3 old thinking spend refine with respect to product strength 100 careless flavour are seleted ” year is at ease food “

Recently, the “2017 that starts at the beginning of November 2017 is at ease the brigade ” that food looks for rings down the curtain formally, in cover industry of grain oil, milk, beverage, wine kind, in the brand of the many food domain such as business of cable of recreational food, food, the 24 food company such as spring of Yi Li, farmer is seleted 2017 year to be at ease food company list. 3 old thinking spend refine with respect to product strength 100 careless flavour are seleted “ year to be at ease food”Upgrade as consumption, in just wanted food drink besides, recreational food becoming consumption of new spending crowd to occupy is more important than what promote considerably board piece. CBNData ” trend of spending of the snacks on Chinese line reported 2017 ” show, snacks is the biggest pillar of the food on Chinese line, 30% what take integral food consumption about, and still be in last high speed grows. The reporter arrives alertly, in the brand that is seleted this, 100 careless flavour are exclusive a whole class is recreational card of food report commodity. Cut the electric commodity card of “ snacks ” as, leave a line from the line, fell in new retail setting 2017 the linkage below the line on line of face about attempt, 100 careless flavour are how to make a product in old precipitation, refine with respect to character, finish its “ to let more people eat on be at ease of the ” mission of healthy food? Recently, 100 careless flavour combine Wang Jingyao of father, CMO to accept a reporter to interview, analytic they from soft hardware proceed with, next 3 trick are neat making be at ease ” of true classics of “ of strength of product of food, agglomeration. Hardware end sends force: Completion produces headquarters, ensure “ of   of product quality   this is the outside affirmation to us, we are very gratified. Answer the effort that sees the past one year, can be seleted this, we are not accident also ” . Allude to be seleted year this to be at ease food a list of names posted up, wang Jingyao of author of combination of 100 careless flavour, CMO is such respecting. 2017, it is person of whole consumption “ – goods – a year when field ” reframes, brands of pair of business of recreational food cable for 100 careless flavour, also be to beg a year when change. This year, 100 careless flavour begin the brand of business of recreational food cable that is good at playing content all along face about sends force, to product focusing. Be in early 2017 on annual meeting, wang Jiang of CEO of 100 careless flavour says, electric business company wants from now on the change of ” of “ discharge thinking before is ” of “ product thinking, this is 100 careless flavour 2017, decided tune to the development with old after this very. After that, pass a few months consider preparing, on August 16, 100 careless flavour face river completion headquarters to produce base in Hangzhou, devoted use. In open ceremonially, wang Jiang announced 100 careless flavour upgrade in the round automation establishment, be in completion is transparent this year factory, all-around convoy provision is safe. The data that according to 100 grass flavour provides shows, this headquarters base covers an area of 100 thousand square metre, it is “ content of production of the throughout the country’s at present biggest food research and development, storage sheds one of intelligent unifinication synthesis ” . This action by the automation level that supplies chain for 100 careless flavour is unscrambled to go up again inside course of study new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, force of research and development is able to rise further. The personage inside course of study is analysed, this also will be 100 careless flavour one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight targets provided a safeguard 2020. As we have learned, august 2017, base of headquarters of 100 careless flavour provided the of all kinds and automatic facility that pack on hardware equipment, manufacturing workshop still guided AGV system, realized raw material, finished product to deserve automatically to send. “ used the 3rd generation with banner industry this to pick money system, let us realize batch to deliver goods full automatic change, avoid effectively to choose goods to restrict the wrong rate of 0.3% artificially, promoted considerably deliver goods efficiency. ” Wang Jingyao says. And in make sure the product is produced while, 100 careless flavour still begin to supplying catenary to send force. Data shows, nut market is in snacks kind the portion in eye is resided all the time do not fall high, supply the pertinent question such as catenary to get attention fully all the time. Regard Internet cable business as the enterprise, of test is commodity is revealed not just, trade the software level such as system and sale shift, still its storage content sheds the discretion that waits for hardware ability. With platform for, bird of the dish in A and Beijing east content flows already energetically layout wisdom content flows: Jing Dongliang gives his unmanned sorting center, dish bird hold a memorial ceremony for goes out so-called and current the throughout the country’s biggest robot storehouse. To 100 careless flavour such businessman, supplied catenary problem to make a of prospective market balance principal weight used on a balance. After delay of price competition hasten, profit feeds back effect to highlight, the brand such as 100 careless flavour happens to coincide begin to supplying catenary and content to sort the hard work below the respect of good actual strength such as the service. Content of 100 careless flavour sheds central controller to tell a reporter, it is with the section shopping in 618 years exemple, inn of Dong Qi naval vessel tries Beijing of 100 careless flavour to receive Jing Dongcang in the round, put forward annual 24 hours to not have cease. “ the completion as headquarters base, whole supply catenary end, get through of development of 100 careless flavour the complete link that research and development, production, storage, content sorts inside, can saying is to was whole food industry to erect a new surveyor’s pole. ” sheds central controller to divulge according to afore-mentioned content, perfect and deploy of establishment as hardware, order of 100 careless flavour also obtained remarkable growth. Software carries convoy: Establish food academy, craftsmanship research and development and   of   of quality of the product that monitor 2016, support of 100 careless flavour holds fruit and Ren Renguo in the arms large sheet of two super IP tastes it may be said to applaud draw a large audience. And enter after 2017, recreational food industry transforms somewhat. As we have learned, whole 2017, deepen as what consumption upgrades, consumer begins to warm up to the mania of quality product. recreational snacks, data shows, mixture nutlet exceeds increase rate to amount to the nut large category of 100% with the increase rate of 300% , jump house the first, according to the personage inside course of study beforehand appraise, dimensions of daily nut market will exceed entire 2017 network 1.2 billion, daily nut makes recreational provision already another explode fund category. Face profit space, manufacturing company is contended for grab enter, according to media statistic, 20 many well-known trademarks are entered early or late bureau, thrust of market medium baking temperature gave daily nut. 100 careless flavour also chose to join, mixture nutlet was rolled out 90 days in September 2017 bright daily nut. Those who be worth to rejoice is, although 100 careless flavour enter the market in second half of the year, but on house of ” of successor of “ of it may be said: Its 90 day weak point are protected and design of innovation of “ lock bright ” overturn type innovates, broke nut product “ truly coessential change ” deadlock. Daily nut is in “90 day delicacy phase of research and development, we got with respect to clear sense this product follows before the distinction on the product, it is a mark with 90 days of bright daily nut, the product research and development of 100 careless flavour is in to more rational, more healthy, more the directional focusing that accords with consumer health demand, clear ” . Wang Jingyao tells a reporter, this advocate hit life rhythm fast, advocate healthy lifestyle, to the product of fast crowd of life character requirement, move toward the market very quickly, those who got customer approbate. Show according to publishing data, on 90 days of delicacy new hind, on day of day cat happy get-together, day cat whole trench sells a breakthrough 30 million, rank in recreational snacks the first. In interior of 100 careless flavour, 90 days of delicacy also are maintained to be to point to the product of strength of product of focusing of 100 careless flavour. And it is after 100 careless flavour establish food academy a month is rolled out. Introduce according to 100 careless flavour, in August 2017, 100 careless flavour establish food academy, include manufacturing base, center of research and development, examine the center, and many exterior Cooperation Agency, be dedicated to job of food research and development jointly. Apparent, after the academy holds water, aroused 100 careless flavour to be mixed from research and development directly taste the hair force that accuses to go up. As we have learned, give priority to with 90 days of bright daily nut, 100 careless flavour still gave out “ a few rounds to taste storm ” activity newly in after this, research and development rolled out Niu Za to suckle fruit of Fu, profusion dry, Xianggu mushroom is fragile wait for more than 10 to be tasted newly, won good feedback in the market. 100 careless flavour should make “ lie fallow into a whole class food brand, this has the capacity that satisfies requirement of more consumer more with respect to requirement brand, and in focusing product strength in 2017, 100 careless flavour concentrate power of research and development, whole increased newlier than going up 2016 2017 60% . “ Wang Jingyao says. Will tell to company of a food, smooth research and development is far insufficient still, how is food health just completely most the core, most important. Wang Jingyao says, for better reach “ to let more people eat on be at ease healthy food ” this one mission, 100 careless flavour and college reach collaboration, establish expert adviser group ceaselessly, aggrandizement is tasted control capacity. 100 grass of “ flavour can be selected year is at ease food brand, our a bit is not accident also ” . As 100 grass flavour tastes the chief that accuses a ministry, one face tells Wu Cheng calmly the reporter, go one year this, 100 careless flavour are asking with the standard of nearly severe exacting its whole production chain, eat to be at ease to reach —— of a mission to let more people healthy food. Wu Cheng tells a reporter, the center of research and development of 100 careless flavour has a variety of food of the entrance to machine equipment, can satisfy need of of all kinds research and development. Detect central criterion configuration has asepsis of 10 thousand class to detect a variety of advanced equipment such as the lab, can carry on many category, multinomial detect project. And control food export to father, 100 careless flavour are carried out in enterprise interior and manage system and exit aptitude attestation through safety of many food quality, still built establish clean to purify manufacturing workshop, pursue system of source control of food go against the river, fall the risk to can accuse. This year November, 100 careless flavour still regard nut as seed kind food represents a company, serve as first delegate to initiate with the enterprise such as spring of bright milk industry, farmer, signed together " answer “ 3 decrease health of “ of ” , support to choose ” " joint proposal. As 100 grass the ginseng of flavour meets a representing, gao Lixiao of food academy director remembers carrying that mission that the pen signs to feel up to now, eat the food that be at ease to assure to invite customer, 100 careless flavour arrive from oneself layer upon layer sieve checks the supplier guard a pass, “ is monitored in food safety on, the standard that a lot of dimension spend 100 careless flavour provision of prep above trade, after, we still can use higher standard him demand. ”Produce catenary conformity: Compose builds fluctuation to swim, ensure to back end from fountainhead character     November 2017, lin Chen is driven in double 11 eve returned Hangzhou. Before this, she already open the ” of global “ journey of a few months. This is a portion to Lin Chen another memory, this so called journey is the force that joins whole world of 100 careless flavour to seek the seek by inquiry that feeds capable person actually, after coming back, “ just discovers blackened circuit. ”For craftsmanship select material, assure to feed material mass, 100 careless flavour established “ technically to feed material to explore contingent ” , in the whole world many countries are mixed snacks of area look for, footmark spreads all over and other places of Vietnam, Australia, Turkey, south Africa, Chile, United States. In addition, 100 careless flavour still are in Xinjiang, all and, a few main country of origin of Chinese such as Yunnan, Taiwan built product zoology to cultivate base. In the job program of 100 careless flavour, they should ensure from fountainhead the product quality of every snacks. And all these results from they think conformity swims downward system, compose builds the great ambition that produces chain. Relevant data shows, dimensions of network shopping user is achieved 467 million, chinese net buys snacks trade dimensions 70 billion. The personage inside course of study thinks, the yield of Internet snacks can be not superfluous, but backward produce can superfluous, high quality, high value is produced can insufficient; Not be consumptive demand not flourishing, however the available supply of high quality, high administrative levels is insufficient. “ advances fluctuation to swim only the construction of interest community, ability offers the product that price of high quality, tall sex compares, make efficiency of whole industry movement taller and taller. Wang Jiang of CEO of 100 careless flavour tells ” the reporter, 100 careless flavour have dimensions to influence operation ability by right of what accumulate for years, in each supply product and service channel has unity matching. The navigate of snacks gigantic naval vessel in Internet of this deep ploughing person in the program, future, 100 careless flavour will be tasted from research and development accuse a technology to be tasted support, newly preferential carry on, increase supply scale, brand to build the latitude such as operation of support, whole trench to support supplier development, an each segment commodity and service value catenary are entire get through. This is 100 grass flavour becomes to suffer ” of company of food of whole world valued to wish for “ the thing —— form that scene place makes builds fluctuation to swim industry. And will tell to brand of a snacks, most of core still go up from fountainhead accuse to feed material quality and character. With the delicacy of day of new product “90 2017 ” daily nut is exemple, 100 careless flavour from global select material, 8 kinds feed material to come from the whole world 8 areas. 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