Using the plastic product analysis could trigger a migraine headache

Automobil plastic net news:, according to UK media use plastic cups or bottles of water can make millions of britons have a headache.New research shows that synthetic material package contains a “degeneration” chemicals may cause migraines.It is reported that bisphenol A (BPA) is thought to is associated with A variety of diseases such as obesity, infertility, and heart disease.Now, this is published in the latest study in the journal of toxicology research, points out that bpa causes severe migraines, affects one 7 of adults.Study authors urged a migraine patients from their diet to eliminate potential sources of pollution, including microwave tableware, plastic bottles and water dispenser.Their research report said: “by” fresh food diet intervention studies show that just three days later, the urine of patients with bisphenol A was significantly lower (down 66%).”Report said: “these findings from our research results show that the reducing contact with patients with migraines in clinical trials for bisphenol A…Headache in patients with reduced frequency and\/or strength, may reveal the ways to improve the life quality of patients with migraine headaches.”Researchers suggested that migraine patients should stop using plastic microwave tableware, plastic cups and plastic bottles.It is believed that A migraine is associated with A sudden change in the estrogen level, and can simulate the function of estrogen bisphenol A.Britain, about 5 million people suffer from migraines, but female incidence is three times as many men.Reported that bisphenol A is very common, from car dashboard to shower curtain, cashier receipt and cosmetics, etc. All sorts of things are used., including the European Union, Canada and China, many countries have already taken action to baby bottles shall be forbidden to use this chemical.Editor: Wang Huiying mobile client download 】 【 automobil information

Jinyun county disposable plastic cups paper cups sampling work

Automobil plastic net news: as the weather gets colder, disposable plastic cups, paper cups will usher in the peak season.In order to let the general public “drunk”, to ensure that the general consumers’ safety and health, October 14, jinyun county market regulator for disposable plastic cups, paper cups under special supervision and sampling inspection.This sampling, sampling nine batches, the whole sampling process were carried out in accordance with the legal procedures.Of sampling observation of unqualified products, which will be promptly investigated according to law, the results will also be open to the public in accordance with the law.The bureau joint inspection unit jinhua city quality and technical supervision court of jurisdiction larger six supply stores selling disposable plastic cups, paper cups for supervision and checking.Law enforcement personnel into the shop, after the first check the packaging of plastic cups, paper cups, see whether to name the site of factory, the production batch number, production date, shelf-life, packaging is in compliance with national standards.And the plastic cups, paper cups of shelves for random sampling, the on-site storage of samples.Inspectors will be in accordance with the national standard (GB\/T27590-2011) of plastic cups, paper cups of health indicators, physical performance test.Editor: LuoKaiJiang

Health guidelines: three cups of water is the most easy to cause cancer

Automobil plastic net news: human body water demand is big, we usually to drink water to supplement the body moisture loss, gens going to work often use plastic cups of water and expert clew, on health point of view, in addition to porcelain cup, other cups are less healthy.Three cups of water are most likely to cause cancer three cups of water or carcinogenic potential carcinogens disposable paper cups, disposable paper cup, or hidden just looks like health, convenience, actually product percent of pass is impossible to judge, whether clean, health, with the naked eye can’t identify.From the perspective of environmental protection, should as far as possible to use less disposable paper cups.Some paper cups manufacturers to make the cup looks more white, join a large number of fluorescent whitening agent.But is this kind of fluorescent material can make the cells mutate, once in the human body will be a potential carcinogenic factors;Second, those who are not qualified paper general cup body is very soft, pour water easy to deformation, after some paper cups, poor sealing, cup bottom easy ooze water, it would be easier to make hot water scald hands;What’s more, when you use the hand gently touch the inside paper cups, can feel the stained with fine powder, the touch of your fingers will become white, this is a typical inferior paper cups.2, metal cup to drink coffee can dissolve the metal cup, such as stainless steel, the ceramic cup to expensive.Enamel cup form contains metal elements usually condition is stable, but in the acidic conditions, possible dissolution, used to drink coffee, orange juice and other acidic beverages are not safe.3, plastic cups, shelter evil people and practices the most easily plastic cup should also be an unpopular.Because often add plastic plasticizer, which contain some poisonous chemicals, plastic cup of hot water or hot water, poisonous chemicals that can easily be diluted to the water, and plastic internal microscopic structure there are a lot of pore, which hides dirt, cleaning not net will be easy to breed bacteria.So, when the choose and buy plastic cup, must choose meet the national standards of food grade plastic cup made of.The safest water cup: 1, glass on all material in the glass, the glass is the most healthy.The glass in the process of firing containing no organic chemicals, when people use a glass of water or other drinks, don’t have to worry about chemicals can be drink into the belly, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, propagation of bacteria and dirt is not easy in the glass, so people use a glass of water is the most healthy and safe.But though the glass do not contain chemicals, and easy to clean, but because of the glass material thermal conductivity is strong, the users easy to accidentally pressed to yourself, if the water temperature is too high, can also lead to the glass blowout, should try to avoid holding the hot water.2, no colored glaze paint ceramic cup to drink water first choice no colored glaze paint ceramic cup, especially the lining to colorless.Not only material security, the ability of high temperature, and relatively good insulation effect, drink hot water or tea is right choice.Therefore, in order to health, drink water should choose to glass, beware of glass cause disease.Editor: LuoKaiJiang

Zyprexa group in Arizona expansion of factory production of plastic products

Automobil plastic net news: zyprexa group division, announced on September 19th, will invest about $100 million for plastic cup thermoforming, cover, and production of various kinds of paper products.In Arizona, service for the southwest and west coast area.North America, executive vice President of Clay Dunn said in a statement: “the establishment of new facilities will be successfully expanded our production capacity, also can improve our distribution in the region.”Zyprexa group in Arizona expansion of factory production of plastic products, the new plant covers an area of 750000 square feet and will begin early next year, the infrastructure work will begin in the second quarter, a formal commercial production is expected later in next year.North American business vice President said in a statement: “these facilities can help us in the 21st century, the road construction, improved the working environment of our customers, employees.”In addition to plastic lid, the site will also produce insulation cup, food containers, etc.Zyprexa group has famous Chinet production line, including all kinds of plastic products, in addition, the company also supplies its own brand of plastic cups, tableware.Editor: Ye Dan

The dryer into disinfection facilities unreliable enterprises were investigated

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Rong) production workshop filthy, used for the disinfection of the dryer on a thick layer of dust, the edge piled box, sandals and other sundry, the conditions to produce one-off plastic cup you dare to use?Hunan province pledges inspect bureau audit team recently investigated the unreliable.Recently, according to the report, in changsha in hunan province pledges inspect bureau audit team law enforcement officers sheng jing plastic products co., LTD has carried on the preliminary MoPai, in the market to buy the two specifications of the company production of PP one-time drink cup (economical and thickening type), hunan produce goods quality supervision and inspection institute of detection, weight and volume deviation is unqualified.Later, reporters follow kaifu district law enforcement officers came to changsha knife river town Dan an village no. 94, changsha sheng jing plastic products co., LTD is located.Into the workshop, the law enforcement officers found the old production equipment, humble, workshop is full of slippers, wastebasket, tailings, waste, etc.PP one-time drink cup belongs to food packaging containers, is food related products production license issuance in the catalog, however, the label on the package of “high temperature sterilization, health good peace of mind” food packaging container, factory can’t find any disinfection equipment and testing equipment, the company used to disinfection equipment products turned out to be a dryer.This dryer is buried in a pile of waste bin, they are gathering dust on the dryer or wastebasket, a see will know that at least a few months is no one touched.Most unreliable, beside the dryer also there is a pair of cool sandals.Such a plastic cup you dare to use?After investigation, the company in February 2013, the production license expires has not replacement, also not to apply for food related products production license.The company production of plastic products are mainly exported to surrounding areas, the total sold 4 million units.Law enforcement personnel to more than 80000 unqualified plastic seal was carried out., according to hunan province pledges inspect bureau inspection group of Ronald late load-bearing performance belongs to the one-time drink cup use key performance indicators, according to the national standards for plastic disposable tableware, disposable plastic cup must bearing 3 kg highly rate at room temperature is less than 5%.The company production of disposable plastic cups, are directly under the bearing 3 kg collapse, such products in the food or by hand clenched easy deformation, high heat food (with) a spill, consumers may scald.”Chinese quality newspaper