Asia’s largest underground plants: high precision machine tools made in China machine tools abroad instant prices by 30%

19 report specifically pointed out that to deepen the reform, speed up the northeast China old industrial base in northeast.Indeed, compared with the developed coastal economic belt, the northeast economy, and revitalize, want rapid ascension is not an easy easy, 19 big report, xi greatly for economic revitalization in underdeveloped regions, also the prescriptions, pointed out the direction, the report pointed out that innovation is the first in the development of leading power, is the strategic support of construction of modern economic system.To aim at the world technological frontier, strengthen basic research and realize a prospective fundamental research, leading a major breakthrough in the original achievements.This is a new era, China’s economy improve quality, must to complete the task.Xi big requirements, specific deployment to shore up the economy, how to carry out the, how effective they are?14 MiJianCheng high-tech workshop is 25 square meters underground 30 football stadium in dalian, radiates sea north of penang, with & other;The window of the northeast & throughout;& other;Throughout the north pearl &;& other;Romantic & throughout;, is also a window, northeast China’s opening to the outside world and the largest port city;On June 23, 2014, in the fertile soil of the liaodong peninsula, a shape such as eyas plate is more and more attracted the attention of the world’s attention.It is the birth of new China tenth, northeast area the first state-level new city – Jin Pu new district.New district is located in the core dayaowan port area of dalian northeast Asia international shipping center, with more than 160 countries and regions of the world’s more than 300 port trade, with a total area of 2299 square kilometers, is the current national 19 national stacking area’s largest district in the new city.Three kilometers along the coastline of 431 kilometers to the north, in the sight of present underground is Asia’s largest production factory, this special factory 14 meters off the ground, covering an area of 15000 square meters.In front of the five-axis machine tools, machine is a equipment in military products precision on the turbine, the turbine on the surface of all surface must demand on washing machine, the error is within three over one thousand of a millimeter, which is a third of the diameter of a human hair, can produce such a level of product precision machine tools, in any country, are regarded as strategic materials.Dalian koyo technology group chairman de-hai yu: the most worthy of our relief, of these the key parts of the machine tool, for example, sensors is equivalent to the eye, the control system is equivalent to the human brain, so these key features are used more than ten years, the accumulation of technology produces its own, that is to say we now produce five-axis machine tools, its increase rate is the highest in the world.De-hai yu, nc machine tools, senior engineer, China began to research manufacturing CNC system in 2000.Dr Chen tiger hu, tsinghua university, China’s high-end CNC machine tool control integration technology, director of the national engineering laboratory.The team is to research and development in aviation, aerospace, Marine engineering and other key areas of high-end CNC machine tools.Through their efforts are changing China’s high-end CNC system cannot be made in their history.The workers are assembling acceptance a for military production of large-scale high-end CNC machine tools, machine tools used in the numerical control system developed by Chen tiger hu.The precision of the endless, is Chen tiger hu face challenges every day.Dalian koyo technology group chief engineer Chen tiger hu: the whole blade parts eventually to a few percent mm accuracy and precision manufacturing such parts as the equipment, its actual motion accuracy higher than this, usually want to millimeter less than one percent.For a long time, China more than ninety percent of high-end machine tool numerical control system loaded with foreign companies, foreign companies took 40% of the cost of the whole machine, machine tool manufacturing power only & other;Shell & throughout;.The core technology is highly dependent on foreign countries, more than 95% of high-grade CNC system adopts the imported system.In such a background, the de-hai yu’s team took root in Jin Pu new district, a stay is 17 years, in 2015, the China machine tool production of spell in Jin Pu new district is broken at last.After Chen tiger hu: we developed this machine, imported equipment dropped by more than 30%, so said China’s manufacturing to machine example is very typical, we must to high-end development, to participate in the international competition on higher.With the world advanced level, for a five axis nc machine tools, means to control two thousand times a second.And once the temperature change can cause change of 12 microns in length, with thousands of parts in machine tool, this must be the pursuit of the manufacturing of precision constant temperature and humidity environment.De-hai yu: because the heat bilges cold shrink, this is the law of nature, one meter long metal temperature change at one time, it will change 12 micron, so our production of machine tools, user require the positioning accuracy of each meter is within three to five & mu;The left and right sides.In the south of the free trade area, new district Jin Pu de-hai yu finally just days before the arrival of snow, cover up their new factories, Asia’s largest underground plants began to cap.The underground factory covers an area of 250000 square meters, equivalent to 30 standard football field.Plant canopy by 3300 pieces of 42 tonnes of concrete precast slab patchwork, after completion of the whole project conditions will all backfilling, the factory will 13 meters underground.In dalian Jin Pu new district, the high precision of constant temperature and humidity of Asia’s largest production workshop, every year will produce 4000 sets of high precision machine tools.Only by this, the meaning of the new city on China’s economic landscape, has been highlighted.De-hai yu: first is replace imported domestic aerospace field, and then replace imported in civilian areas, on the basis of replace imported put our cost-effective five-axis machine tools to the international market.From imitation and pursued, beyond, de-hai yu team are benefited from the growth of dalian Jin Pu district strong foundation of the modern industrial system, and Asia’s largest underground factory built, will mark the Jin Pu district of high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster formation.Wang qiang, director of the dalian Jin Pu new district management committee: once it is 25 square underground plant put into production, CNC machining center formed after mass production, the price of the entire numerical control processing center costs down, so can make our country a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises will be able to have the opportunity to conditionally, access to these advanced equipment.Form the production capacity will promote our country the whole, the equipment manufacturing industry level.Rooted in the northeast old industrial base of deep soil, through the adjustment of industrial structure upgrade, high mass transfer efficiency of intelligent manufacturing, radiating and driving the rapid growth of the economic dimension, and that is with dalian Jin Pu state new mission.YanYongJiang: deputy director of the dalian municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) establish dalian Jin Pu new district, can be in two ways, one is in dalian, its special status and role, this is one of them.Second is the country from the global and strategic perspective, the need of the northeast old industrial base in northeast.(source: machine tool magazine)