Abundant auspicious high-end laser CNC machine project turn ideas take time limit for a project

According to wan jiang online report, project construction period is two years, but in the construction process of wet weather, especially the last summer’s floods affected more engineering construction.Facing the & other project construction;Obstacles & throughout;High-end laser nc machine tool base, abundant auspicious positive change the project project owner construction ideas, clear dry and rainy days working smart and robbed the time limit for a project, and catch the schedule, the first phase of the project is expected to completed six months in advance.On April 6, the sky floating the light rain falling, but in looking area new town new material industrial park of abundant auspicious high-end laser nc machine tool base construction site was a busy: 2 research building site, the workers are binding reinforcing cage;No. 6, no. 7 plant site, the workers are set up gantry & hellip;& hellip;& other;Since spring, rain continuously, the serious influence the construction of the project.Throughout the &;Project investor director Shi Xianlin tells a reporter, they actively communicate with contractor, take the fine comprehensive construction, to indoor construction on a rainy day, not only delay the construction period, and the first phase of the project is expected to completed six months ahead of schedule, & other;At present, in addition to plant has been put into production of 4, 3, 5, 6, 7 can be completed in July this year.Throughout the &;Abundant auspicious laser high-end CNC machine project is bo hope area first via investment introduction to exceed 1 billion yuan project, is also the first through the merger and reorganization of the transformation and upgrading project, DaiDongXing, lead.Sign for the project at the beginning of 2016, bo district implements nanny service for the project, almost non-stop for the project to be prepared for of demolition, land expropriation, etc.According to the plan, the project is divided into three period construction, one of the phase of the project plan period of two years, completed by the end of 2017.Project formally started after the rainy day, a flood last summer but also will become part of the construction site.In the face of such situation, the enterprise to change strategy, from the construction of the main plant construction to the whole factory of compaction field leveling and foundation settlement, clever use of rainwater natural subsidence at the same time, in the rainy season, not only no down time limit for a project, also improves the quality of compaction field leveling and foundation settlement.After the flood, the enterprise dedicated to the factory building construction.4 laser machine tool factory is a construction workshop, high-end laser nc machine tools is abundant auspicious base project of one of the main project.Laser machine before the project construction has been developed, and the order.In the process of project construction, project owner to take the comprehensive construction, focusing on the 4th workshop way construction, on the premise of guarantee quality, work overtime time limit for a project.This year on March 10, no. 4 workshop was finally completed and put into production on schedule.On April 6, the reporter sees in plant 4, enterprise is the production assembly of a batch of laser machine tools.& other;This is a large domestic enterprises custom, the shipment, we spell speed and flooding in the rainy day, working, also to the market, to win credibility.Throughout the &;Shi Xianlin said.Completed and put into production as the no. 4 workshop, first phase project of no. 3, 5, 6, 7 building main body also has basically completed, in March of this year’s no. 2 construction earlier research building main body construction have also been capped.Shi Xianlin introduction, abundant auspicious high-end CNC machine project is the present domestic leading high-end laser laser intelligent CNC machine project, product market prospects look good, after the project put into production, will be provided at around one thousand jobs, can create tax tens of millions of dollars.& other;In the process of project construction, bo hope relevant departments at all levels and unit time keep in touch with our communication, as long as you always have a problem to solve in the first, rapid advance projects for us to provide the powerful guarantee.Throughout the &;Shi Xianlin regrets ground say.Interview, heard the most word is & other;Rob & throughout;, & otherCast & throughout;See, is busy workers.Although project start after met with continuous overcast and rainy, suffered a rare floods, but around to determine the time limit for a project, contractor and project owner on the premise of guarantee quality, to speed up the construction progress, to try to manage without delay the construction period, not only will complete the construction task ahead of time.At present, the unit of each carrier are solid in & other;In project construction & throughout;Activities, raised a hot wave of rounds of project construction, abundant auspicious high-end CNC machine tool base laser rapid advance of the project, also set a benchmark for other projects.Jung an online