2017EMO exhibits: The machine tool is compound change concentration to erupt

This second EMO is exhibited on the meeting, the machine tool enterprise that be Europe no matter still is an Asia was rolled out at the same time a lot of compound model machine tool, not only the result that can achieve Che Xi, and all design very compact, and automation group line is very convenient.

2017EMO exhibits: The machine tool is compound change concentration to erupt

Use treatment of compound machine tool, can shorten greatly the manufacturing cycle of workpiece and raise workpiece to machine precision. To improve productivity, numerical control is compound develop and create the climate of a kind of development that already turned numerical control into the machine tool what machine a machine tool, the development of compound processing technique will bring revolutionary great change to the production henceforth, organization of the manufacturing mode of the factory, production, production administration will produce change, era is coming when an adumbrative complete treatment, process work finished product directly from semifinished product on a machine tool namely, send assemble, general assembly undertakes constructional, implementation was not in goods, produce without the profit of semi-manufactured goods, real essence of life that does not have warehouse for finished product.

This to everybody introduction next EMO exhibits a few on the meeting machine tools that have a characteristic very much.

1. German CSM company

Product name: Machine tool of standardization module automation (lathe of parallel double main shaft, pour vertical turning center)

1, stand-alone automation form

Stand-alone automation form

2, form of double machine automation

Form of double machine automation

3, form of much chance automation

Form of much chance automation

2. German INVEN company

Product: 3 labour automation of double main shaft machines equipment (makings of compositive automation fluctuation)

Product exterior

Lathe of INVEN company new generation already entered plant of Wolfe Si Bao, high production efficiency is money, if a machine is produced everyday,be as high as 12, 000 spare partses, so the time that needs a few seconds only is economic also need huge cost to save. Be in factory of Wolfe Si Bao, new generation lathe ensured in production process traditional Chinese clothes placed time to decrease 80% .


Exhibit from this EMO so can see, compound machine tool is the tide that technology of current world machine tool develops. Compound treatment is mixed in holding working procedure part eliminate (or decrease) in the total development trend that workpiece reinstalls fixed position, make more different treatment processes complex go up in a machine tool, achieve thereby reduce machine tool and clamping apparatus, discharge working procedure between carry and store, raise workpiece to machine precision, shorten the purpose that machines cycle and managing work area.

Exhibit meeting site

This can satisfy an user not only decreasing cover an area of an area, reduce a spare parts to convey with inventory, assure to machine the demand of the respect such as precision, and the energy-saving requirement decreasing a platoon that also got used to modern society. At present more and more complex parts use compound machine tool to undertake be machininged integratedly, compound machine tool makes the popular product that manufacturer of each country machine tool develops.

(Original title: The machine tool is compound change, this EMO exhibits the concentration on the meeting to erupt, this represents future! This represents future!!

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