Hangzhou machine tool becomes grinder of figuration of domestic numerical control to produce base

 Company of group of Hangzhou machine tool (the following abbreviation Hangzhou machine) 7 axes of MKL7150 × 16/2 puissant figuration grinder passed 5 linkage numerical control recently Hangzhou city expands line of business of heavy chemical industry moderately of special fund project check and accept.  

    Hangzhou machine from 2001 this company rolls out double wheelhead of numerical control of the first MKLD7140 since puissant figuration grinder, a few years short time with respect to establish the lead position in the whole nation, become grinder of home’s most principal numerical control figuration to create base.  

    Statistical data makes clear, at present Hangzhou machine accumulative total of puissant figuration grinder already produced the numerical control of all sorts of model, norms nearly 60, basically achieved a sale entirely, accumulative total sales revenue is equivalent to the value of plane abrasion of many 1000 common M7130H, puissant figuration grinder already made numerical control the economic point of growth with Hangzhou new machine.  

    The batch of puissant figuration grinder produces Hangzhou engine numerical control, promoted the production of homebred grinder the standard greatly, enhanced the competitive ability of as high-grade as world-famous brand grinder. Come a few years, hangzhou machine complies with the development trend that international grinder makes, arrive from double wheelhead structure in lumbar pillar movable type, the figuration grinder that moves to complete pillar again, become domestic grinder to make the mark that the technology progresses. In respect of numerical control technology, from 3 axes two linkage develop 7 axes 5 linkage and 9 axes 5 linkage, satisfied the need of domestic most advanced user, broke technical barrier of abroad. Make with aviation, car, turbine is made for the key, formed a batch of firm users group.  

    In the meantime, it is a target with the steely industry, industry that pack, jian Ren grinds the numerical control that Hangzhou machine developed to have bright distinguishing feature, figuration of roller of numerical control rows of tiles on a roof is ground etc child series product.  

    Be worth what carry is, as a result of Hangzhou functional batch produces high-grade figuration to grind, this becomes the main factor that restricts high price of foreign congener machine tool, its society benefit is inestimable.  

    Commendable is, hangzhou machine realises soberly, advanced level photograph compares company product and abroad to still have not little difference, and the end that figuration grinder wants 100 million yuan to achieve year of sale, current market sale is very inaccessible, country is right high-grade grind machining center to still lack demand power.  

    To make the whole world integrated grinder supplies service business, hangzhou machine will take practical step, enlarge the production of grinder of numerical control figuration, raise the dependability of the machine tool, raise a machine tool the reliability in the user, enhance an user to choose the confidence of grinder of homebred and high-grade figuration. Develop figuration grinder new breed actively at the same time, extend applied domain, cooperate through the technology with abroad, realize exit of grinder of figuration of high-grade numerical control, raise the additional cost of the machine tool.

Chinese head stage 25, new breakthrough of compressor of 000KN large servo

Recently, group of 2 machine tools assumes Jinan ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” national science and technology is great and special, ” large servo compressor ” the project is mixed through checking and accept at the same time in Dalian appraisal. This project relies on the Chinese head station that provides for factory of Dalian of strange luck car 25, compressor of 000KN large servo, achieved the new breakthrough of homebred punch technology, to breaking monopoly of market of foreign high end, drive indigenous auto industry to equip to be changed independently have important sense.
Country of have the aid of urges action specially greatly again, the research that 2 machine tools took the lead in developing servo compressor technology in home mixes Jinan application. This acceptable 25, compressor of 000kN large servo, in advocate emulation imitate of curve of motion of drive of analyse of credit of transmission system motivation, servo and control system design, servo is optimized, mat of numerical control model develops malfunction of design, equipment to be diagnosed oneself reach the key such as long-range monitoring significant progress was obtained on the technology. Its development is successful, it is 2 machine tools are in Jinan to master and apply thin double arm to send makings punch technology, large multitask quickly on the foundation of compressor technology, in the another new breakthrough of punch technology domain, also indicate a technology of homebred car punch and international latest technology came true to conform to develop with synchronism in the round at the same time.
In the use report that issues in the user, 25, compressor of 000KN large servo begins try out at the beginning of April 2013 oneself, had undertaken a variety of models are enclothed production trying a model. This product offerred the manufacturing solution with quick on the safe side, satisfied the spot two full automatic punch product line and multitask compressor the need trying a model of a variety of craft curve moulds. So far, 10 when in Jinan group of 2 machine tools assumes independently ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” national science and technology is great and special in, already had 5 projects through checking and accept.

Domain of Chinese higher education ” double top-ranking ” construction causes a society to pay close attention to extensively

Regard project of ” of project of “211 of afterwards of domain of Chinese higher education, “985 as the another major strategy after ” , “ double top-ranking ”(namely world top-ranking university and top-ranking course) build list recently once announce, cause a society to pay close attention to extensively.

Does double top-ranking ” experience selected “ how? Is construction path clear? What does evaluation index key see? Taking these issues, reporter of Xinhua News Agency interviewed and other places of short for Shaanxi Province of Beijing short for Zhejiang Province many college president.

Old brand strong school, be seleted ” of “ new show, feeling of crisis feeling mission pays equal attention to

The reporter is experienced in interview, no matter —— of selected college controller comes from old brand strong school, still be seleted new beautiful —— to be in glad besides, having stronger crisis sense and mission feeling.

“ is changed quickly in science and technology and shirt-sleeve today, the academic research ability that has foremost follow only from go up at all the competition ability that promotes a state. An outstanding university, want to make learning considers to be in foremost edge from beginning to end, ‘ is preferred it is very important to help heavy ’ up, but cannot excessive wallow in already some foundations, do not consider be eager to make progress. Lin Jianhua of president of ” Beijing University says, attaching most importance to a dot with alternate course is Beijing University all the time importunate course builds policy, the purpose encourages everybody namely layout of the look up before have sth in mind, begin the learning of foremost edge to consider.

To gather together course advantage, sex of the look up before maintaining what reasonable course construction and course develop, strategical, tsinghua university in “ double top-ranking ” is built in, compose was built include course of course domain —— group the course of 3 administrative levels builds —— course system. Qiu Yong of Tsinghua university president says, the school determined 20 course group build program with 8 course, made the course that classifies minute of administrative levels develop a program, the school is every course group the supportive program that offers individuation with course.

Zhejiang university is located in region of sea area of edge of the eastpart part. Wu Chaohui of this officer president expresses, should face a nation major strategy demand, face economic society to stand for war, face world science and technology to expand forward position, start the powerful engine of open innovation, take on actively the mission responsibility that has power of construction world science and technology, plan as a whole construction of plan innovation university.

Xi’an traffic university is located in ministry of Chinese and Western. Wang Shuguo of this officer president expresses, the school should hold to “ take root western, the managerial fixed position that serves top-ranking ” of country, world, with “ China western construction of ” of harbor of innovation of science and technology is chance, the attempt blends in university deepness the society, the reservoir of talent of the new bond that the new upland of education of the new platform that makes innovation drive, scientific research, society serves, high end.

“ in list of double top-ranking ” , what also be not college of “211 project ” and relevant course is ” of project of original neither “985, selected also get attention fully. Peaceful wave university wrapped Yu Gang to contribute money by world ship king 1986 found. Of ” of construction of selected “ top-ranking course mechanical, be the advantage course of peaceful wave university.

“ is in the ‘ marathon ’ of this higher education, double top-ranking ’ gave ‘ local college an opportunity. Shen Manhong of president of university of ” peaceful wave says, the school with mechanical for the foundation, choose have the aquatic product that compares a dominant position, information and communication project, established technology of “ marine biology and course of marine project ” group, in order to make the world’s top-ranking experience sea subject group.

Create higher education upland, characteristic of top-ranking, China is short of international one cannot

“ double top-ranking ” , just as its name implies, should contend for namely start top-ranking course of world top-ranking university and world. The part suffers visit the president to think, want the world top-ranking university that creates him China, ground floor meaning is Chinese characteristic, the 2nd meaning is international top-ranking, we should create “ ” of oneself higher education upland.

“ China characteristic, with my understanding, it is the problem that can solve China firstly, it is the builder that wants the qualification that fosters socialism for China and successor secondly. Tan Tianwei of president of university of ” Beijing chemical industry says, to university of Beijing chemical industry this university that so grain industry is characteristic looks, the economic transition that can be China namely and innovation drive serve, is to publish a few articles not just.

Beijing forestry university this second learn with scenery gardens, Lin Xue is selected “ is top-ranking course builds ” . According to introducing, this school was built 1952 scenery gardens major is set when school, course of Ministry of Education was evaluated 2012 in, this school is in this course row the first.

Song Weiming of president of Beijing forestry university says, our country is in the strategic setting that zoology construction, green develops to fall. “ faces new situation, we should build course more by force, and want those who make to come in the most advanced thing be in harmony on the world have distinguishing feature more. ”

Be located in the Chinese academy of fine arts of Hangzhou, build school is close will 90 years insist to lead Chinese art education with Oriental and artistic spirit, this second learn selected “ top-ranking course to build ” with art.

Xu Jiang of dean of Chinese academy of fine arts expresses, in “ double top-ranking ” is built in, the first job of the school is to build the world top-ranking art that learns to be a feature with east to learn course. To respond to demand of national culture strategy actively, the culture “ that forms for a long time in the light of western academia he person the perspective of ” , in the light of recent history and the Western learning that appear in global condition today strong change the trend with the west, art learns to will emphasize footing of eastwardly culture main body to set out, the foot steps fervent times life earth, reframe resource of culture of Chinese and Western is multivariate the old structure that can open, the own construction with plan instantly artistic east.

The consensus of presidents: Dot assist breaks “ lifelong make ” , talent education is crucial

Double top-ranking ” builds the “ that announces this in list, two words of “ construction ” are indispensable, this means “ double top-ranking ” is process of a dynamic construction, choose maintaining also is not get sth done once and for ever. Break “ to this lifelong the new move that makes ” , presidents nod assist in succession.

“ builds ‘ double top-ranking ’ , the connotation promotion that what should do truly is a school rises. If student not buy it, society not buy it, smooth Daiyi carries empty cap on the head do not have any value, instead lets a family make fun of. Wang Shuguo of president of university of ” Xi’an traffic says, it is inevitable that “ trends is adjusted, and also be must, I special approval. ”

Getting another consensus that seeks presidents is the basic task ” that “ talent education is a college, no matter “ is top-ranking university construction, top-ranking still course is built, only education gives top-ranking talented person, ability is qualified top-ranking ’ of the ‘ that be called. ”

Lin Jianhua of Beijing University president expresses, the education of Beijing University must future of with a view to, development of nation of with a view to, nation promotes the talent demand that progresses with the mankind. We should reform mechanism and education mode, stimulate the study initiative that launchs a student and creativity, make our education becomes teachers and students to explore extraordinary experience of future jointly truly, make the student becomes the person that can lead future truly.

Qiu Yong of Tsinghua university president expresses, tsinghua university fosters a student to have eye shot of thinking of sound moral quality, innovation, clement foundation, whole world and social sense of responsibility hard. Yo of this science and education is the base with develop top-ranking person with ability the mainest, reflect school tradition and distinguishing feature. Graduate student education should highlight innovation ability education, reflect the height of school learning.

Wu Chaohui of Zhejiang university president thinks, develop excellent innovation creation person with ability, need compose establishs the educational ecology group of whole process, advance “ 4 classroom ” joins be in harmony is collected, develop good “ namely of ” of the first classroom advocate channel action, rich “ is carried out inside school of ” of the 2nd classroom, extend “ practice of society of churchyard of ” of the 3rd classroom, strengthen “ abroad communication of ” of the 4th classroom grinds long.

“ I think top-ranking university should develop a lot of top-ranking person with abilities, it need not too anxious go ‘ grabs ’ , however Yu Changyuan of base oneself upon, how can base oneself upon develop a person with ability at oneself. ” Beijing manage is versed in university president Hu Haiyan says.

Tan Tianwei of president of university of Beijing chemical industry expresses, education is thick those who accumulate thin hair, cycle is longer, influencing factor is compared again much. How to judge the effect that the talent develops and quality, it is a challenge.

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Development of manufacturing industry of equipment of Ningxia bronze gorge obtains reporter of countrywide net intermediary to nod assist

On August 10, thirteenth the bronze gorge city of the border of a field that Ningxia of countrywide network media covered a group to be located in the Yellow River all right, besides be attracted by the beautiful scenery place of bank of Yellow River gold, collaboration of ministry of thing of support of bronze gorge town initiates an area the impression that new-style win-win mode also left profundity for the reporter.

You may not imagine, the Ningxia of —— of industry of bearing of hub of a car that the nice spare parts on car of well-known trademark of not little abroad is born at bronze gorge city poors limited company of bearing of hub of Si Ke car. Limited company of bearing of hub of car of Ningxia humble Si Ke is founded 2014, repair bearing of bag, high-grade accurate gear-box in order to produce unit of bearing of hub of high-grade steam wheel, hub to wait for series product to give priority to. Introduce full automatic numerical control grinder 150, full automatic numerical control lathe equipment of stage and 200 other and advanced numerical control. Through here is machined subtly and assembling the car component after, 60% exit reach the product the international market such as Ouya and southeast Asia, the product of 40% supplies domestic car to make reach equipment of special type precision to create a company, be like auspicious, case inferior, the automobile factory home such as boreal steam.

Introduce according to company controller, ball bearing of 15 million deep trench produces per year implementation after the project builds entirely car, car of bearing of 10 million tapered roller ability, already finished ball bearing of bearing of hub of conic and high-grade car, deep trench automatic product line is covered 360 times, equipment reachs domestic number automatic production changes advanced standard. The company regards the core that the company grows as technical innovation from beginning to end, pass institute of industry of university of industry of the Luoyang institute related to industry of domestic and international bearing, Zhejiang, Beijing, LYC enterprise reachs the collaboration of talent of high administrative levels, li Zhicheng is one of 10 large bearing firms of Chinese, the aircraft carrier of Chinese bearing component. The company passed the quality system attestation with automobile the strictest industry, the reliance of the car manufacturer that product quality and technical innovation culture got the whole world precedes and mechanical manufacturer.

The ministry of westerly of the eastpart part that this garden area is a model transfers a project, come to bronze gorge from Hangzhou, to promote western region industry upgrades, economic progress and the force that industrialized level promotes him contribution, realize thing ministry industry to be balanced again, initiate an area new-style collaboration win-win concerns. Its build upgrade to promoting manufacturing industry of Ningxia and even northwest area equipment transition, stimulative place economy grows, drive obtain employment, make aircraft carrier of industry of equipment manufacturing industry, implementation dimensions is changed manage, industrialization development has very important real sense.

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Machine tool of city of the 14th stage is exhibited be about to kick off grandly!

The 14th 2018 China (stage city) the machine tool exhibits and international intelligence makes reach industrial robot exhibition (abbreviation: TMF2018)3 month 24 day general at stage city international exhibition center (road bridge) grand opening. Current exhibit can give priority to a problem with production ” of innovation of “ science and technology, intelligence, the key reveals etc of appearance of robot of automation of equipment of cut of numerical control machine tool, laser, industry, industry, instrument the relevant product such as current mechanism. It is the machine tool grand meeting with stage city and even annual manufacturing industry of Hua Dong region, attract those who come to countrywide each district every year to look around purchase business 40000 more than person-time, those who got stage city and even business of manufacturing industry of Hua Dong region is consistent reputably.

Rely on production industry group to build platform of efficient butt joint

Exhibit meeting with stage city, Ning Bo, Wen Zhou, on anxiety, all and, city of more than Yao, Sheng attach most importance to a dot to popularize a city, collected electronic information, home appliance, car and component, autocycle, equipment to make, the base of property of advanced manufacturing industry such as machinist job, the machine tool with broad move purchases be pregnant with space. For Huadongde the mechanical factory of the area builds professional machine tool commerce to purchase platform. Be like,attracted: Demaji, 3 water chestnut, Ajixiamier, Korea power inferior, gram of campstool of Korea UGINT, Japan, Japan sends that division, library to block a species of orchid of robot, United States to strap, Japanese ferry, 1500 are exhibited, of about 30000 square metre exhibit an area.

Catenary of all ready industry covers the product completely

Current exhibit meeting bright broadness involve include autocycle of equipment of plastic machinery, machine tool, current mechanism, car, steam rub match, component of tool of war industry of electrician of home appliance electron, mould, electric power, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, spaceflight, hardware, Electromechanical, plastic treatment, cast, show a product many 1200 are covered. Compressor of equipment of gold of Ban of equipment of equipment of machining center, punch, industrial robot, laser, numerical control, sawing machine, air, measuring instrument implement, labour can pattern of component, cutting tool, industry. Product from overall and mechanical the manufacturer to component, fittings, from the technology generate, handle side of distributive square side, everything needed is ready, offer to buy the home the most convenient purchase and communicate platform.

Exhibit meeting by stage state city limited company of industrial and commercial exhibition sponsors Hua Pu, got classics of stage state city is believed appoint, trade of international of stage state city closes to guild of machine tool of city of annulus of guild of tool of machine tool of city of state of meeting, stage, jade support energetically.

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