Can electric car arise to market of machine tool tool how old influence?

During the EMO 2017 that just ends, oxford economy forecasts a center to organize concerned association to hold the market to forecast harmonious meeting, the develops pair of machine tool markets effect that one of topic for discussions that discuss on the meeting are electric car. Not come singly but in pairs, in federation of manufacturing industry of as mechanical as Germany equipment (when VDMA) communication, and the reporter in press conference of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool involves this one issue in the query. By this token, industry of tool of global machine tool is paying close attention to the electric car influence to prospective market.

Because do not have engine, gear-box also simplifies relatively, the component amount of pure electric car has about 200 only, for 1/6 of car of traditional internal-combustion engine, if replace fuel car entirely, guard estimation, machine tool and tool consumption will reduce 50% above considerably.

However, whether does pure electric car compare economy of oil fuel car, environmental protection really? So, a lot of element such as course of development of boat of battery life and recycle, add, infrastructure needs comprehensive consideration. China is the whole world the oldest car makes a state, advocating pure electric car actively to develop at present, just also begin to discuss oil fuel car to exit the schedule of the market, but when to start this schedule after all, sealed still.

Although each just are opposite WHEN(time) with HOW(how) do not have final conclusion, but anyhow, industry of machine tool tool should consider the issue of whereto transition.

In EMO 2017, we see too much company, its product arrives from cutting tool lead plane, arrive from testing instrument functional component, be in for industry 4 timeses prepare, and the enterprise of the ” outside industry of a few “ uses this one turning point, in succession platform of as big as joint development of business of machine tool tool data, the interconnection each other that develops company level understands a technology, supply intelligent chemical plant for the user. Anyhow, can foreknow, no matter will come the hardware market of machine tool tool how, the company should reflect oneself value and promotion market competition ability necessarily through the service. (Li Lei)

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