Broaching machine lubrication work need each user attention

Unlike other machine, broaching machine, another structure characteristics is stiffness big, this is in order to match the accuracy control of the control system, in order to adapt to the high precision machining.Compared with the traditional broaching machine, CNC broaching machine generally using embedded steel rail, so keep broaching machine precision time is long, its service life can be extended.
& have spentAs a result of the numerical control broaching machine price is higher, the control system of long service life, so the slide guide of nc broaching machine also requires good abrasion resistance.Vertical broaching machine said due to nc broaching machine tool slide two directions respectively driven by two sets of servo motor, so its transmission chain is short.There is no need to use these wheels, light poles and other transmission parts, use servo motor directly with screw connection drive head movement.Servo motor can also use synchronous belt between screw vice or the gear coupling.CNC broaching machine tool carriage moving ball screw pair adopted in general.Ball screw pair is one of the key mechanical parts CNC broaching machine, ball screw installed on both ends of the rolling bearing is special uranium bearing, its pressure Angle is larger than that of common angular contact ball bearing car is much this kind of special bearing matching installation, is selected, the best is in pairs in the bearing factory.To drag the deft, nc broaching machine lubrication are full, most of them adopt automatic lubricating oil mist.Nc broaching machine has cooled sufficiently, protective more tightly wait for a characteristic, automatic operation is generally in the closed or semi-closed state.
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CNC spiral vertical broaching machine & have spentBroaching machine is through the broach types of machine tools for processing, it is mainly used for machining hole, plane and formed surfaces, so in practice, used to broach is each user should be aware of, this will directly affect the normal use at a later stage of broaching machine, small make up next for you first make a brief introduction about broaching machine part of the broach and the function of each part, broaching machine broach is mainly composed of two parts, respectively is: work and non-work part.
& have spent1, work part
& have spentCutting parts: 1) cutting part there are a lot of blade, cutting effect.Blade diameter increases by teeth, use it to remove all the machining allowance.
& have spentPart 2) calibration: calibration on the part of cutter tooth correction effect.The number of teeth is less, the tooth is the same diameter.
& have spentPart 2, non-working
& have spent1) handle department: clamping broach, the transmission power.
& have spent2) neck: connection part of the neck and behind each part, and the diameter of the handle of the same or slightly smaller in diameter.Broach material, size, and other general mark played in the neck.
& have spent3) transition cone: the transition between the part of the neck was leading the field, on the center.
& have spent4) leading department: cutting department before entering the workpiece, the guiding role, preventing broach askew, and can check whether pull before the workpiece aperture is too small, so as to avoid the first cutter tooth broach burden is too heavy and damaged.
& have spent5) after the lead department: keep the broach the correct position, preventing broach was leaving artifacts, drooping artifacts and damage already processing surface and blade.
& have spent6) after supporting department: for long and heavy broach, still need to do a tail in the leading department behind (the department), the diameter D tail depending on the size of broaching machine bracket, tail length l = (0.5 0.7) D the tail.But not less than 20 mm general requirements.
& have spent(the original title: broaching machine lubrication work can not be ignored), (source: changsha, intelligent equipment co., LTD.),