British new edition 10 pound plastic bill is formal and current

? On September 14, british new edition 10 pound are plastic money general is formal and current, imprinting on this piece of money the picture when the Si Ting of authoress Jian Ao of 19 centuries is young, she also is stepdaughter after Wang Zhi, the 2nd is imprinted to go up the British female of money.

A netizen speaks say, after the decision takes off Europe, money of this piece of 10 pound is worth 9 pound only nowadays. And the times in Jianaosiding, 10 pound are equivalent to today’s 1000 pound.

Qilushi changes characteristic produce and sale of plastic and special feed two flourishing

Qilushi changes plastic plant to grip current home plastic market the favorable opportunity with special feed exuberant demand, make full use of product advantage, the high additional cost that develops Gao Kuo of manufacturing technology content to sell suit one energetically is special material new product, end this year 1-8 month, the special feed new product such as makings of material of luxuriant metal canal, rotational moulding, cable makings produces more than tons more than 20, at present each production unit is in full load to produce condition from beginning to end, appear gave produce and sale the good exert head of two flourishing.

Refine of the North sea changes Bao Bi to fix plastic new product throw on the market

In August, refine of the North sea changes new product thin wall to note plastic all polypropylene PPH-MN60 yields smoothly sale, client use feedback is good.

All polypropylene PPH-MN60 fixes model product for thin wall of tall melt index, basically use at transparent food to pack a box to reach last a production. Guangxi area expanded economy energetically 2017, capital attraction attracts client of partial other place to build a plant, bao Bi notes prospect of model product market auspicious.

Refine of the North sea is changed turning idea, brave takes on, in achieving benefit seminar, firmly holds every tons of oily refine to arrive want acme this one key is nodded, aim market demand, hold plan of planning production of favorable turning point, adjust product structure and sale plan, produce Bao Bi successfully to note plastic 359 tons achieve total sale.

This company salesperson is insatiable, coordinate actively change annul be stationed in a factory to do the basis that becomes data of good sale system to safeguard, increase visit strength, thorough client factory undertakes recommending, gather an opinion. Excel of diaphaneity of client feedback product is congener product, after increasing use amount of purpose, make producer proposal immediately, september, this company plans to rise all polypropylene PPH-MN60 crop comes kiloton, predict many yuan 30 to raise sales revenue.

Reduce the time that change a knife considerably: The HSK outfit that is used at lathe and milling machine places a technology

Before long in the future the HSK technology of lathe will brand-new standardization. At present complete HSK outfit placed technical program to had formed detailed standard standard. HSK should be attributed to it to be spent in tall affection as cutting tool interface with tall tigidity rotate the complete success on cutting tool. At the same time this kind of interface is standardization, it and manufacturing business and industry have nothing to do. But so far interface of HSK cutting tool is in of stationary cutting tool introduce applied respect to return existence problem. The reason is to rotating for cutting tool, knife handle on the groove that goes up and tool carrier raised the public errand between does not have very big impact, it is so in the standard this public errand by set opposite bigger. However to securing cutting tool, the public errand of this raised device is having a very crucial conclusive effect however. If common difference is too big, its are met as a result different causes cutting height and cutting position special not accurate. The Che Xi of the lathe HSK-T standard in the future and Japan is compound treatment interface committee (ICTM) standard restricts public errand of this raised device the smallest, make need not want new change a knife to become a possibility quickly. The time that change a knife reduces HSK technology significantly rotating the application of the respect brought significant advantage. It is HSK technology makes the time that change a knife shortens apparently above all. So far, standard system changes a knife mediumly to need the 10 time that arrive 15 minutes about previously, and knife time is changed in providing the system from HSK interface by cut to be less than 30 seconds. Additionally the tall accuracy of HSK interface can allow the cutting tool with good presetting to apply directly, and do not need to undertake on the machine tool check perhaps is being amended sampling.

The knife clip that the plan differs 4 kinds 1 comprised Mapal company HSK to assemble the main element that places technical order

Graph the clamping force of 2 parts new clamping apparatus is double what provide a value in HSK-T standard

The is located in Aalen Mapal company that regards first production as one of business already research and development apply to one kind belt rotate the complete HSK outfit of the lathe of device and milling machine places technical order. This kind of technology had considered the HSK-T level in the future, and the very tall clamping force that can achieve place to need. If the graph shows 4 kinds of different knives 1 times,clip is the main element that this kind of new outfit places a technology, these component can be in the machine tool undertakes installing on the tool carrier that answers when the photograph to it. These 4 kinds of component although appearance version each are not identical, but they have a big axial channel. Pass the tool carrier of this kind of type and cutting tool, can optimize the method of cooling lubricating fluid on one hand, on the other hand the component of a few add functions also can be introduced. For instance this makes in the whirl that contains manual jig the installation on device has dynamic cutting tool to become a possibility, this clamping apparatus has huge clamping force. Sometimes this clamping force is the indispensible clamping force that sets in HSK-T standard even double (if pursue,2 show) . The treatment of top demand on precision and the treatment that begin from the aperture of the smallest diameter need to eliminate raised device common difference completely. To introduce this kind of treatment, mapal company offerred to be able to ensure rotate the system of the exact position of cutting, offers another option, protect this system and cutting tool security compositive together. When HSK tool carrier does not have clamp, cutting tool won’t slide from tool carrier in the machine tool. Reduce accident risk. Cutting tool got protective. The detailed introduction that HSK installs the detailed process that places a technology to introduce new Mapal tool carrier is as follows:

    A solid pincers offers flange of installation of front clamping apparatus strong link and huge stiffness. Clamping force is the formulary value in standard of an invariable far outclass. Changing a knife is to pass to be able to circle an axis to rotate more than 65 degrees installation bracket comes to those who finish help. What this appearance construction that installs bracket designs is very short. The stiffness with tall flange of installation of raised clamping apparatus and strong link pass a solid pincers portion in order to come true. Double what the clamping force of this clamping apparatus is achieved and the value provides in the standard more than. Changing a knife is to pass to be able to circle an axis to rotate the more than 50 degrees help that installs spanner will come true. Its appearance construction is long and thin form. Flange of installation of automatic clamping apparatus has this only under 50 cling to the clamping apparatus of hydraulic pressure force also can realize the regulation in prep above standard to be worth the clamping force of double. A small hydraulic pressure air cylinder is changed to receive installation to be at the back of HSK, need to change a knife through pressing a pushbutton to be able to be finished easily only. It is very compact that its construction is designed. Axial clamping apparatus installs this tool carrier that flange introduces and axial parallel. Changing a knife is to pass a turnbuckle from rear come true to the whirl of axial. The regulation that standard of clamping force far outclass is worth is worth, torque is very small however. Because contain the tool carrier of axial clamping apparatus,only the clamping apparatus of axial moves. So its wear away very small, and affection is spent quite tall.

Development of machine of iron town essence of life goes the CNC that can have heavy cut to large requirements workpiece on the west automatic lathe

  Machine of Xi Tiecheng essence will appear on the market on April 25, 2008 small-sized CNC automatic lathe ” Cincom ” the new product of series ” A32-VII ” . This type is improving automatic lathe of shift of main shaft workbench CNC ” A20 ” the mechanical construction of series, raise tigidity while, the biggest treatment the diameter increased 32mm. Type has standard type and without guide-post bushing model, respectively stock is right reach machine of left main shaft.

To raise tigidity, improved the configuration of linear slideway, dropped pitching moment negative charge. Lathe bed uses construction of the costal region in be in charge of construction to reach, trace of the cut when so heavy cut is machined is very even also. Raising openly the reverse side while main shaft is rigid, the torsion for high practical area, increase main shaft wall thick, adopted the construction of the puissant main shaft that prop up.

Through raising mechanical tigidity, satisfied deep-felt feed of deep, high speed and main shaft high speed rotate wait for cutting condition. The respect of fast feed career of each axis, x1 axis is 32m/ cent, other axis is 45m/ cent. The rotate speed coming back of main shaft spends a respect, openly the reverse side all is 200 ~ 8000rpm. Cutting tool installs number to be 23. Additional, because new lathe used the circumstance that moves in stone’s throw to fall also can the design that high speed works, still shortened so handling time.