Manufacturing PMI at high levels Reflect the economy

National bureau of statistics, data jointly issued by the China federation of logistics and purchasing 30, in November, China’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) was 51.8%, 0.2% higher than last month, according to manufacturing continue to maintain the development momentum is becoming better and better progressly.Manufacturing PMI index since October 14 consecutive months keep in more than 51% higher levels, as time highs for the year in November.Under the state council development research center, zhang liqun, a researcher thinks, the PMI index to modestly, showed the characteristics of steady economic growth.From the point of item of PMI data, manufacturing balanced growth of supply and demand.National bureau of statistics (NBS) services survey center senior statistician Zhao Qinghe introduction, in November, the production and new orders index than last month rose 0.9 and 0.7% respectively.In the expansion speed of supply and demand at the same time, enterprises purchasing willingness to strengthen, high purchase quantity index to a years time.At the same time, continue to promote the readjustment of the industrial structure, the equipment manufacturing industry, high technology manufacturing PMI for above the level of the overall manufacturing and consumer goods industry, to the leading role of economic growth has been increasing.In addition, the purchasing price index, to reflect the actual changes in upstream prices in recent two months continuous decline, according to enterprise ease the pressure of the rising cost of raw materials too fast.Expected more optimistic about future of the enterprise, the production and business operation activities expectations index rose by almost 1%, close to 58%.& other;Taken together, joint on both sides of supply and demand rise, further improve the production and operation of an enterprise environment.Throughout the &;China logistics information center, said analyst Chen Zhongtao combined with PMI index trend and feedback opinion survey of business enterprise to see, the whole late positive development trend will continue.In the fourth quarter of this year economy stabilises further consolidated, positive development trend is more obvious.Released data also show that in November, China’s manufacturing business activity index was 54.8%, up 0.5% than last month, continuing in expansion interval, non-manufacturing continue steady and relatively fast growth momentum.Zhao Qinghe is introduced, the trend of consumption upgrade and & otherThe new retail & throughout;Concept, and & other;Double tenth throughout the &;Promotion effects, such as wholesale and retail, Internet software information technology services, postal express delivery, handling and storage, and other industries business achieve rapid growth, the total business activity index significantly higher than the industry overall level.Affected by the transportation structure adjustment and control of real estate, road transport, accommodation catering business activity index is lower than the critical point, real estate and other industries.Cai Jin, vice chairman of the China federation of logistics and purchasing said, most remarkably, non-manufacturing down-stream price index up again this month, hit a year high, reflecting the rising prices of raw materials of last five months increase the proportion of enterprises, and increase significantly faster, means the trend of prices is from the middle to the end consumer sector conduction, inflation expectations are formed.(the original title: manufacturing PMI at high level Reflect the economy situation) (source: xinhua news agency)

Asia’s largest underground plants: high precision machine tools made in China machine tools abroad instant prices by 30%

19 report specifically pointed out that to deepen the reform, speed up the northeast China old industrial base in northeast.Indeed, compared with the developed coastal economic belt, the northeast economy, and revitalize, want rapid ascension is not an easy easy, 19 big report, xi greatly for economic revitalization in underdeveloped regions, also the prescriptions, pointed out the direction, the report pointed out that innovation is the first in the development of leading power, is the strategic support of construction of modern economic system.To aim at the world technological frontier, strengthen basic research and realize a prospective fundamental research, leading a major breakthrough in the original achievements.This is a new era, China’s economy improve quality, must to complete the task.Xi big requirements, specific deployment to shore up the economy, how to carry out the, how effective they are?14 MiJianCheng high-tech workshop is 25 square meters underground 30 football stadium in dalian, radiates sea north of penang, with & other;The window of the northeast & throughout;& other;Throughout the north pearl &;& other;Romantic & throughout;, is also a window, northeast China’s opening to the outside world and the largest port city;On June 23, 2014, in the fertile soil of the liaodong peninsula, a shape such as eyas plate is more and more attracted the attention of the world’s attention.It is the birth of new China tenth, northeast area the first state-level new city – Jin Pu new district.New district is located in the core dayaowan port area of dalian northeast Asia international shipping center, with more than 160 countries and regions of the world’s more than 300 port trade, with a total area of 2299 square kilometers, is the current national 19 national stacking area’s largest district in the new city.Three kilometers along the coastline of 431 kilometers to the north, in the sight of present underground is Asia’s largest production factory, this special factory 14 meters off the ground, covering an area of 15000 square meters.In front of the five-axis machine tools, machine is a equipment in military products precision on the turbine, the turbine on the surface of all surface must demand on washing machine, the error is within three over one thousand of a millimeter, which is a third of the diameter of a human hair, can produce such a level of product precision machine tools, in any country, are regarded as strategic materials.Dalian koyo technology group chairman de-hai yu: the most worthy of our relief, of these the key parts of the machine tool, for example, sensors is equivalent to the eye, the control system is equivalent to the human brain, so these key features are used more than ten years, the accumulation of technology produces its own, that is to say we now produce five-axis machine tools, its increase rate is the highest in the world.De-hai yu, nc machine tools, senior engineer, China began to research manufacturing CNC system in 2000.Dr Chen tiger hu, tsinghua university, China’s high-end CNC machine tool control integration technology, director of the national engineering laboratory.The team is to research and development in aviation, aerospace, Marine engineering and other key areas of high-end CNC machine tools.Through their efforts are changing China’s high-end CNC system cannot be made in their history.The workers are assembling acceptance a for military production of large-scale high-end CNC machine tools, machine tools used in the numerical control system developed by Chen tiger hu.The precision of the endless, is Chen tiger hu face challenges every day.Dalian koyo technology group chief engineer Chen tiger hu: the whole blade parts eventually to a few percent mm accuracy and precision manufacturing such parts as the equipment, its actual motion accuracy higher than this, usually want to millimeter less than one percent.For a long time, China more than ninety percent of high-end machine tool numerical control system loaded with foreign companies, foreign companies took 40% of the cost of the whole machine, machine tool manufacturing power only & other;Shell & throughout;.The core technology is highly dependent on foreign countries, more than 95% of high-grade CNC system adopts the imported system.In such a background, the de-hai yu’s team took root in Jin Pu new district, a stay is 17 years, in 2015, the China machine tool production of spell in Jin Pu new district is broken at last.After Chen tiger hu: we developed this machine, imported equipment dropped by more than 30%, so said China’s manufacturing to machine example is very typical, we must to high-end development, to participate in the international competition on higher.With the world advanced level, for a five axis nc machine tools, means to control two thousand times a second.And once the temperature change can cause change of 12 microns in length, with thousands of parts in machine tool, this must be the pursuit of the manufacturing of precision constant temperature and humidity environment.De-hai yu: because the heat bilges cold shrink, this is the law of nature, one meter long metal temperature change at one time, it will change 12 micron, so our production of machine tools, user require the positioning accuracy of each meter is within three to five & mu;The left and right sides.In the south of the free trade area, new district Jin Pu de-hai yu finally just days before the arrival of snow, cover up their new factories, Asia’s largest underground plants began to cap.The underground factory covers an area of 250000 square meters, equivalent to 30 standard football field.Plant canopy by 3300 pieces of 42 tonnes of concrete precast slab patchwork, after completion of the whole project conditions will all backfilling, the factory will 13 meters underground.In dalian Jin Pu new district, the high precision of constant temperature and humidity of Asia’s largest production workshop, every year will produce 4000 sets of high precision machine tools.Only by this, the meaning of the new city on China’s economic landscape, has been highlighted.De-hai yu: first is replace imported domestic aerospace field, and then replace imported in civilian areas, on the basis of replace imported put our cost-effective five-axis machine tools to the international market.From imitation and pursued, beyond, de-hai yu team are benefited from the growth of dalian Jin Pu district strong foundation of the modern industrial system, and Asia’s largest underground factory built, will mark the Jin Pu district of high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster formation.Wang qiang, director of the dalian Jin Pu new district management committee: once it is 25 square underground plant put into production, CNC machining center formed after mass production, the price of the entire numerical control processing center costs down, so can make our country a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises will be able to have the opportunity to conditionally, access to these advanced equipment.Form the production capacity will promote our country the whole, the equipment manufacturing industry level.Rooted in the northeast old industrial base of deep soil, through the adjustment of industrial structure upgrade, high mass transfer efficiency of intelligent manufacturing, radiating and driving the rapid growth of the economic dimension, and that is with dalian Jin Pu state new mission.YanYongJiang: deputy director of the dalian municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) establish dalian Jin Pu new district, can be in two ways, one is in dalian, its special status and role, this is one of them.Second is the country from the global and strategic perspective, the need of the northeast old industrial base in northeast.(source: machine tool magazine)

University-enterprise cooperation avail the development of vocational education is urgently needed

Recently, & other;& lsquo;Don’t forget to hand in his mind & rsquo;University-enterprise cooperation peak BBS & throughout;Held in hangzhou vocational and technical college, experts and scholars from mainstream vocational education and enterprise, how to deepen the fusion, between production and education to new era topic discussed in-depth exchanges and cooperation, more and more people in the industry began to realize the importance of manufacturing in cultivating talents.& other;Don’t forget to hand in his mind & throughout;University-enterprise cooperation peak BBS for traditional manufacturing, with upgrade equipment automation, more and more factory workers need to enrich themselves, constantly learning automation production experience.Now the factory is no longer in people’s impression before & other;”Thirty-three & throughout;, a lot of advanced equipment of the production workshop and have strict requirements on temperature and dust density.More automation production equipment must need a lot of professional personnel to operate and use, but how to cultivate these professionals, such problems as how to better suit and industry, have become an important problem for the vocational education today.On the BBS, zhejiang mechanical and electrical professional technology institute director Mr Jin-chang ding said: & other;Intelligent era need operation of the machine operator, installation, debugging, maintenance, maintenance, transformation programmer, etc., it is intelligent need talent, if know this problem is not good, many years later we trained students will find work.Throughout the &;It is true that in today’s society is not the lack of traditional technology talents, but under the trend of manufacturing industry to upgrade, after vocational education training system of intelligent talent more quickly adapt to the factory production work.As vice President of Chinese vocational education society, China normal university adult education institute, professor, doctoral supervisor Shi Weiping think, transformation in the development of the enterprise, in the intelligent manufacturing, Internet + vocational education, staff training and promotion, etc., all need the vocational colleges services in the area.Need with applied undergraduate colleges and vocational colleges to study, do better service to the new industry development in the area.As early as in 2008, hangzhou vocational and technical college with friend jia group founded friend jia institute of electrical and mechanical, kick-starts & other;The government leading, enterprise main body, the school leading & throughout;The & other;Community between colleges & throughout;After school-running pattern, this pattern is numerous national reference and application in higher vocational colleges, and therefore won the 2014 national teaching achievement first prize.Today, university-enterprise cooperation has become many enterprises to carry out technical innovation, personnel training important way.Through the school can not only train more young technical personnel, can also be old staff to provide technical training for the enterprise, in addition, colleges and universities can provide a steady stream of innovation for enterprise technology development strength.Now at home, docking between production work has become to promote enterprise technology progress and industrial transformation and upgrading, improve the level of training applied talents quality engineering, and easing social employment structural contradictions, better serve the local economic and social development of the people’s livelihood project.At the scene of the BBS, hangzhou vocational and technical college with friends jia group signed a new decade of strategic cooperation agreement, the agreement to the input equipment, teachers, and teaching content are carried out further.It is understood that in the process of integration between the two sides depth, friends nc machine tool maintenance center, lean manufacturing center and enterprise training center as a whole in the campus, with businesses invest synchronization, real-time updates, and industrial development of equipment is 18 million yuan, also offer friend jia institute of electrical and mechanical equipment 50 (set), value of more than 3000 3000 yuan;20 resident enterprise technician school to participate in teaching, build the forklift research institute, the nc machining service 4 s shop.Vocational education is the important link in the process of China’s manufacturing industry, attaches great importance to the technical personnel is need to pay attention to the whole industry and social problem.Vigorously develop vocational education, extensive industry-university-institute cooperation, to make the manufacturing with fresh blood and the technology of constant innovation, promoting the development of manufacturing industry in our country steadily.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Intelligent manufacture fashionable whole world big powers development?

With the continuous popularization of information technology, the momentum of the development of intelligent manufacturing is increasingly strong.Globally, the United States, Germany and Japan ahead global intelligent manufacture at present, and the rest is in active development layout of intelligent manufacturing.Today’s intelligent manufacturing development?Small make up today about the inventory for you the current situation of the development of countries.German intelligence manufacture into new luminescent spot according to the German economic growth of information and communication technology industry association (Bitkom) the latest report, the German industrial quarter of machinery and equipment has been connected to the Internet or network.More than half of the manufacturing enterprise of industrial 4.0 full of expectation, this has to do with a few years ago the German small and medium-sized enterprises in industrial 4.0 fear and suspicion is very different.In the past few years, Germany in 4.0 has made a lot of industrial solid matter, there are more and more networking machines in the factory.McKinsey German branch, according to a report of intelligent manufacturing the additional economic growth to Germany every year more than 10 billion euros, with intelligent robots and computers with self-learning function continuously introducing, optimistic to can give the German economy contribute 160 billion euros in 2030.The intelligent manufacturing innovation institutions CESMII release roadmap from 2017 to 2018 in October 2017, the U.S. department of energy (doe) led by clean energy smart manufacturing innovation institutions (CESMII) released the 2017 ~ 2018 technology roadmap, clearly points out that the intelligent manufacturing is around 2030 can implement way of manufacturing.The specific contents of the roadmap includes four aspects.One is the business practice, through collaborative research and development manufacturing and energy goals;Second, enabling technology, will be in various scale manufacturing company in the physical development, validation, and application of information system, and promote its modularity, affordable, easy to configure, safe and reusable;Three is intelligent manufacturing platform construction, will build the reference architecture of intelligent manufacturing platform and specification;Four is workforce development, extensive knowledge of intelligent manufacturing practice, the key intelligent manufacturing technology and method, and intelligent manufacturing platform infrastructure.Japan’s intelligent manufacturing more & other;People throughout the &;The role of Japan & other;Industrial value chain & throughout;, as the robot power, Japan in 2017, the results is very rich, and combined with its own national conditions closely, on the basis of population aging serious, low fertility intentions, labor shortage, earthquake disasters, etc., focus on research and development of medical and care robot, industrial robots and rescue robot.In addition, Japan also has its unique technology in the field of automobile production.Man-machine collaboration, such as lean production concept can be reflected in many car manufacturers, Toyota officials said, because of the different models have different assembly, is more flexible, more economical and efficient than fully automated.The Toyota production mode emphasizes & other;Since the 働 throughout the &;, this particular & other;働 & throughout;Word from Toyota production concept: advanced equipment is the starting point, talent is the ultimate guarantee of the quality, not blind pursuit of automation.Chinese-made 2025 comprehensive manufacturing competitiveness “made in China 2025” clearly put forward through the government guidance, integrate resources, the implementation of the national manufacturing industry innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation of the five major projects, achieve long-term key generic technology breakthrough in the development of manufacturing industry, the promotion of the overall competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in China.All across our country related policy response.Such as liaoning province ministry committee recently research identified 2018 key 100 intelligent manufacturing and intelligent service pilot demonstration project, to speed up the pace to develop the manufacturing strong province construction;Changzhou recently held the ccpit, intelligent manufacturing services conference has brought together more than 200 industrial enterprises in changzhou city and China’s political, intelligent manufacturing production, study and research, information and other parties.Around & other;Intelligent manufacturing industry ecology and throughout the future &;, jiangsu province approved by the institute experts believe case interpretation form, is the world’s advanced manufacturing enterprises of advanced technology, the development direction of intelligent manufacturing and business opportunities, and participants to share…Across the country are now focus in the field of intelligent manufacturing, transformation and upgrading of enterprises are in in an orderly way.Predictably, over the next ten years, the traditional mobile Internet traffic growth dividend will gradually disappear, high-speed Internet and artificial intelligence development will bring new opportunities.In addition to the work scene, the car and the value of the connection of intelligent household scene gradually highlights, industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry focus will also be closely watched.Industrial Internet platform is a development direction, by the China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD. The unit space cloud network day intelligence company led by the proposed “intelligent manufacturing service platform manufacturing resource\/capability access integration requirements” standard proposal is adopted, to become an international first standard specification for intelligent manufacturing service platform.Believe that based on the superior resources of the Internet and manufacturing in our country, our country in this field will be demonstrating strong momentum.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Beijing institute of mechanical and electrical and stream bearing co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On June 11, 2018, Beijing institute of mechanical and electrical and fujian stream bearing (group) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as dragon axis group) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.Attended the signing ceremony of the Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, general manager of harvest, liang yi, deputy chief engineer, heat treatment, director of the center for Li Xianjun axis and dragon group, secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors Ceng Fanpei Chen Jinhui, chief engineer, general manager of chan, etc.Vice mayor of zhangzhou LanWanAn, the city government office researcher, director of the legislative affairs office HongYao, zhangzhou science and technology bureau party secretary chun-hsiung Chou yi-zhang Chen, director of the municipal leaders such as attendance and witnessed the signing ceremony.Dragon axis group as fujian enterprise 100 strong, with wing on bearing co., LTD., sanming city, fujian province of fujian province gearbox co., LTD., fujian red flag co., LTD., fujian Jin Changlong machinery technology co., LTD., fujian and Taiwan Long Ma science and technology co., LTD., stream linear bearings co., LTD., and other subsidiary in the United States.Company as the only joint bearing research institute and the national joint bearing test center, approved for joint bearing enterprises in fujian province key laboratories and precision bearing engineering research center of fujian province.Companies with annual output of 15 million sets of joint bearing and taper roller bearing and AG bearing 8 million sets, 2 million sets of 2 million pieces of gear, transmission, maintenance free spider 2.6 million 1.82 million, 1.82 million sets of rolling features, collar and knitting machinery and equipment 20000 sets of production capacity, the company’s products for the national key projects such as Shanghai maglev project, the three gorges project, the electron-positron collider, the shenzhou series of spacecraft, chang e series satellites and space engineering and large modern buildings, Bridges, wind power, photovoltaic and other supporting facilities, and a large number of export Europe industrial developed more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States.& ensp;Signing ceremony, Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, general manager liang harvest is briefly introduced and the basic situation, professional advantage and associated with, zhangzhou in fujian province.Chairman liang pointed out that, in the hope that, on the basis of the two sides in the early stage of the cooperation, give full play to the forging, heat treatment, mechanical and electrical is intelligent manufacturing accumulated technological advantages, to play a greater role for the future development of stream bearing, also for stream bearing and mechanical institute group comprehensive cooperation lay the foundation.Then, the dragon axis group chairman, party secretary of Ceng Fanpei years of good cooperation to both sides to give high praise, hope that the two sides in the vacuum heat treatment, heat treatment, heat treatment atmosphere controlled shape, forging automation, forging die deep cooperation and application of new materials, etc, to solve production actual problem, Shared project for national construction, promote the full implementation of strategic cooperation.Zhangzhou city technology bureau secretary zhou and Chen, director of the speeches, introduces the research and development of zhangzhou introduce foreign institutions, to promote and carry out the integration of science and technology policy.Zhangzhou vice mayor pointed out: hope to electromechanical and dragon axis group cooperation as an opportunity, the direction of the research and development platform, key laboratory of cooperation, to upgrade, promote further cooperation way, for more zhangzhou enterprise technology upgrades and research innovation service.Finally, mechanical and electrical chairman liang harvest and dragon shaft by group chairman Ceng Fanpei respectively represents the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement.The strategic cooperation agreement signed, will be the Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical in fujian province after the fujian zhengxing group and a model of cooperation, will more effectively play both sides of the technical advantage, realize the combination.(the original title: what I have and stream bearing co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement) (source: Beijing institute of electrical and mechanical)