Ba Kemei country enables the star dynamic electron menu, battalion of low peak period of time receives promotion 30%

Meal industry is a development fast, the industry with intense competition, need is continuous with when all is entered, the satisfaction that combines new science and technology to promote a shopper is spent and have dinner experiences, what meal inn ability goes is farther. Among them the attracts a customer example that veneer of dynamic number dish is a model. What   is veneer of dish of 1   dynamic number what meaning is veneer of dish of dynamic number of curiosity of a lot of people? Veneer of dynamic number dish is with the number monitor replaces paper quality to presswork type dish veneer, its can use scroll screen to introduce constantly to the client at present all dish inside meal inn are tasted, update dish in time to taste, recommend the dish that suits oneself to taste for the client etc, avoided a client to browse the trouble that paper menu chooses. Veneer of 2   dynamic dish and photograph of menu of traditional paper quality distinguish     than what having 1. Paper edition menu must be printed bound come down to be watched for the client, and dish veneer can show trends to go up in big screen directly, and once have next food that wear or add newly,taste, need of paper board menu is being printed afresh bound. Dynamic menu is OK and direct backstage alters, saved the cost of a large number of manpower, material resources. 2. Compare paper bill of fare, dynamic dish veneer is more convenient, do not need a client to leaf through menu will choose favorite food, see big screen can choose dish to taste quickly directly, very convenient. Menu of 3   dynamic number has what profit to meal course of study‍Dynamic number menu can in time purify has made work empty dish tastes   to believe everybody has such experience, nod eat the accused to know into inn: Feel embarrassed, this dish has sold, can you change to fasten? Be sure horse of 1000 careless mud has run quickly in client heart right now. . . . . . Had dynamic number menu, the client can avoid this problem completely, because the staff member is met,already will make work in time empty dish tastes backstage purify, show new course tastes the dish that will replace carry out sky on big screen, reduce the client’s needless trouble, promote client satisfaction to spend thereby, and promotion buys intention, potential ground promotes a sale. In the meantime, compare paper bill of fare, once dish is tasted,have alter, must presswork afresh menu dish is tasted, the trouble does not say to still produce extra expenditure, and dynamic electron menu falls in the circumstance that does not have extra expenditure, can realize a hand to move, update automatically. Dynamic dish veneer can come true to be tasted newly, what privilege tastes is fast need of dish veneer client leafs through newer   papery to choose the course that wants to eat, if favourable dish is tasted, meal inn still needs to print paste to give the material information of favourable food, very troublesome. And digital dish veneer is much more convenient, OK and special conspicuous indication is on big screen, give out the assorted proposal of food and drink, heft, and the whole sort of favourable food, fast help client chooses the food that admire in the heart. Electronic trends menu can be a client to recommend food     according to weather variation 1. For instance Mcdonald’s try out uses voice menu screen, screen of this electron menu is OK according to different weather change comes self-correcting advocate hit adjustment course to taste. Mcdonald’s so because they discover through research,doing is, be fond of meets the dot sheet of consumer decide according to weather variation greatly, it is for instance when the weather is hot, some sheet are tasted more popular, when the weather is cold, another some of sheet is tasted sell weller. 2. Same, astral Buck also is to rely on to draw near big shop sign ability some today. As a result of the sale afternoon not beautiful, dunkin'Donuts, chili's and Starbucks plan to enhance the sale afternoon recently. On one hand according to digital menu, in afternoon tea eat paragraph, astral Buck advocate those who hit the position to put is not coffee, roll out sandwich to distribute the brief food of soup however; On the other hand, astral Buck also is to use dynamic bill of fare, according to weather situation, taste in dish on do a few trends to adjust, more recommends a few tea food that suit to issued midday weather that day paragraph dish is tasted, pull change sales volume, enhance the sale afternoon. Use digital dish veneer, the understanding that makes a client better veneer of this dish of number of   of inn meal brand can show menu item not only, return the nutrient information that can show dish is tasted and part; Return the dynamic picture that can provide food and video additionally. Cate can be enjoyed in the client while, meal inn shares his brand story to the client, invite more customer understanding, agree with this meal inn then. Veneer of dish of 4   number still has additional kind action     1. When encountering emergency, digital menu returns the part of can appropriative navigation, for the client how-to flee for one’s life course. 2. Meal inn uses digital dish veneer to be able to add activity of a few sales promotion, delicate dish to taste etc, can attract a client to buy and arrive 2 times visit. 3. Digital menu still has another usage, in blame have dinner time still can be used at in-house personnel to groom, promote the professional competence of employee, it may be said is make the best use of everything.  4. Digital menu still contains recreational function. Jukebox Rockbot is OK and compositive system of digital dish veneer, the song that makes the client chooses to want to listen when choosing food, or sports match, can convey through this menu client, enhance experience of client have dinner, stimulate appetite and enlarge consumption. ‍‍In fact, the utility of digital dish veneer is far more than this, restricting you is your imagination to the use way of digital dish veneer. Future each domains that it will spread to the market, by wide application. Label: of Buck of star of menu of electron of meal United States states: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! 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