Bearing quality Five major should pay attention to details

Bearing is a kind of important modern machinery and equipment parts.Its main function is to support the mechanical rotator, reduce the coefficient of friction in the process of the movement, and guarantee its rotation accuracy.So how to identify the quality of the bearing?
& have spent1, the seal character is clear
& have spentEvery product bearing on bearing products body printed with the brand, label, etc.Although the font is very small, but normal manufacturer production printing products are adopted the steel seal technology, and before without overheating treatment of words, so the font although small, but deep concave, very clear.And usually, counterfeit products of font instead of fuzzy, because of printing technology coarse, font float to the surface, some even can easily erase traces or manually by hand.
& have spent

bearing quality Five major should pay attention to details & have spent2, whether there is a complex ring
& have spentThe bearing body with his left hand, right hand small reciprocating toggle coat to make it spin, listen to bearing ring if there is a noise in the process of operation.Because most of the counterfeit product production conditions, operation, fully manual mill bearing the body in the process of production inevitably mixed into impurities, dust, sand and so on bearing rotation will be mixed ring or not smooth phenomenon.This is to determine whether a product from the production standard strictly, and use the brand of machine operation of formal manufacturers product key.
& have spent3, if there is a muddy surface soil
& have spentIf there is a muddy surface oil stains which need we should pay special attention to when buying imported bearings.Due to domestic antirust technology, there is still a gap with foreign advanced manufacturing countries, therefore the antirust processing was carried out on the bearing body and is easy to leave the thick oil stains, contact with the hand feeling sticky thick, and imported from abroad on the bearing of almost can’t see any sign of the anti-rust oil.According to the personage inside course of study introduces, particularly careful people can smell a special kind of imported bearing, this is the flavor of the anti-rust oil.
& have spent4, chamfering whether even
& have spentSo-called bearing chamfer, namely horizontal plane and vertical plane junction, fake bearing products because of the limitation of production technology in the area of the fringes is handled in guanzhou, as we can easily identify.
& have spent5, bearing
packaging & have spentFinished packing part and outer bearing in the manufacturing and after inspection, cleaning and antirust processing, then put into the inner packing, in order to achieve the waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, shock, maintenance quality and precision of the bearing and the purpose of convenient use and sell.Bearing the inner packing by antirust period is divided into three categories:
& have spentThe 1) short antirust period: rust phase 3 ~ 6 months, suitable for bulk shipments to the same subscriber, bearing will be put into use in the short term.By mutual agreement, with easy to use for the principle, the simple packaging.
& have spent(2) general antirust packing: antirust period for one year, suitable for general purpose bearings.
& have spentThe long antirust period: rust period of two years, is applicable to special and precision bearing.Bearing the inner packing material with polyethylene plastic tube (box), kraft paper, plain and wrinkles polyethylene composite paper, carton, PE or the PE plastic film, nylon fastening belt or woven plastic fastening belt, waterproof high strength plastic belt, sack, etc.The above materials are need to ensure that material corrosion resistance test.
& have spent(the original title: teach you how to identify the bearing quality) (source: China bearing industry network)