The function of machining center and type

Foundation of machining center process designing

The treatment of the spare parts undertakes completely by the instruction.

Graph process of process designing of 1 machining center

The function of machining center and type

1. utility: Casing kind the treatment of spare parts and spare parts of complex curved surface.


2. function: Mill boring, auger, attack whorl to wait.


Because it is had,change knife function automatically, after workpiece holds clip, can be finished automatically or approach the work that finish each all treatment working procedure.


3. classification:


(1) can divide by configuration for:

1) vertical machining center

Motion of ① reference axis has two kinds of kind:

Box of main shaft of direction of shift of workbench of direction of A.X, Y, Z is mobile; Graph 2

B. Move: of pillar machining center? The motion of of ǎ of pool of ぷ Xiao ü , Y and Z direction is mixed by main shaft pillar shift of main shaft box will come true.

Graph sketch map of rod of movement of 2 vertical machining center

Exterior of machining center of graph 3 JCS-018A vertical pursues

2- changes the dc servo electromotor of 1-X axis box of main shaft of 5- of library of knife of disk type of 4- of ark of numerical control of knife manipulator 3-

Lathe bed of 10- of slide carriage of workbench 9- of 8- of ark of power source of drive of 7- of 6- operation face plate


② knife library: (graph 4) the knife library of vertical machining center has different form, the difference of cutting tool amount that the knife library of every kinds of form can accommodate is bigger, decided the size of machining center process capability on certain level.

Graph 4 knives library A B C D E F) library of disk type knife G H I J) chain knife library K) library of grid type knife


2) horizontal machining center

The knife library of ① horizontal machining center is chain structure commonly, knife library size is larger.

② application range is more wide, can machine screwy face, the complex part such as casing, for example the treatment of hydraulic turbine impeller.

Graph 5 horizontal machining center
Library of knife of 2- of head of 1- main shaft 3- pillar 4- pillar base 5- workbench 6- workbench base


3) establishs horizontal machining center

① establishs horizontal machining center — be use milling head stand lie changeover orgnaization implementation machines means to changeover machines means for horizontal or machine means changeover to machine means for vertical from horizontal from vertical.

② the treatment of this kind of machining center is applicable the range is more wide.

Graph 6 establish horizontal machining center signal of way of 5 axes movementA) main shaft can do 90 ° Rotate B) workbench takes workpiece to be able to do 90 ° to rotate

(2) presses functional classification:

Form of 1) main shaft: Main shaft having sheet, double main shaft or 3 main shaft;

2) workbench form: Odd workbench

Tray of 3) double workbench exchanges a system

Tray of 4) much workbench exchanges a system.

Form of 5) knife library: Library of circumgyrate type knife

Library of 6) chain knife

Composition: Face plate of the library of system of numerical control system, airframe, main shaft, feed, knife, orgnaization that change a knife, operation, tray exchanges a system (or workbench) with support systemEtc.

Use at the boring cutter of essence of aperture of Valenite air cylinder of machining center

Graph 1

Valenite pneumatic control compensates boring cutter of essence of air cylinder aperture automatically to be able to satisfy the precision that air cylinder aperture machines to ask better, the mainest is to come true to be compensated automatically in the dimension on machining center, in order to achieve the goal of treatment dimension automata. Additional, it is had and the gender leans in the high accuracy like treatment of special machine tool and Gao Ke.

The finish machining of air cylinder aperture is whole engine cylinder body the Chongzhongzhi in treatment is heavy. To assure the dimension precision of air cylinder aperture, form tolerancepublic errand and the Cpk value that get a stability, the uses an entrance generally rigid private plane in the treatment that at present home is enraging cylinder body, cooperate online (from the line) electronic check is provided and system of automatic compensation cutting tool, the automation that implements measure (automatic or semi-automatic feedback) . But, the competition as auto industry is more and more intense, the development of engine and newer rate are accelerated ceaselessly, rigid special machine tool already was not accorded with far flexible the demand of treatment, show more and more air cylinder aperture to machine move to arrive flexible on higher machining center. Here, this stationery body introduced a boring tool of essence of air cylinder aperture that is used at machining center.

The graph is shown 1 times for the is used at machining center pneumatic control of newest development of American Valenite company compensates boring cutter of air cylinder aperture automatically, this boring cutter uses HSK100 interface, have advantage of a lot of treatment.

1.Half essence boring comes true on machining center, boring of essence of life is machined apart

To satisfy the precision requirement of air cylinder aperture, valenite used the process that boring of half essence boring, essence of life machines apart on cutting tool design, in order to avoid the vibration that at the same time treatment produces. Half essence boring and end face pour horn to use push boring (main shaft be issued to lower levels) means, boring of essence of life is used pull boring (main shaft goes up) means. When treatment, take a knife to undertake changing a knife automatically directly from knife library by the manipulator that change a knife above all, next main shaft locates treatment position, undertake half essence boring above all (3 cutting tool are machined at the same time) , right now the knife clip of boring of essence of life maintains in original position, namely the radius with located needle of boring cutter of essence of life is less than the radius with located point of a knife of razor blade of half essence boring, do not participate in cutting (see a picture 2) . After the semifinishing machining that finish, main shaft continues to be versed in, undertake end face pours wine cup, after completing part, main shaft is regressive 1 ~ 2mm. At this moment, 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa (or greater pressure) compress air to enter gas mouth to input boring lever interior through be located in lateral of knife handle flange from machine tool main shaft, by the compression of the input air urges the drag link inside boring lever; Pull rod promotes form of cake of a wedge, carry clip of penknife of boring of essence of life on the head to the dimension of finish machining, next regressive labour enters main shaft, undertake boring of essence of life; After boring of the essence that finish, the compression inside boring lever air by eduction, right now pull rod loses pressure, make by orgnaization of in-house a bedspring clip of penknife of boring of essence of life returns original position, finish whole treatment to circulate (see a picture 3) ; Next main shaft locates afresh again, machine circularly the rest of air cylinder aperture.

Graph aperture of air cylinder of boring of 2 half essence (push boring)

Graph aperture of air cylinder of 3 essence boring (pull boring)

2.Automatic compensation comes true on machining center

After all aperture that machine a cylinder body, provide pair of aperture that already machined to undertake metrical through online check, if discover dimension decrescent (main as a result of bit wear away cause) , criterion the dimension that boring cutter of essence of life places needs shift of essence of life. Before machining next cylinder body, main shaft can carry cutting tool to installation to be on the pneumatic chuck device on clamping apparatus, see a picture 4. Through this pneumatic chuck fixed position intensifies cutting tool after the essence of foremost end moves knob, circumgyrate of machine tool main shaft, main shaft arranges hour hand or anticlockwise every circumgyrate 10 ° , dimension of boring of essence of life is added on radius direction or decrease 0.0025mm, realize the automatic compensation of finish machining dimension thereby. Most can circumgyrate 360 ° , just adjust a quantity always to be 0.18mm up in the diameter.

Graph device of 4 pneumatic chuck

3.Tall treatment precision reachs dependability

The design that Valenite pneumatic controls this kind of unprecedented that compensates boring cutter of air cylinder aperture automatically can be obtained on machining center with same on special machine tool treatment function and stability. Because boring cutter used compensation of revolving of machining center main shaft to replace the servo electric machinery on private plane to compensate a system, can make sure boring of essence of life repeats fixed position precision to be in 0.002mm, the cylinder of air cylinder aperture spends tolerancepublic errand to be less than 0.01mm.

4.Other characteristic

This pneumatic control compensates boring cutter of air cylinder aperture automatically besides the 3 big characteristics besides above, still have the following characteristic;

(1) inside the belt cold;
(2) dynamic balancing design, use PCBN razor blade to undertake high speed is machined;
(3) the compression of the 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa that can use workshop mark to match directly air, do not need to add other pressure boost equipment, the high-pressured cooling fluid that also can use 5MPa comes clip of drive essence boring cutter;
(4) adjust precision tall, the smallest adjust a quantity to be radius direction 0.0025mm;
(5) half essence boring, parameter of cutting of boring of essence of life can be adjusted alone;
(6) boring of essence of life uses the treatment that pull boring, avoid to decline knife mark;
(7) treatment efficiency is tall;
(8) maintenance cost is low.

Yuhuan won the “Chinese small designed, fine machine tool production base” title

On July 12, Chinese small & other;Specifically, fine & throughout;Machine tool production base of opening ceremony and the regional brand construction training held in yuhuan.This is yuhuan in industry for the first ten pieces of national golden signboard, yuhuan machine tool industry will open to state for leading brands, to & other;Specifically, fine & throughout;Machine tool technology and quality and improved in the new period of development.China’s small & other;Specifically, fine & throughout;Machine tool production base of opening ceremony and the regional brand construction training field in China machinery industry federation, executive vice President of Yang Xuetong, xiao-ying wang director of work quality of China machinery industry federation, China quality association deputy secretary-general wang, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of yuhuan, mayor Wu Caiping, yuhuan city vice mayor Li Danjia, yuhuan city bureau of the letter Jin Fucheng, yuhuan machine tool association Lin Zongsheng, yuhuan, yuhuan machine tool industry association corporate representative, director of industrial enterprise brand construction on behalf of the people to attend the meeting.Event, vice chairman of China machinery industry federation gave nameboards Yang Xuetong, yuhuan city vice mayor Li Danjia pick up card.China machinery industry federation think, yuhuan machine tool industry dominated by numerical control machine tools and automation equipment, various features complete industry chain and public service facilities, formed the unique small & other;Specifically, fine & throughout;Machine industry cluster, comply with the national industrial policy, the broad prospects for development, in line with the China machinery industry federation and determination of mechanical industry industrial cluster regional brand, the requirements of the relevant decision awarded the zhejiang province yuhuan city & other;China’s small & lsquo;Specifically, fine & rsquo;Machine tool production base & throughout;The title, valid for five years.Vice secretary of municipal party committee, mayor of yuhuan Wu Caiping said the machine tool industry is an important sector of yuhuan city industrial economy, after years of development, has gradually formed with economical nc machine tool as the main product of industry cluster, the product coverage in eastern and southern coastal manufacturing industry developed regions in China.He pointed out that the access to Chinese small & otherSpecifically, fine & throughout;Machine tool production base in this title, is not only the past achievements in yuhuan city affirmation, is also for the future work of yuhuan, inspiration and spur to further enhance yuhuan city regional brand, create & other;Throughout & industrial powerful city;Has the very vital significance.He stressed that the brand is the important carrier of high added value, yuhuan city will adhere to in the future & other;Quality win, brand drive & throughout;Development strategy, encourage leading enterprises dominated, to participate in all kinds of standard revision work, adhere to the standard led drive and innovation, strengthen the property maintenance, building innovation platform to gather more innovative talents, the agglomeration effect of enlarged base, actively expand sales channels, to implement industrial market want to cross industrial powerful city yuhuan inject new vitality.Vice secretary of municipal party committee, mayor of yuhuan Wu Caiping yuhuan machine tool association Lin Zongsheng pointed out that China machinery industry federation awarded yuhuan & other;China’s small & lsquo;Specifically, fine & rsquo;Machine tool production base & throughout;Title, in yuhuan machine tool industry, a milestone in the history.Both affirmed the yuhuan machine tool industry cluster for decades results and the adjustment of product structure, the development of the enterprise also affirmed the yuhuan machine people the spirit of hard work, open the yuhuan machine tool industry upgrading and development of the new journey.Yuhuan machine tool industry in the future, he said, will be three & other;Insist on & throughout;, adhere to deepen the state regional brand creation activities, leading the industry brand strategy implementation;Adhere to & other;Specifically, fine & throughout;Three characters as the core orientation, leading the industry product technology and product structure upgrade;Adhere to target production base for the development of scale, leading the industry constantly enhance the level of production and expanding industrial scale.Yuhuan yuhuan machine tool association Lin Zongsheng 2016 production of nc machine tools, machine tool industry more than 40000 sets of production accounts for nearly a quarter of the similar products.At the same time, in the process of industrial development, formed to magnus hedman intelligent equipment, yuhuan zhejiang zhongxing nc machine tools, such as zhejiang ring machine backbone enterprises of yuhuan machine tool industry cluster and & otherYuhuan machine tool & throughout;Regional brand, the industry existing provincial famous trade name 1, 2 provincial high and new technology enterprise, 5 city-level technology centers, all kinds of inventions and utility patents 50.Combined with the China machinery industry federation awarded yuhuan & other;China’s small & lsquo;Specifically, fine & rsquo;Machine tool production base & throughout;Opportunity, China machinery industry federation and yuhuan municipal government jointly held the industrial enterprise brand manager and regional brand building training seminar.China machinery industry federation invited Chinese quality association deputy secretary-general of the brand center director wang, as well as the ministry of brand experts what to yuhuan on-site teaching, to promote the city of yuhuan machine tool industry and machinery industry enterprise brand cultivation and regional brand construction.From yuhuan machine tools and machinery industry more than 300 people took part in a one and a half days of training to learn.China quality association deputy secretary-general of brand center director wang according to the state and government departments concerned about the quality of the brand construction of policies and measures and work requirements.From the brand strategy planning, location, design, communication, protection and culture and so on each link, explained the implementation of comprehensive brand management of the scientific method, as well as the establishment and implementation of enterprise brand cultivation management system.Miit brand do propaganda experts what to carry out the ministry of industry cluster regional brand construction work related policies, this paper introduces the ministry of industry cluster regional brand demonstration area of work experience, combined with the city of yuhuan machinery industrial enterprise the actual situation of the brand creation, study and communication industry cluster in the current industry transformation and upgrading, quality, and the synergistic critical period of development, how to use science to do industry planning, standardize the market competition, with standard lead product quality, enhance regional brand influence.Both training content of yuhuan city to carry out the quality of enterprises and regional brand construction is of great help.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

Ma on shan bo is looking at export machine tools and related product quality and safety demonstration zone joint meeting

23 August afternoon, bo hope area deputy district chief Zhang Simei chaired a bo hope export machine tools and related product quality and safety demonstration area construction leading group joint conference, ma on shan de-cai li, deputy director of the entry and exit inspection and quarantine and unit of member of leading group for the main and key enterprises related responsible for the comrades to attend the meeting.Meeting communicate learning the country’s export industry product quality and safety demonstration zone advance will open spirit and inland anhui province to build new heights file about quality and safety of the relevant requirements of the construction of the demonstration zone, and for the quality control, marketing, branding, media publicity, patent protection, production-study-research cooperation has carried on the full discussion, relevant departments and enterprises on behalf of the published advice.Conference, de-cai li bo hope hope export machine tools and related product quality and safety demonstration zone further expand scale, strive to make the window of inland open new heights, and the example of anhui.Zhang Simei noted that it will continue to increase the publicity of demonstration area, encourage enterprises to crown logo, creating well-known trademarks and promoting production-study-research cooperation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to further improve demonstration area construction and daily management.(the original title: bo is looking at export machine tools and related product quality and safety demonstration zone joint conference) (source: ma on shan city net)

Zhang Guobao: Machine tool of clench numerical control this masterstroke

A few days ago, national hair changes appoint vice director, the State Council revitalizes northeast to do director Zhang Guobao to develop an informal discussion to point out in industry of numerical control system, must take strong step, capture numerical control machine tool this masterstroke, master technology of core of numerical control system, raise the fundamental equipment level of manufacturing industry of our country equipment.

Zhang Guobao says, future a certain number of inside year, demand of market of machine tool of our country numerical control will continue with year all 10 – the rate of 15 % rises, to 2010, machine tool of homebred numerical control is produced per year will amount to 100 thousand above, sale will exceed 6 billion dollar, market space is vast. But from the industry on the whole, although our country is machine tool big country, but still not be machine tool powerful nation, industry core competition ability is not strong. Among them very main reason depends on numerical control system and lag of functional component development, especially system of numerical control of machine tool of high-grade numerical control and progress of crucial function component are slow, already became the bottleneck that industry of numerical control machine tool grows. Machine tool of homebred numerical control progresses a few this years very big, a lot of products that count an import for a long time in the past achieved the breakthrough of 0. But, the numerical control system of form a complete set of machine tool of our country high-grade numerical control 99 % above is foreign product, although use partial country product, still also be in try out phase, far the level that did not reach client satisfaction.

Zhang Guobao emphasizes, numerical control system is the core component of numerical control machine tool, its technology level not only the performance quality that affects numerical control machine tool directly and market are had rate, to the important key such as light industrial, spin, shipping the treatment of the spare parts also has very important sense.