CNC machine tool radius compensation of the two

Parts processing program, generally only consider contour shape of the parts, the parts in the procedures section size information, they are from a contour line.Nc machine tools, such as CNC milling machine) in the machining process, is a tool for trajectory control.This tool center path and parts contour line is not coincidence, but deviates from the value of a tool radius r (rough machining, the offset is the sum of tool radius and machining allowance).Nc machine tools, therefore, CNC device must be able to according to the parts contour information and automatic computing center trajectory, the tool radius are put to make it automatic offset parts outline a tool radius value.CNC machine this deviation calculation is called tool radius compensation.In the process of parts processing, USES the tool radius compensation function, can greatly simplify the workload of programming.Nc machine tools in the specific resistance of two aspects.1, due to tool wear or tool radius changes caused by tool change, don’t have to be reprogrammed, only need to modify the corresponding offset parameters.2, due to the contour machining often can not complete a process, when the rough machining, reserved for finishing process machining allowance.Nc machine tool machining allowance can be realized by modifying the offset parameters of reserve, and don’t have to rent, finishing the preparation of a program.