China’s high-end CNC machine tools such as the recent situation of analysis

Machine is industrial machine tool, is used in the manufacture of machine machine, this is the important features of the machine tool is different from other equipment.As the process of industrialization, proposes a high speed machine tools, precision manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, machine also gradually by ordinary triaxial linkage machine tool for the development of high speed precision composite processing, five-axis linkage machining centers and other high-end CNC machine tools, has realized the workpiece loading card in a milling, drilling, boring and working procedure of processing, high machining accuracy, not only due to the fast moving and positioning accurately at the same time, improve the production efficiency.As is known to all, our country is the first manufacturer in the world today, is the world’s first machine tool producer.But in the field of high-end manufacturing equipment in our country have great gap with the international advanced level.Through our many years of efforts, our country has formed a cover the aerospace, automotive, high-grade machine tool and other key areas the ten landmark result of typical equipment, basic represents China’s high-end machine tools and equipment research and development and application of the highest level, for the national major projects such as nuclear power, big jets and the new aircraft, rocket, etc of a batch of national key project provides a key manufacturing equipment, realize the breakthrough in the field of a number of key technologies and equipment, and the strong support and guarantee for national security.Such as 80000 tons of large forging press and ton aluminum plate tension machine, etc. The successful design of the heavy equipment, filled the domestic aviation big key important integral forming technology of blank;Large fuel tank welding equipment packages successfully for the long March 5 and the development of a new generation of carrier rocket, in space has established the first domestic processing center and numerical control turning center demonstration of production line, has been applied in a new generation of carrier rockets, lunar exploration project of more than 100 kinds of more than 10000 key complex parts processing, has obtained the remarkable economic and social benefits.The industrialization of achievements of CNC forging forming equipment, covering parts of automobile large efficient automatic stamping production line has reached the international advanced level, domestic market share of over 70%, global market share of more than 30%.We now do the special CNC machine from 2009 since the implementation of industry technology level obviously promoted, to narrow the gap with the international advanced level, developed precision horizontal machining center, such as more than 30 kind of key products reached the international advanced level.Among them, 25 MiLiZhu mobile vertical milling lathe is urgently needed for the construction of major national construction projects, the technical parameters, technical level is a world leading level, the world’s largest machine tool specifications, represents the highest level national high-grade CNC heavy duty machine tools.Supported by the special nc machine tools, CNC system in our country implements from analogue, pulse type to digital bus across, multi-channel and multi-axis linkage series products such as high performance nc system main technical indicators have reached the international mainstream level of high-grade CNC system.At present, the domestic high-grade CNC system with 600 sets of more than 10 kind of high-grade CNC machine tool accessories, demonstration application in aerospace.Feature enterprise level steadily improve product quality, variety series constantly improve, so far the scroll feature of nc machine tools on the high end market share of 20%, compared with 2009 increased four times, varieties of satisfaction reached 80%.The most worth mentioning is the innovative research and development and reliability of the machine tool industry in our country level significantly increased, machine tool industry standards and technical regulations, gradually improve.Through specific implementation, and promote the domestic machine tool backbone enterprise joint universities, joint development of the user, actively organize national\/industry standard for nc machine tool reliability assessment, the popularization and application in the machine tool industry.Machine host MTBF from 400-500 hours before the implementation of special have generally raised to 1200 hours, the partial products has reached more than 2000 hours, close to the international advanced level.Special achievement to form a large number of technical standards and specifications, industry will markedly enhance its international competitive advantage, form a strong support to product development and also for national ability of the equipment manufacturing industry sustainable development play a security role.In December 2016, our country independent of five-axis linkage machine tool used to test the s-shaped specimen standards through the international standard council authorized, become the first in the field of high-grade CNC machine tool design, test standard, implements the zero breakthrough.A year is of great significance in inheriting and 2017 as, we will continue to work hard, to implement the innovation drive the development strategy and manufacturing strategy, specific implementation plan in CNC machine tools and & otherMuch starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Implement goal as guidance, to 10, and communities in symbolic achievements focus on two user field, aerospace, automobile generic technology research and process validation and key areas, key features parallel development and industrialization, speed up the innovation platform and demonstration project construction, and strengthen the innovative talent training and introduction of high-end talent, focus on reliability and accuracy of machine tool system and features, properties, processing efficiency and technology level and so on three aspects of problems, implement special achievement in key areas demonstrate application of the scale, specialized, for full implementation & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;To provide support.China machine tool and equipment industry & other;The aircraft carrier & throughout;Has been testing the waters, over time, machine tools and equipment industry in China & other;Throughout the ship &;Will be in the wind and the globalization of world economy spring tide BoLang.