Brazil’s casting export market is expected to 2020\/2021 restore historical levels

In 2017, Brazil’s casting output reached 2.315 million tons, has realized the $7.5 billion in sales revenue, last year’s prediction has become a reality.September 26 to 29, 2017, sponsored by the Brazilian casting association casting exhibition in Latin America (FENAF) and foundry congress (CONAF) held in Sao Paulo, Brazil show data encouraging the business community, especially for the optimistic forecasts in 2018 to provide a reliable basis.According to the Brazilian casting association Afonso Gonzaga said, the 2018 goal is production increased from 12% to 12%.He said: & other;We will continue to expand domestic car market business yield (60%), and also to pay attention to restore agricultural industry, mining, medical equipment, food and housewares production equipment throughout the production of casting &;.Another goal is reached during the 2020\/2021 in 2008 hit 3.5 million tons castings production records.We are full of confidence.As statistics show that Brazil’s foundry industry continues to grow, and external markets have see Brazil as a potential supplier.Foreign markets positively predict foreign markets interested in casting products in Brazil, is the first sign of buyers from the United States, Germany, Chile and Mexico and 20 domestic foundry enterprises to visit the exhibition and look for business opportunities.Trade fair is expected within 6 months to 3 years time will increase by $20 million in trade volume.& other;These buyers do not know Brazilian products, but they are interested in business negotiation.At present, they have been buying products from Asia and the Middle East, but hope to have a diversified supply market, in this case, Brazil is an important part of the participants.Because the quality of our casting as well as with other countries.Throughout the &;Apex – Brasil company project manager Wagner Paes said.In Latin America casting exhibition buyer team and the league of global car sales representative.The group on a global scale joint professional consultants, a year reached $2.2 billion in revenue in many fields, including casting products.Brazil at the New Hampshire Belluno enterprises, deputy director of Gillette’s mei & bull;Boehner said, the foreign audience impressed by Brazil’s casting ability and casting quality.& other;In foundry industry in the first half of this year increased by 7%, besides we are faced with the macroeconomic situation, Brazil is also ready to expand exports.Global auto union wants to participate, trade with Brazil.Throughout the &;In addition to the buyers from the United States, Germany, Chile and Mexico, China as the world’s largest producer of castings (annual output 45.6 million tons), also in three years with Brazil again foundry enterprises to carry out the products quotation and negotiation.Brazil casting association Afonso Gonzaga said, & other;China has been selling products in Brazil, now, we see Chinese companies interested in casting in Brazil, we are very happy.Some of our customers do not understand the potential of casting products in Brazil.However, we feel happy is not only interested in cast iron products, they have cast steel and aluminum alloy castings.Throughout the &;In particular, Brazil to see the interests of Chinese foundry enterprises casting association.Gonzaga said: & other;Began to offer Chinese foundry enterprises to understand our new moment.Chinese foundry enterprises the restriction of the environmental requirements, arrested development.Government support to reduce the corporate tax and bureaucracy in Brazil, really promotes the development of industry, and we can in the short term with Chinese companies in the international market competition.I have always thought that as long as the established mechanisms for Brazilian companies with market competitiveness, China’s market is a good opportunity for us rather than a threat.Throughout the &;Based on the foreign market interest in Brazil castings, Brazil’s exports in 2018 is expected to increase casting association.At present, Brazil’s exports accounted for 20% of castings, mainly exported to the United States (42.5%), and South American countries (19.3%).Afonso Gonzaga, is expected next year casting export volume may reach 28% – 28% of the market.This year’s export revenues of $7.5 billion, $1.5 billion from overseas sales.Brazilian casting industry continues to grow every year to produce 4 million tons of castings.If the production this year will be 2.3 million tons, Brazil will be located in casting production is of the top 10 countries around the world, the top 10, in turn, is China’s (45.6 million tons), India (10.77 million tons), the United States (10.39 million tons), Japan (5.4 million tons), Germany (5.31 million tons), Russia (4.2 million) metric tons, South Korea (2.62 million tons) and Mexico (2.56 million tons).According to Brazilian casting association reported, Brazil has 1167 casting enterprises, employees 50000 people.40% were cast iron enterprises, 21% for aluminum alloy casting enterprises, and 14% for cast steel enterprise.Another 25% of enterprises for non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc and magnesium enterprises.All companies in 2015 for about $6.9 billion in revenue.2019 Latin American casting exhibition brings together the look of the bric countries, Brazil casting association has started the meeting the next casting exhibition of Latin America and Brazil casting propaganda.In 2019 to continue the next exhibition will be held in Sao Paulo north exhibition center.Brazil’s casting bric countries held during the casting BBS will gather from Russia, India, China and South Africa’s entrepreneurs and buyers.In addition, Brazil’s casting association will also in 50th anniversary celebration held in 2019.About the Brazilian association of casting foundry association (ABIFA) 48 years old, is committed to promoting the development of foundry industry, global recognition.In Afonso Gonzaga under the leadership of President, Brazilian casting association gathered up the power of the main foundry enterprises, aims to promote the continuous growth of the foundry industry, establish and participate in foundry industry strength and competitiveness of the measures and actions.In addition to promote technological progress of foundry enterprises, Brazil casting association also actively carry out about industry protection and commercial development of political, economic, and social topics of discussion.(the original title: Brazil casting export market is expected to restore history) in 2020\/2021 (source: China foundry association)