Cai Weici: compared with the heat of the intelligent manufacturing strong industrial base is a bit cold

Special adviser, the strategic advisory committee of China federation of industrial machinery Cai Weici argues that the role of business model in the customized project in the process is not underestimate.Compared and intelligent manufacturing, he thought that the heat of the strong industrial base is a bit cold.From a certain extent, it also reflects a strong industrial base.In a democracy, advance the high-end technology to our target product is high-end products, usually give top priority to technology, it is reasonable, also should be completely.But practice shows that if therefore ignore the non-technical factors, no matter how much we on technology, dedication to sometimes also may not be able to ensure success.Hydraulic excavator is one of the leading products in our country, has long been relying on imports.Excavator market unusually hot in our country, the user is often used is hard to find, but our excavator production companies often only stem worried, why?Because the key supporting hydraulic parts subject to import.So only can according to how many sets of imported hydraulic excavator enterprises to decide how much production excavator, very passive.In this context, shandong Chang Lin group nakagawa hydraulic parts company are determined, therefore invested a lot of manpower and financial resources.But over the years, more nakagawa hydraulic parts company is in trouble, and the constant current Mr Nakagawa hydraulic parts and hydraulic parts company two different way.Nakagawa hydraulic parts purchasing the best equipment, not only that, in order to ensure success, nakagawa hydraulic parts company introduced a number of foreign technical experts, according to the Japanese expert advice, even in hydraulic parts assembly tools link pay special attention to, in order to reduce errors.Nakagawa hydraulic parts company made efforts on technical level, think about what we can think of all the technical details.Even so, Mr Nakagawa hydraulic valve, hydraulic parts company in the domestic application of has been very not smooth.And constant current hydraulic parts company, although the development time later than Mr Nakagawa, but they now have successfully developed products to the domestic excavator market, supply and customize for sany heavy industry, xugong, bulk supply for them, and explain to constant current in this field has been recognised by the same, market recognition.More exciting is the constant current hydraulic parts company now and break through the key technology of 350 kg, and opened the door of form a complete set of upgrade, the door has been opened.Constant current starting threshold choice under Mr Nakagawa, but technical breakthrough time early Yu Zhongchuan, stimulating the gain and loss.Through in-depth comparative analysis, it is not difficult to find the problem in a non-technical factors on the choice of business model.Cai Weici have the following views: first, choose a different market entry point.Nakagawa hydraulic parts company is started in excavator main products supporting products, and the constant current hydraulic parts in the non-dominant product choice, namely small excavators.20 tons of excavator digger is the flagship product of the enterprise, this product is for excavator business enterprise destiny, on domestic under the condition of hydraulic parts were lack of confidence, which a company can’t the first to eat crab and try to use domestic replace imported, because once out of the question, this brand is likely to be discredited, businesses will be recovered.Start and at the same time the constant current hydraulic parts of the product is small, 6 ton in most excavator enterprises, this seems to be irrelevant, and due to the small excavator price itself is lower, his form a complete set of hydraulic parts in small excavator instead of the proportion of total price is high.If can successfully implement domestic hydraulic parts, for excavator business efficiency increases obviously.So the excavator is looking forward to digging hydraulic parts for small businesses, more intrinsic motivation.Second, Mr Nakagawa hydraulic parts company also has a production excavator, a subsidiary of the parent company name, this is a localization of high-end technology and a faux pas.Because any one host companies are not willing to let oneself the key supporting the initiative in the competition.Of course there are other reasons, for example, the two companies in the way of funding and grasp the market opportunity it also has different choice.Cai Weici pointed out that the so-called non-technical factors, seriously affected the nakagawa hydraulic parts company self-developed open the market of form a complete set of domestic excavator.Meditation constant current hydraulic parts co., LTD is the professional company of leading the market counterparts, he did not produce the host, but for manufacturers of professional, and many domestic excavator hosting companies have good matching relationship, and forms a deep trust and greatly eliminate the doubts about the host enterprise, believe it to be of the enterprise.Under the above background, constant current hydraulic mass supply, a relatively smooth implementation of the popularization and application.High-end hydraulic parts for more than two enterprise in promoting independent development, Cai Weici said that although the technology in which there is no direct link, but it has enormous influence on the success or failure of the implementation of a high-end components.He points out that the three very important: one, the initial breakthrough how to choose is very important.A matching production hydraulic parts or components of enterprises to choose initial breakthrough to high-end products and considering the risk.Manufacture process of unit 1, from easy to difficult, escalate, expand innovation.Second, a high-end components must adhere to take the path of specialization.If you really want to become influential suppliers, this field must be avoided in competition with the customer, otherwise one host enterprises difficult to pin, it is difficult to gain trust in such an atmosphere.Three, only basic enterprise and form a complete set of win-win, high-end technology a democracy to go faster, collaborative innovation.(compared to the original title: Cai Weici: intelligent manufacturing industrial base heat cold) (source: advanced manufacturing)