the workshop of enterprise of lathe of small-sized numerical control covered the equipment of the very hard, and ” Internet + ” intervene was these frosty machines to bring ” soft ” . This year during two meetings, the leader that blue tooth equips ever complained to the reporter in furtive circumstance, carry out ” Internet + ” , wait for manufacturing industry enterprise like lathe of small-sized numerical control, the biggest question is falling at industrial automation, have lag of a kind of systematization to hardware from software, without the safeguard of capital, scientific research, let a machine insert on the wing of Internet flies completely it is very difficult to rise.    Arrive from administration local government, had upgraded for manufacturing industry transition make multinomial support plan. In July 2012, print and distribute of the State Council ” ” 925 ” the country is strategical burgeoning industry develops a program ” announcement, new generation IT, high end equipment is made, the burgeoning industry that the 7 big industries such as new energy resources, new material label national emphasis to develop, label computation of content couplet net, cloud alone great and special project. Had come on stage ” China is made 2025 ” , regard prospective manufacturing industry as the important way of development the union of Internet and manufacturing industry.    New in change of round of science and technology, each national capital is studying how race to control is new commanding elevation of round of development. Two meetings put forward this year ” China is made 2025 ” with ” Internet + ” the strategy, it is Internet and tradition manufacturing industry undertakes deepness confluence, make with intelligence nod to be cut, through ” China is made 2025 ” before 10 years of drive of national strategy, realize our country by the major transition that makes big country be advanced to production powerful nation.    Hardware still is shown ” not hard “   With Germany ” industry 4 ” those who be a mark is new rise suddenly of bitter fleabane of revolution of round of science and technology rises, international greets it is a foundation with information system, the happen frequently of climax of the 4th Industrial Revolution that is a mark with confluence of high digitlization, network, Electromechanical.    But the foundation that serves as manufacturing industry, many core component of lathe of small-sized numerical control still need to count an import. A personage inside course of study tells a reporter, there ever was a leader to survey this kinds of company before this, through the inquiry, discover a few component want to rely on an entrance, want to be imported from Germany, Japan normally.    Even if is in lathe is overall part, not hopeful also. In country of entrance of lathe of small-sized numerical control, japan and Germany are occupied 56% the left and right sides. In light of cent product, high end is small-sized numerical control lathe, day heart occupies 70%; getting to attack a center, japan is occupied about   100%; horizontal machining center, day heart takes machining center of vertical of 72% above; , day heart holds door of dragon of 64% or so; machining center, rideyao occupies lathe of 50%; horizontal numerical control, day heart occupies lathe of 52%; vertical numerical control, rideyao is occupied 50% .    Chinese lathe industry and world are compared, still have difference, the core component of lathe of homebred and small-sized numerical control also needs to rise to change a standard independently. Some look and abroad is about the same, but the respect waits in precision, speed, dependability or have difference.    Lathe of small-sized numerical control must experience high end can do, had done, make market competition ability 3 development phase, one of a few great success that the industry goes 10 years achieved high end namely lathe of small-sized numerical control from ” cannot do ” to ” can do ” span, but this just transfers level, still must conscientiously ground has been crossed ” had done ” and ” make market competition ability ” these two bank.    Artificial intelligence pounds a tradition to make, chinese digitlization is made, technology of artificial intelligence, robot and developed country have very big difference, meanwhile market of lathe of square small-sized numerical control lends numerical control car Internet + implementation major breakthrough.

Xu Jianhua leads delegacy to inspect Dalian machine tool

On August 10 morning, xu Jianhua of director of standing committee of National People’s Congress of secretary of municipal Party committee, city leads delegacy of Dongguan city party card to research group of Dalian machine tool, both sides has communication of have an informal discussion with respect to matters concerned of collaboration of project of Dongguan of Dalian machine tool. Deputy mayor He Yu, member of municipal government leading Party group, Song Shanhu (zoology garden) the party is versed in appoint secretary, canal appoint conference chairman Yan Huanming, huang Shaowen of secretary-general of municipal Party committee attended to inspect an activity. Delegacy of Dongguan city party card goes to Dalian to make an on-the-spot investigation. The graph is research group of Dalian machine tool chief correspondent Zheng Lin east photographDalian machine tool: Flexible production system produce and sale measures the whole nation the first   Xu Jianhua is in what Chen Yong of president of group of Dalian machine tool leaves to accompany all right below, digitlization of harbor of this group double D makes development garden plant area, inspect equipment to produce technology and product substance. Group of Dalian machine tool is our country founds a state industry of machine tool of earlier whole nation ” one of 18 arhat ” , the whole nation is large modular machine tool, flexible research and development of machine tool of production system and technology of automation whole set and equipment, numerical control creates base, research and development of component of numerical control function creates the company of arms of the person at the head of a procession of base and industry of Chinese machine tool.    Main product includes this group lathe of high speed nicety, numerical control lathe and car mill center, establish horizontal machining center and dragon door machining center, modular machine tool and flexible the 5 old series such as component of function of transfer matic, numerical control norms of 500 many breed. Among them, modular machine tool and transfer matic, flexible production system product, produce and sale measures the whole nation the first, home market is had rate amount to 30 % above, technical level home is banner; Product of product of product of machining center of 5 axes vertical, machining center of MDH high-grade horizontal, machining center of MDV high-grade vertical has international advanced level.    “This ability is manufacturing industry of large and advanced equipment. ” in inspecting a process, the research and development of group of Dalian machine tool makes actual strength make delegacy member big open horizon, make item of Dongguan of good Dalian machine tool to driving the job is confident. This year in June, group of Dalian machine tool comes Guan makes an on-the-spot investigation, both sides ever reached cooperative intent with respect to concerned project.    The space is vast: Solidder faster wider better begin collaboration   “Have so good environment, dalian machine tool ‘ iron heart ‘ south below. ” the investment climate that Chen Yong opens pair of Dongguan gives height the opinion. He says, project of south of Dalian machine tool is in recent years the most important strategy deploy, the hope is in the collaboration with Dongguan, accelerate southern project to make base construction, improve southern market have rate, then market of radiation southeast Asia. In the meantime, attract industry of advanced intelligence equipment and talent to be in Dongguan assemble, the high-end equipment that drives Dongguan and even Guangdong makes industrial progress, for ” China is made 2025 ” the strategy is carried out make contribution.    The effort that Xu Jianhua makes for Dongguan project to group of Dalian machine tool thankses, express to have early ” hear of ” the brand enterprise that group of Dalian machine tool is manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese high end, after looking around on the spot, be more ” witness ” the elegant demeanour of the group, be personally on the scene experiences the manufacturing technology with advanced company and excellent innovation competence, push relevant work to accelerating confident. Xu Jianhua says, dongguan is intensifying fulfilling ” China is made 2025 ” the strategy, carry out innovation drive development energetically, in the meantime, dominant position of Dongguan equipment production industry is clear, equipment market demand is huge, bilateral collaboration space is vast, hope both sides is solidder faster wider begin collaboration better, produce the assemble of the group and integrated advantage, attract Dongguan of more project settle, drive dimensions of manufacturing industry of equipment of Dongguan high end to change development, with ” Dongguan wisdom is built ” prop up ” Dongguan is made ” , those who achieve cooperative beneficial result is the biggest change.

Industry the development trend shallow analyse of lathe of 4 rigid numerical control

Career of lathe of Chinese numerical control will construct continuously the momentum that muster, its a few essential industries to the national economy and the people’s livelihood (IT, car, light industrial, medical treatment) the effect with the mainer and mainer move since development, hold bigger business to be in with new goods, new window all the time the application of technology of lathe of domestic numerical control not only brought revolutionary change to traditional manufacturing industry, those who make manufacturing industry becomes industrialization is indicative, and of the ceaseless development as numerical control technology and applied domain expand, the digitlization that these industry place need to equip already was the big trend of modern development. Put forward bigger need and taller request to fittings of numerical control lathe. Industry of numerical control lathe needs to increase investment and innovation   Enterprise of lathe of domestic numerical control for ascensive itself brunt, extend domestic market quickly, blend those who take a variety of artifice rein in and abroad company to taste force of collaboration of qualitative, progress with ascensive goods. Waiting for nation market in United States of continue open up, Oman while, in northwest inferior, middle east, Russia, Africa, Europe also blossom and bear fruit in the round.    The enterprise of majority of career of numerical control lathe before is to rely on elevatory goods price to acquire the market, form before because be goods price low, extra cost cost is low, low, the company grows continuously without sufficient financing. As the promotion of the development of property and collaboration, content of ascensive goods skill, own own patent, design, the production that takes a brand seriously and sale just are the optimal alternative that the company grows temporarily.

Contest of technical ability of worker of comfort of first advance short for Shaanxi Province conducts a player intense contend

Will come 20 days on November 17,    1 times the academic knowledge with comprehensive system takes an exam, the skill of 9 exciting operates the match, include numerical control turner and lathe work, forked lathe work the wonderful contend of 3 type of work, come from 72 3 players that visit 4 town to exhibit talent here, make friend with ability, in all the word develops.    Carry city, face Fen, short for Weihe River south, 3 gorge, scenery with hills and waters of region of triangle of gold of Yellow River of comfort of advance short for Shaanxi Province is linked together, popularity dates, culture is interlinked, assemble old culture and innovation motivation, created long history and bright culture. In recent years, 3 provinces 4 city truck is increasingly frequent, economic collaboration is active, had good cooperation to expand a base. Especially this year in March, ” collaboration of area of triangle of gold of Yellow River of comfort of advance short for Shaanxi Province plans ” obtain since approving, 3 provinces 4 city began more extensive communication, in area the domain such as travel of position of program, industry, culture obtained a lot of new positive result, open up the new scope of operation that area development mechanism, method explores.    Initiate this by federation of trade unions of 3 gorge city, the contest of worker technical ability that organizing committee of contest of technical ability of worker of area of triangle of gold of Yellow River of comfort of first advance short for Shaanxi Province undertakes, it is the strategy of development of executive area talent, major move that drives golden triangle area to accelerate transition of development, implementation to span as a whole and real need, also be the important way that worker enthusiasm, initiative, creativity develops below new condition.    3 gorge of Chu Dong, chill gradually thick; On match field, atmosphere is enthusiastic.    On November 17 afternoon, what skill of numerical control lathe operated the first match to pull open a contest is prelusive. Subsequently a few days, skill of numerical control turner and lathe work, forked lathe work has a competition reach academic knowledge the exam is ordinal spread out, players are ad cool-headed and sober, shined one by one oneself ” absolutely vivid ” .    On November 19, the contest is entered turn white-hot level. The reporter sees in the spot, that day 11 when make, take part in the match the player goes in succession from nervous academic knowledge examination room. 7 seas content sheds 3 gorge the forklift of group limited company is versed in Li Min tells a reporter, academic examination is very comprehensive, ABC and scale of real operation knowledge comparative, have certain difficulty. Stand in him the great fortune car beside makes limited company forklift be versed in Yao Jiufeng says: “Academic exam difficulty is greater, explain contest standards is higher. The real operation yesterday practices, look reach Li Min technology is right, very expect to be afternoon on competition ground with him one relatively relative superiority or inferiority! Very expect to be afternoon on competition ground with him one relatively relative superiority or inferiority!!    “Toward left, outside of careful wheel line ball ” ” poured a lever, true regrettablly ” … that day 14 when make, institute of technology of 3 gorge profession on the west on side basketball field lively and extraordinary, forklift is versed in the match is being held here. All sorts of obstacles that span decorated to differ with iron lever on basketball field are bent, the player drives forklift raises tool wearing to come formulary height, be cautiously inside tortuous path or go ” 8 ” word course, or pass quickly be restricted wide door, the mood that surrounds view masses as insecurity of match process from time to time, from time to time is excited, from time to time cheers, from time to time applauses.    The match of forked lathe work that buckles than photograph of annulus of alarmingly dangerous annulus, the atmosphere on the match field of lathe work and numerical control lathe shows dignified a bit, the spot can be heard only ” rumble grand ” voice of machine tool movement. Lathe work player operates a machine tool sedulously to make a part quickly to blueprint, player of numerical control lathe often inputs process designing, machine tool of command numerical control makes a part. “This is careful work, the steel wire that they make has the 2/5 of degree of finish of our hair silk only. This they should make the game 5 spare partses, players must careful, a spare parts is done bad, whole group is covered can sell at a discount when movement. ” Pei Zemin of group leader of group of lathe work test says.    18 when make, each match ends in succession. Test personnel is versed in to lathe of numerical control of limited company of Electromechanical of the Nature’s engineering austral short for Weihe River Duan Xiaolong’s work is profuse in praise, modest consult concerned technology issue to its. Deep feeling ground says Duan Xiaolong: “This the match provided the platform that shows talent to skilled worker, also make us mutual in the match communication, mutual learn. Also make us mutual in the match communication, mutual learn..    Friendship is deepened in the match, communication expands in interact. On November 20 morning, each match ends. No matter achievement how, players are permeated with the joyance of results on the face. “Learn in order to surpass hurried, this is the meaning of the match. ” printing machine of Shaanxi north person fetterses Zhang Hong of lathe work of finite liability firm says.