“2018 machine tool manufacturing, CEO of international BBS” will be held on April 8th grand

The 10th China numerical control machine tool exhibition (CCMT2018) on April 9-13, 2018, held in Shanghai.The exhibition organizers & ndash;& ndash;China machine tool industry association is due to the exhibition the day before the opening, namely on April 8, (Sunday), held in Shanghai pudong jumeirah Himalayas hotel & other;Throughout 2018 machine tool manufacturing, CEO of international BBS &;.BBS theme & other;Focus & ndash;& ndash;Digital & bull;Internet & bull;Smart & throughout;.Global information interconnection leading the gradual deepening of a new round of industrial revolution, manufacturing industry is experiencing from the automation and digitalization manufacturing to the coordination and the evolution of intelligent manufacturing, bring the global machine tool industry a full range of profound changes, this theme is highly concise the attention of the machine tool industry for the future development direction and thinking.As show the window of the advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, CCMT2018 will lead to the forefront of the world’s leading manufacturers of digital technical information and product experience, fully display the advanced technology of digital manufacturing machine tool industry characteristics, and the depth of focus of interconnected trend in the latest sign of machine tool industry, profound participants experience the endless charm of intelligent technology and intelligent era is coming to us fast.BBS special invited the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries the relevant technology of the machine tool association director or senior experts and the domestic and overseas well-known industry enterprise CEO gave a speech, they will be smart manufacturing, digital and machine connected the content such as their point of view, and introduces the related research progress and practical results, and will review the related technology and the effective connection of 2025 made in China.At the appointed time, BBS will invite global machine tool industry more than 100 senior management personnel and technology executives, on behalf of the user field, some experts and scholars, media representatives to participate in BBS activities, etc.Sincerely invite your company chairman and general manager, host or executives involved in the BBS activities, to share the wisdom of the ceos.Hereby the invitation, looking forward to your official confirmation of the company.Limited places for the audience, the host will seat arranged by order confirmation receipt.(source: China’s machine tool industry association)