Made in China after 30 years of rapid development, has already finished & other;Quantity accumulation stages throughout &;, to the enterprise comprehensive transformation and upgrading as the core task & otherThroughout stage & improving;.As a new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing industry, the depth of the fusion of traditional manufacturing sparked a new round of industry represented by intelligent manufacturing changes.& other;新一轮的产业变革席卷全球,智能制造是新一轮产业变革的核心方向,目前国内很多传统制造业在转型升级中,已将智能制造列为重点转型的领域,持续为传统制造业创新发展创造新机遇。这也是一种顺势而为的具体表现。Throughout the &;On June 21, state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council, deputy director of the institute of economics, economic management institute of mechanical industry industry, associate researcher Lv Hanyang said in an interview with reporters.The national power intelligent manufacturing according to reporter understanding, development of intelligent manufacturing has become a traditional manufacturing efficiency, the main way to reduce the enterprise cost.At present, in the process of transformation of traditional manufacturing industry development, many areas of the real economy is promoting the industry layout of intelligent manufacturing, such as working in tianjin, hebei construction of the Beijing modern caofeidian industry demonstration zone, Beijing cangzhou & middot;渤海新区生物医药园、北京张北云计算产业基地等。Recently, the reporter understands from Beijing via letter committee, the Beijing through letters in a recently launched & otherSmart throughout 100 &;Engineering, announced that will demonstrate the application of Beijing enterprise key process equipment numerical control rate increased to 75%, cultivating 10 or so annual income exceeds 1 billion yuan of intelligent manufacturing system solutions provider, dropped sharply in personnel recruitment, plant covers an area of large cities and resource consumption under the precondition of governance.According to the ministry committee of tianjin, a staff member introduces to the reporter, tianjin ministry committee is based on “about further speed up the construction of the national research and development of advanced manufacturing base of the implementation opinions”, making 40 industrial action plan.Will focus on developing new energy vehicles, power battery, aviation, aerospace and other industries, and predicts 2020, tianjin will establish the national basic research and development of advanced manufacturing base, the industrial added value reached 1 trillion yuan of above, the proportion of advanced manufacturing has reached more than 70%.Released by the end of last year, according to reporter understanding, the transformation and upgrading of industry in hebei province & other much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; plan also clearly put forward, and otherMuch starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;期间,河北省工业转型将“Cultivating growing strategic emerging industries & throughout;,加快发展先进装备制造、新一代信息技术、生物医药等七大战略性新兴产业,形成一批新型工业化产业示范基地,打造工业增长动力强劲的新引擎。, baoding high-tech zone investment services minister Sun Jing said, under the good opportunity for the development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei synergy, baoding is in the design of intelligent manufacturing industrial park planning, will focus on the introduction of the German front in the intelligent manufacturing industry, promote technology, talents fall to the ground, in the smart grid, smart security, new energy vehicles, as well as in areas such as smart + connected to build a world-class professional industrial park.Meanwhile, suzhou high speed rail new town is big full build data industry development new heights.位于高铁新城南部片区的苏州高铁新城大数据产业园,于2016年12月3日入选“Suzhou city ten greatly throughout data characteristic industrial park &;.目前,产业园已入驻中兴网信、同济金融科技、紫光数码等近50家大数据企业。In addition, in the traditional manufacturing industry represented by the constant day group co., LTD. China has been done in the field of new energy vehicles layout.The company’s chairman, party secretary zhang jie in Chinese enterprises newspaper reporter interview, in March this year, China’s constant day group co., LTD. And China walter m new energy automotive industry innovation alliance in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides agreed to establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership, common research and development and promotion of new energy vehicles.There is still a long way to go before China’s economy into the structure transition, due to economic growth is the formation of new and old power gradually weakened.Anshan city in liaoning province by the commissioner of the investment committee and planning Hou Xikai in an interview that China has completed a preliminary modernization, industrialization and unable to maintain high-speed economic growth, the original depends on system of high growth have to adjust, transformation and upgrading.Hou Xikai pointed out that the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry is the enterprise reform, great transition is a revolution of Chinese manufacturing.Lv Hanyang also think about it, China’s industrialization process is far from over, the development momentum of intelligent manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing reality demand remains strong, after nearly two years to the low production capacity, intelligent manufacture will have broad prospects for development.At the same time, Lv Hanyang that & other;如何推进智能制造领域在传统制造业创新发展,是一项复杂的系统工程,也是一个长期的发展任务,还有相当长的一段路程要走。Throughout the &;& other;目前我们正在加强实施智能制造产业的政策设计和路径研究。Throughout the &;工业和信息化部产业政策司产业组织处副处长徐雪峰在接受记者采访时介绍,对于符合转型定位,适合在智能制造领域发展的高精尖产业实施数字化、网络化、智能化改造,对于还能够在传统工业发展的制造企业,全部要进行一轮智能化和绿色化的改造,要将其升级成为全球智能制造领域的领先企业。  多年从事传统制造行业的张杰认为,工业制造并不仅仅是指高端行业,也包含一些不那么高大上的传统行业的改造升级,例如服装业的制造升级,从按需求生产订单到最后生产出产品,全部都可以通过信息化的方式进行管理。& other;让信息技术去帮助传统的制造业,让传统企业也进入到工业‘4.5时代’Throughout the &;.  此外,一些中小型民营企业家也呼吁政府要充分利用产业创新资源,围绕智能制造技术标准、平台建设、模式推广向中小型企业倾斜,共同引领智能制造的发展。  河南省林州风江龙腾机械装备有限公司总经理王东风在接受记者采访时提出了自己的建议,国家应采取有力措施,加快完善协同制造的网络支撑平台,建设统一标准的工业互联网和工业云平台,吸引传统制造业企业参与工业大数据创新中心的建设,推广端到端的大数据创新应用成果。(原标题:中国制造业大转型:智能制造浪潮汹涌) (来源:中国企业报)