China’s Internet industry platform advantages highlighted the future

Industry, the Internet is a global industrial system and advanced calculation, analysis, induction technology, and Internet connection the fusion results.It through the connection between the intelligent machines and finally to the man-machine connection, combination of software and data analysis, reconstruction of global industry, stimulating productivity, make the world a better and more fast, safer, cleaner and more economical.In recent years, the world within the scope of the intelligent manufacturing development momentum is increasing.Germany & other;4.0 throughout & industry;, the United States manufacturing to return and & otherThroughout 2025 & made in China;Successively.Especially these two years, and industrial architecture of the CPS of intelligent manufacturing core Internet platform for gradually narrowed, Germany’s Siemens MindSphere platform, GE Predix platform are the Internet platform of industry representatives.Governments and multinational companies are using Internet platform to integrate industry data and resources, agglomeration upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises, build based on platform of manufacturing new ecological, preempt the dominance of the era of intelligent manufacturing industry.In order to make up for gaps in the field of manufacturing at home and abroad, our country established & otherThroughout 2025 & made in China;Development plan, but in artificial intelligence, industry data and Internet still urgently need to get more policy support.October 30, 2017, the state council executive meeting examined and approved the deepening & other Internet + advanced manufacturing & throughout; industrial development of the Internet, guidance, and to deepen the implementation path for the development of manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion.Conference pointed out that to speed up the construction and development of the Internet industry, to promote a new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth fusion.The opinions of the industrial development of Internet should be brought into the national strategic plan for the first time.At the end of 2017, the sessions of the national ministry of industry and information technology is put forward in 2018 will be fully & other;Further implement the strategy of industrial Internet innovation and development & throughout;.And in 2018 year, the ministry has signed with Shanghai and zhejiang province to promote industrial innovation and development of the Internet cooperation agreement, promote the Internet department, provincial jointly promote power industry innovation of work mechanism.Predictably, while multinational giants such as Siemens, GE has been using industrial Internet platform to enter the Chinese market, but under the influence of policy, market, in 2018 China’s independent brand industrial Internet platforms will have greater development opportunities.According to the deepening & other Internet + advanced manufacturing & throughout; industrial development of the Internet, guidance, planning, in terms of security, to improve its safety protection ability, establishing data security protection system, promote the construction of safety technical measures, to strengthen the comprehensive industrial Internet security capabilities.Future, around Internet safety equipment, industrial safety, security and data security, network security platform, promote safety protection ability, to set up the data security protection system and promote the construction of safety technical measures, the industrial development of the Internet is an important issue.Believe in the relevant national policy support and huge market prospects, under the drive of plus positive response of the various provinces and cities, industrial Internet platforms will usher in rapid development in 2018 year, especially Internet platform developed by the Chinese local brands industry will gradually highlight their own advantages, the Internet of the secondary industry in the future have their own place.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)