5.18 fair opening of langfang Beijing-tianjin-hebei industry collaboration to depth of fusion

On May 19, in 5 & middot;18 fair international cooperation capacity ZhanZhu pavilion, a visitor in langfang carved CNC machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., research and development of new products.Carved technology co., LTD. The company is Beijing in langfang in the construction of a wholly owned subsidiary, main products carved CNC engraving machine with 31 national patents and eight counts of software copyright, widely used in mobile phone accessories processing, precision mold products more than 20 industries, such as fine processing and characteristics.Beijing-tianjin-hebei

conference on artificial intelligence and robotics industry high-end released, jingjinji tourist cooperation projects and tourism promotion seminar & hellip;& hellip;In 2017 China & middot;Langfang international economic and trade fair (hereinafter referred to as 5 & middot; 18 symposium), between the beijing-tianjin-hebei industry become one of the key projects and docking activities.
industry docking content escalating, industry docking mode continuous innovation & ndash;& ndash;In 5 & middot;18 fair process, journalists feel, beijing-tianjin-hebei industry collaboration is heading for depth of fusion.
industry docking content escalating & other;Advanced & throughout;Project lead, & other;Beijing throughout development, hebei manufacturing &;
& other trend is more and more obvious;In zhangjiakou construction hydrogen fuel cell engine production base, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, the first phase of the project with an annual output of 2000 units of hydrogen fuel cell engine, the second phase of the annual output of 10000 units.Throughout the &;This is Beijing billion huatong technology company with qiaodong district government zhangjiakou in the 5 & middot;The main content of the cooperation projects signed 18 symposium.Beijing
huatong technology company, is currently the only company in our country the fuel cell engine system integrators, began operating in Beijing in 2006 the first hydrogen filling station.Company with r&d base in Beijing, and involved in all of China’s development of fuel cell bus to work.
& other;Production base in zhangjiakou construction, can effectively integrate the hydrogen fuel cell power system, vehicle manufacturing and social operating vehicles such as hydrogen production chain of each link, the zhangjiakou city into a national hydrogen.Throughout the &;The relevant person in charge of Beijing billion huatong technology company said.
in 5 & middot;18 symposium, process engineering research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and hengshui city high-tech zone signed the cooperation agreement.According to the agreement, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of process engineering will invest 9.8 billion yuan in new energy and new materials of the Chinese academy of hengshui city high-tech industrial vanadium titanium all projects, including construction of vanadium battery equipment laboratory, pilot platform and standard production workshop and so on.Project construction period is three years, completed the year after sales will reach 10 billion yuan.Whether
huatong in zhangjiakou manufacturing hydrogen fuel cell engine, or process engineering research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and hengshui city high-tech zone of cooperation, they convey the message: jing ji industrial docking content stride towards & other;Advanced & throughout;, & other;Beijing throughout development, hebei manufacturing &;The trend is more and more obvious.
in this symposium, Beijing and the development of science and technology co., LTD. Invested 2.5 billion yuan to build big data perception experience center and application project, Beijing donghua software companies to invest 2 billion yuan to build cloud platform system and cloud data research application project & hellip;& hellip;A series of & other;Or moving cloud wisdom & throughout;In the field of project in hebei, & other;Advanced & throughout;Projects are singing beijing-tianjin-hebei industry collaboration in the role of drama.During the
participants, ao, bo (Beijing) intelligent technology co., LTD., general manager of Laos, said compared with the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the traditional areas of manufacturing and supporting industry in hebei province also has a certain gap, but the artificial intelligence, such as large data industry chain is shorter, the industrial supporting requirements is not very high, and the Beijing and tianjin has very good talent and technology advantages.Hebei province should seize the opportunity, take the initiative to undertake industry transfer, will be promising.
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Tianrui seiko new gantry polyhedral machining center charm is infinite

Ningbo tianrui seiko machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of high quality CNC machine tool equipment sino-foreign joint ventures, since was established has always been committed to the vertical machining center, gantry machining center, gantry high-speed machine, vertical high-speed machine, five axis machining center CNC products such as research and development, the Asian manufacturing technology with the German technology perfect fusion.
& have spentNow, facing the new requirements of the machine tool market, tianrui seiko timely adjust management strategy, give full play to their own advantages, the enterprise positioning, make out high speed, high intelligence, high precision, high efficiency, high quality products.Gantry VM5230 polyhedral machining center, as a new product of tianrui seiko, with how to charm?
& have spent

gantry polyhedral machining center VM5230 & have spentGantry VM5230 polyhedral machining center features:
& have spent1, VM5230 configuration swing head can realize arbitrary Angle space plane and hole processing.The most suitable for processing and cars and all kinds of mold, complex shape, a great work of strong cutting until the whole process of high precision finishing.
& have spent

gantry polyhedral machining center VM5230 & have spent2, the X axis four rail cross slide block layout, strengthen the workbench bearing, screw special support to ensure no trailer.
& have spent

gantry polyhedral machining center VM5230 & have spent3, beams using the most reasonable reinforcement with combination of the m word muscle, has excellent bending torsional properties;Y 3 roller thread rail, eight lengthen slider, layout is reasonable.
& have spent

gantry polyhedral machining center VM5230 & have spent4, 1300 or 1500, Z axis stroke 4 roller thread track configuration, 12 slider, symmetrical layout, reasonable force.
& have spent5, automatic switching head warehouse AHC, adopt servo motor and high precision track positioning, independent, do not take up processing space.
& have spent

gantry polyhedral machining center VM5230 & have spent6, the main shaft adopts straight league structure, high speed, small vibration, torque force is big.Compact structure suitable for deep cavity machining parts.
& have spent

gantry polyhedral machining center VM5230 & have spent7, with Hyde han high-end controller, color LCD screen, can adjust load, convenient manipulation.
& have spent8, electric control box and weak electricity separate configuration, eliminate interference, increase reliability and trouble-free working time.
& have spent(the original title: tianrui kraft lots VM5230A unveiled) (source: tianrui seiko)

Love better to launch machine tools with high precision measurement

Nc machine tool as a kind of precision processing equipment, has been more and more widely applied in the field of precision machining.In order to ensure that the numerical control machine tool has the very high machining accuracy, on the machine is equipped with appropriate displacement measuring device is necessary.As & other;Gusu talents & throughout;, graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences, associate professor of electrical engineering, southeast university post-doctoral, lead ChuJianHua entrepreneurial team, through five years of technology, and developed the & other;Active ball grating displacement sensor measurement & throughout;.Reporter in love good company met this kind of measuring instrument, the equipment is mainly composed of a metal ball from the land scale measurement and a signal equipment, ChuJianHua introduction, this & otherThe ball grid scale & throughout;Whole sealing structure is adopted to IP67 protection grade standard, its measurement precision is not affected by oil, water, iron and other common pollutants affect workshop, ruler of the warranty period can be up to 10 years.& other;General measurement sensor is not hard to do, I study hard, difficult in big mechanical implementation of advanced measurement.Throughout the &;ChuJianHua explanation: & other;An open large nc machine tools, electromagnetic interference is very big, and there are oil, in such bad environment, still can ensure the measuring accuracy of 1 micron, this is very not easy.Throughout the &;
& have spent

& have spent

for a long time, on the precision machine tool configuration is a set of three coordinate displacement measuring device, mainly imported from abroad.According to introducing, the measuring instrument accuracy of similar foreign is 5 microns, a group of more than ten meters long three coordinates measuring instrument for about 7 to 80000 yuan, and love not only higher precision of products, the price is only half of the same products abroad.ChuJianHua revealed that China’s existing stock of 8 million sets of machine tools need to be modified, in addition, an annual increase of precision cutting machine more than 70 sets.He chuckles & other;Each machine needs to be equipped with precision measuring instruments, this is a & lsquo;Blue ocean market & rsquo;Every year, there will be billions of market demand.Throughout the &;
& have spentBecause see the demand in the industry, ChuJianHua lead the team to focus on automation measurement field, during the period of product performance testing, he often spends one night, in the machine tool workshop a continuous test.& other;The traditional grating measurement with the defect of instability, mainly by the environment, such as dust pollution, we solved this problem by electromagnetic principle, guarantee under the condition of the processing environment is very bad, the instrument can work normally.Throughout the &;
& have spentIn 2017, love good company won the jiangsu province private scientific and technological enterprise qualification.Product original ball grid structure, the active methods, key technology such as segmentation processing, weak signal processing is applied for two PCT patent, products comprehensive performance reached the international first-class level.It is understood that in addition to & other;The ball grid scale & throughout;, ChuJianHua r&d team to develop the space level precision Angle measuring equipment, has been successfully used in aeronautics and astronautics.The angular resolution can reach 0.1 & Prime;(seconds), measurement accuracy can reach & plusmn;0.2 & Prime;, the environment temperature range in – 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃, also can work normally under the strong shock.At present, the project has been successfully used in small satellite engineering center in Shanghai, and signed a contract in China academy of space technology.
& have spentChuJianHua said, love good company in the future will focus on the field, solve the market problem, in intelligent manufacturing precision core sensing components continue to research and development, contribute to further reduce the manufacturing cost in the industry.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: love beautiful launch machine tools with high precision measuring device) network) under the (source:

Advanced equipment in the 17th session of zhongshan machinery exhibition

June 18, the 17th zhongshan machinery exhibition in zhongshan expo center closing.The machinery exhibition for three days, the exhibition area of 16000 square meters, gathered nearly 400 excellent enterprises, focus on display at home and abroad advanced metal processing machinery, laser equipment, high precision machine tool, the five axis nc machine and other advanced equipment.

advanced equipments in the 17th session of zhongshan machinery exhibition organizers, the most striking feature of this exhibition is there are so many enterprises to participate in the robot.At the scene, many viewers and Japan FANUC robotics, wide number of robot, walking on the Japanese jin and other famous enterprises of all robots in close contact, the scene to understand the abundant auspicious, nock, han high-tech enterprises such as the latest laser technology.
in addition, many enterprises still in the show the main personalized intelligent manufacturing.Such as, deliver unmanned packaging assembly line, Jin Hongda garden of automated assembly lines, elegant packaging automation assembly line, automatic bada castor production line, etc., at the conference were simulated unmanned factory is deduced.
& other;This exhibition will promote the development of zhongshan advanced equipment manufacturing industry, promote zhongshan industrial upgrading.Throughout the &;Guangdong and exhibition co., LTD. The chairman’s introduction, zhongshan machinery exhibition after the 16th, is one of the most influential equipment manufacturing exhibition in the pearl river in the west bank.During this exhibition, the organizers also invited qingyuan, hakka, henan chamber of commerce chamber of commerce chamber of commerce and so on more than 50 batch association to visit.
(the original title: nearly 400 companies with advanced equipment To compete) (source: southern daily)

Yong lee technology: gorgeous appearance BEW2017 popular high precision products

In June, the rainy season.The round-the-clock rain brought inconvenience for people to travel, but did not stop the development of machine tool enterprises in full enthusiasm.On June 27, 2017, the 22nd Beijing & middot;Essen welding and cutting “fair (hereinafter referred to as & other BEW”)Grand opening in Shanghai new international expo center.As a professional committed to the r&d and production of precision gear rack with servo reducer enterprise, yong lee technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other yong lee throughout technology &;)With its exquisite appearance BEW2017, with its excellent quality products and excellent service attitude, spoke highly of by many visitors, for BEW2017 added a beautiful beautiful scenery line.

we have learned, Beijing & middot;Essen welding and cutting “fair” by Chinese mechanical engineering society, Chinese mechanical engineering society welding branch, China welding association, China association of welding welding equipment branch, German welding society), messe Essen GMBH, is one of the world’s two major professional welding exhibition.Exhibitions at home and abroad every year to attract tens of thousands of dealers, agents in welding industry, research institutions, government departments, management and purchasing department and other professionals to visit.BEW2017 invited government departments, experts and scholars, the manufacturer hold the new product technology lectures, and seminars BBS of welding and welding technology, for the industry to provide comprehensive integrated communication platform!
tyc booth marked
yong lee science and technology is located in China’s reform and opening to the outside atmosphere leading city & ndash;& ndash;Shenzhen baoan district, excellent geographical environment as yong lee provides the development of science and technology power.In 1983, set up factories in Taiwan taichung yong lee science and technology, the company was formally established in 2006, and had become the world’s professional precision servo reducer gear rack and suppliers.After more than 30 years of development, yong lee at the same time absorb the advantages of the same products abroad, ongoing technological innovation, on the basis of the existing development perfect, improve the quality of their products, and has now become China’s transmission components, one of the leading in the field of supply and service enterprises.
yong lee science and technology popularity in
before the exhibition, yong lee eye-catching booth before becoming popular science and technology, eye-catching logos and exquisite products for yong lee technology adds a lot of the scores in the impression of visitors, staff affectionately explanation makes many visitors linger.
tyc precision gear rack and rail
according to the staff, the display of the roller speed reducer, the tooth bearing power of the dispersion technology, can greatly improve the ability of impact load.Many well known, the traditional gear transmission structure will be caused by wear or gear interference torque transfer is not smooth, and roller speed reducer as mesh piece is made by the roller, with rolling in the whole system is basically a sliding, mechanical losses, so greatly improve gear transmission efficiency, largely improve the machining efficiency of users.The rv reducer
otherThe arduous struggle, innovation & throughout;, yong lee science and technology has always been firmly believe that, without the arduous struggle the spirit, can’t the splendid achievements of today,Without the courage to innovation, there is no better future enterprises.Yong lee technology in recent years, increasing product development efforts, efforts to improve enterprise product influence.Company in domestic comprehensive layout, with the years accumulated rich experience in production and sales, the yong lee technology formed a set of solutions, purchasing, processing, storage, sales, after-sales service as one of the comprehensively integrated access service enterprise, for China’s machinery manufacturing enterprises to provide advanced, efficient, flexible and complete solution,.
as countries & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;The implementation of the strategy, the development of China’s manufacturing industry vigorous.Yong lee technology tightly grasp the development opportunity, based on the original advanced processing technology, to produce a batch of advanced gear rack and related equipment.Company has always uphold the & other;The pursuit of excellence, pragmatic and innovative & throughout;The management idea, from set out actually, growing strength.The attend BEW2017, yong lee technology with the practical action prove the power of enterprise and product quality.In the future, yong lee technology will continue to pursue & other;Innovation & throughout;The attitude of & to otherMade in China & throughout;To the world contribute their strength.
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