Industry of machine tool of numerical control of high end of city of Teng of survey of group of survey of Shandong province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

On March 29 morning, members of standing committee of province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, economy appoint vice director, province classics is believed appoint vice director Wang Xin guides group of group of survey of province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference to come Teng, begin ” expand industry of numerical control machine tool, base of construction home’s banner property of machine tool of high-end numerical control ” activity of special subject survey. Yang Jiaguo of vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of jujube village city, shao Shiguan of secretary of Teng state municipal Party committee, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Teng state city ancestor encyclopedia, During Teng, wang Xin looked carefully at national machine tool to detect on the spot all right academy of innovation of machine tool of company of machine tool of center, Lu Na, northing, power amount to heavy industry company to wait for the spot, listened to company production to manage, the case report of the respect such as innovation of science and technology, understood the integral situation of industry of machine tool of our city numerical control in detail, the result that to the our city this job obtains offers affirmation. Detect in national machine tool on central informal discussion, wang Xin says when director survey, come this Teng is begun ” expand industry of numerical control machine tool, base of construction home’s banner property of machine tool of high-end numerical control ” activity of special subject survey, it is one of 77 survey tasks with province affirmatory the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, aim to carry out the decision-making deploy that fulfils my province to be changed about new old kinetic energy, carry out changeover of new old kinetic energy to provide reference to issue pace complete province to accelerate. This the industry of numerical control machine tool of survey belongs to high-end equipment, it is one of bases that standard of efficiency of manufacturing industry production, quality, intelligence creates. Leave a stage, city of hope Teng state wants very stress industrial development, undertake supportive on policy and finance, at the same time outspread fill entire industry chain, essence of life allows focusing, drive machine tool industry to innovate development, continuously development, banner development. In recent years, the our city holds to ” industrial strong city, industry stands town ” change development strategy not to shake with industrial group, grab actively catch a country to give aid to equipment manufacturing industry expands opportunity, around make group of industry of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of mechanical machine tools, adjust ceaselessly optimize industrial position, perfect system of group form a complete set soundly, firm catchs industrial capital attraction, action to just be brought wisdom, ability corrects innovation and project construction, the good progress state that industry of mechanical machine tool carried synchronism of dimensions, quality, benefit to grow.

The division in the Lu Shanghua of spirit of craftsman of carry out travel takes advanced line all the time greatly

Recently, the CCTV that gets attention fully 8 part are large newsreel ” big country is heavy implement ” (the 2nd season) sow. The program made visit a sacred land is advocated and point to palpability greatly to Chinese industry development ” China is made ” the way that with Chinese substance economy grows, piece in all sorts of stirring power edge tool. Late on March 4, big country is heavy implement (the 2nd season) the 7th collect ” wisdom build a van ” in CCTV-2 finance and economics channel head is sowed, university of Hua Zhongke ability is subordinate China in industry of machine tool of delegate of numerical control Inc. declares his views in the program. High rate, high accuracy, intelligence is changed, had made the central point that global equipment manufacturing industry competes, the demand that controls a system to superprecision is rising quickly. However, equipment of numerical control of Chinese high end exceeds 80% to still count an import, the value of equipment of high-end numerical control that wants an import every year is as high as 3 billion yuan. China is mid burgeoning intelligence controls industrial group, also be one of base of research and development with the mainest system of Chinese numerical control. Here, china in numerical control is developing the numerical control system that China has superprecision the first times to control capacity. Professor of college of machinery of university of Hua Zhongke ability, China in Chen Jigong of numerical control president says: “Our target should break China to be in namely the passive situation of this domain. “Our target should break China to be in namely the passive situation of this domain.. “System of homebred numerical control experienced hard development level, repeatedly battle is defeated repeatedly, be defeated repeatedly repeatedly battle. Abroad blocks this kind to China limitation, we refuse to obey this tone. We refuse to obey this tone.. Exceeding rigid lens face to machine is the highest state that metallic cutting machines, cutting tool contact contacts the nick that the surface causes, be called surface roughness. Achieve in rotate speed of machine tool main shaft minutely below the 24000 freeboard speed that turn, control the surface roughness of the spare parts in 0. 02 micron are the following, this is hair silk diameter extremely one of, also be one of levels that superprecision system must reach. Cutting tool traversal speed from 0 rise quickly to every second 100 meters, the split second that cutting tool is cutting, moving acceleration achieved gravitational acceleration. This is equivalent to 5.6 seconds inside, the car from 0 carry fast to 200 kilometers. metallic workpiece outside treatment becomes lens area, exceed system of rigid numerical control to be able to be accomplished only. In how machining a process, real time monitoring adjusts the treatment precision of micron class, this is the core technology secret of production tycoon of western numerical control. China in the engineers of numerical control created a kind of distinctive method, come with chromatogram observation, use sensor to collect knife head data to convey computer, each of knife head petty wave motion, label with different color, can catch the error that catchs hard to naked eye. Use data to search machining error and undertake optimizing, this is an intelligence data collects analytic system actually.

Policy support growing intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development opportunities

With the advent of the era of industrial 4.0, the global manufacturing industry ushered in the era of intelligent manufacturing.The United States, Germany, Japan, China and other countries have issued corresponding national policy, promote the development of intelligent manufacturing.That the world’s major countries to realize the true’s pillar industry, manufacturing industry is the country is the infrastructure of the national development.Since 2009, the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning “, the state of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry policy support will be increasing.December 2016 YueGong ministry released the intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020) “, in 2020, developed more than 60 kinds of intelligent manufacturing key technology and equipment, same products reached the international level, domestic market meet the rate more than 50%.At the same time, the intelligent manufacturing engineering implementation guide (2016-2020), such as industrial policy support will be issued, accelerate the development of stone industry.In the context of specific targets, China’s industrial robot density from 2013 & other;30 per million workers throughout the &;By 2015 & other;Thousands of workers 50 each & throughout;, an increase of 67%;In 2020, according to the national development strategy, the target for & other;150 thousands of workers each & throughout;To achieve the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry of preliminary goals.Forward-looking industry research institute of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development prospect analysis report predicts 2020, intelligent manufacture equipment industry sales revenue will exceed 3 trillion yuan, 25% CAGR over the next five years.Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry future development space is huge.As a are cultivation and growth of the emerging industry, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry technology innovation ability is weak in our country, the new type of sensor, core technology, advanced control on new technology and new product research and development, most enterprises is still follow the overseas advanced technology development, technology still exists a certain gap.Industrial developed countries in the aspect of intelligent equipment industry started earlier, after decades of development, accumulated a huge technical advantages, the domestic enterprise development under the gap, is difficult.Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry in China started late, fewer advantages of domestic enterprises, industrial organization structure is small, less competitive, the backbone of the lack of internationally competitive enterprises.The minority enterprise development to a certain strength, in the domestic market has been able to face the international big enterprise direct competition, but entering the international market competition of enterprise is still relatively rare, competitiveness is weak.Forward-looking industry research institute of long-term market tracking of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry to gather market data, USES the international advanced scientific analysis model, comprehensive and accurate for you from the industry system of the overall height to architectural analysis.The intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development prospect analysis report mainly analyzes the macro environment, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, and analyzes the macroscopic environment impact on the development of the industry;Analyzes the development present situation and development trend of the industry;The market situation and intelligent manufacturing equipment industry;Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry leading enterprises operating conditions;At the same time, with the comprehensive detailed in the industry for nearly five years of continuous market data, allowing you to fully and accurately grasp the market trend and development trend of the industry.(the original title: policy support growing intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development opportunities of attack) (source: preview industry research institute)

Cai Weici: compared with the heat of the intelligent manufacturing strong industrial base is a bit cold

Special adviser, the strategic advisory committee of China federation of industrial machinery Cai Weici argues that the role of business model in the customized project in the process is not underestimate.Compared and intelligent manufacturing, he thought that the heat of the strong industrial base is a bit cold.From a certain extent, it also reflects a strong industrial base.In a democracy, advance the high-end technology to our target product is high-end products, usually give top priority to technology, it is reasonable, also should be completely.But practice shows that if therefore ignore the non-technical factors, no matter how much we on technology, dedication to sometimes also may not be able to ensure success.Hydraulic excavator is one of the leading products in our country, has long been relying on imports.Excavator market unusually hot in our country, the user is often used is hard to find, but our excavator production companies often only stem worried, why?Because the key supporting hydraulic parts subject to import.So only can according to how many sets of imported hydraulic excavator enterprises to decide how much production excavator, very passive.In this context, shandong Chang Lin group nakagawa hydraulic parts company are determined, therefore invested a lot of manpower and financial resources.But over the years, more nakagawa hydraulic parts company is in trouble, and the constant current Mr Nakagawa hydraulic parts and hydraulic parts company two different way.Nakagawa hydraulic parts purchasing the best equipment, not only that, in order to ensure success, nakagawa hydraulic parts company introduced a number of foreign technical experts, according to the Japanese expert advice, even in hydraulic parts assembly tools link pay special attention to, in order to reduce errors.Nakagawa hydraulic parts company made efforts on technical level, think about what we can think of all the technical details.Even so, Mr Nakagawa hydraulic valve, hydraulic parts company in the domestic application of has been very not smooth.And constant current hydraulic parts company, although the development time later than Mr Nakagawa, but they now have successfully developed products to the domestic excavator market, supply and customize for sany heavy industry, xugong, bulk supply for them, and explain to constant current in this field has been recognised by the same, market recognition.More exciting is the constant current hydraulic parts company now and break through the key technology of 350 kg, and opened the door of form a complete set of upgrade, the door has been opened.Constant current starting threshold choice under Mr Nakagawa, but technical breakthrough time early Yu Zhongchuan, stimulating the gain and loss.Through in-depth comparative analysis, it is not difficult to find the problem in a non-technical factors on the choice of business model.Cai Weici have the following views: first, choose a different market entry point.Nakagawa hydraulic parts company is started in excavator main products supporting products, and the constant current hydraulic parts in the non-dominant product choice, namely small excavators.20 tons of excavator digger is the flagship product of the enterprise, this product is for excavator business enterprise destiny, on domestic under the condition of hydraulic parts were lack of confidence, which a company can’t the first to eat crab and try to use domestic replace imported, because once out of the question, this brand is likely to be discredited, businesses will be recovered.Start and at the same time the constant current hydraulic parts of the product is small, 6 ton in most excavator enterprises, this seems to be irrelevant, and due to the small excavator price itself is lower, his form a complete set of hydraulic parts in small excavator instead of the proportion of total price is high.If can successfully implement domestic hydraulic parts, for excavator business efficiency increases obviously.So the excavator is looking forward to digging hydraulic parts for small businesses, more intrinsic motivation.Second, Mr Nakagawa hydraulic parts company also has a production excavator, a subsidiary of the parent company name, this is a localization of high-end technology and a faux pas.Because any one host companies are not willing to let oneself the key supporting the initiative in the competition.Of course there are other reasons, for example, the two companies in the way of funding and grasp the market opportunity it also has different choice.Cai Weici pointed out that the so-called non-technical factors, seriously affected the nakagawa hydraulic parts company self-developed open the market of form a complete set of domestic excavator.Meditation constant current hydraulic parts co., LTD is the professional company of leading the market counterparts, he did not produce the host, but for manufacturers of professional, and many domestic excavator hosting companies have good matching relationship, and forms a deep trust and greatly eliminate the doubts about the host enterprise, believe it to be of the enterprise.Under the above background, constant current hydraulic mass supply, a relatively smooth implementation of the popularization and application.High-end hydraulic parts for more than two enterprise in promoting independent development, Cai Weici said that although the technology in which there is no direct link, but it has enormous influence on the success or failure of the implementation of a high-end components.He points out that the three very important: one, the initial breakthrough how to choose is very important.A matching production hydraulic parts or components of enterprises to choose initial breakthrough to high-end products and considering the risk.Manufacture process of unit 1, from easy to difficult, escalate, expand innovation.Second, a high-end components must adhere to take the path of specialization.If you really want to become influential suppliers, this field must be avoided in competition with the customer, otherwise one host enterprises difficult to pin, it is difficult to gain trust in such an atmosphere.Three, only basic enterprise and form a complete set of win-win, high-end technology a democracy to go faster, collaborative innovation.(compared to the original title: Cai Weici: intelligent manufacturing industrial base heat cold) (source: advanced manufacturing)

Had crossed 2017, leap forward 2018

Blinked 2017 insensibly with respect to such past. The life travels like, what you experience, the most beautiful scenery, if time leaks like sand, as time every little bit elapse, time also witnessed the impress that we grow. Because get together with ultrasonic limited company, let us “ of predestined relationship photograph gets together ” is together, “ and ” harmonious get along. Went with respect to such ground 2017, the dribs and drabs that the ” in this year gets together and “ and we experience, edit a paragraph of good reminiscence. Get together and hold water in Fosan from 2005, 2006, introduce high-pressured gush to drench clean, industry makes the technology of form a complete set such as drying of pure water, sirocco, preliminary building “ industry is cleaned, system of product of stoving ” core, in order to satisfy client requirement; 2007, finish pensile chain spray successfully to handle a line first (contain form a complete set to clean, equipment of furnace of combustion of grain of biology of spray paint, environmental protection) , save client spray cost greatly, energy-saving and efficient; 2008, gush of combinative ultrasonic, high pressure drenchs clean craft, successful development washs a bowl to sterilize stoving series product, improve tableware cleanness efficiency greatly; In July 2010, ” of former “ official and limited company of automatic and ultrasonic equipment is finished change make, more the name gets together for area of Nanhai of “ Fosan city and ” of ultrasonic equipment limited company, gain competence of ” of “ average taxpayer; In July 2011, get together and open A Licheng to believe the shop that connect flourishing, pass Alishi ground attestation, open line hands in easy mode, become A Licheng to believe an industry 2012, get together to extend countrywide each district from Guangdong with the market, open agency in and other places of Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Suzhou in succession, provide the after service before quicker carry out for local client. “ gets together and ” ceaselessly new product of research and development, improve the quality of the product and technology ceaselessly, extend countrywide each district, go to Shanghai in succession, beijing, xiamen, su Zhou and other places opens agency, convenient and quick the after service before offerring carry out for the client. Got together 2014 and the card is full automatic equipment of drying of the disinfection that wash a bowl feeds annulus arrange to examine through Hong Kong standard, obtain Hong Kong market to approbate. “ gets together and ” this all the way go to today, rely on the work in the same placing that laborious makes with one’s shoulder to collar to pay completely. Hope we got full results in this year in the past. Let us be faced hand in hand 2018. We had been crossed 2017, leap forward 2018. The life needs to continue, dreamy need is forward, 2018 need fight is farther, hold stronger force advancement high. 2018 let our “ get together to advance together with ” ! Cheer 2018! Cheer “ gets together and ” ! Label: Get together to state with ultrasonic ultrasonic equipment: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! [return list | Join collect | Print this page] annual solicits contributinos / information cooperates: