Combination machine tools member enterprise in-depth industry hotspot issues

On November 7 to 8, 2017, China machine tool industry association branch of modular machine tool, the eighth secondary expanded council meetings were held to a total of 39 member enterprise representatives to attend.Meeting shall be presided over by the branch director Jiang Huaisheng, Liu Qingle secretary work report and submit to the general assembly & otherCombination machine tools industry throughout the situation analysis and Suggestions &;.In recent years, the combination of traditional machine tool industry product orders reduced year by year, flexible production line and intelligent manufacturing equipment orders.In this market situation, the branch timely invited professor in dalian university of technology mechanics department de-quan wang did entitled & other;Special machine tool production process throughout the intelligent solution &;Reports of companies from the design, production, logistics and after-sales service and so on all is detected operating in the process of data transmission and efficient management solution.The meeting is given priority to with information exchange, a total of about 20 companies speak at the meeting, the influence of the era of pure electric vehicle, the market order, after-sales service, payment and other hot issues are discussed in this paper, reflects the many companies keep up with market changes, adjust the immediate and long-term strategic and out of the different way of business.In response to the pure electric vehicles in the era of market changes, dongfeng equipment manufacturing co., LTD, entered the welding line manufacturing, now this part of the production has more than its machine tool production;Changzhou sanli has developed electric vehicles related parts assembly line;Dalian yida with the product quality and service, to develop the form a complete set of production line for the ashkenazi car market;Force into mechanical focuses shaft parts, become the largest enterprise in global rub tooth machine production;Taizhou JingYao through overseas exhibition, e-commerce platform, make order stable growth;Dalian yuan, attaches great importance to the quality problem, the recall of defective parts, is well received by users.During the meeting, the delegates also mentioned the disorderly competition, considered one of the reasons manufacturers to take orders, low price bidding;On the other hand also associated with user default payment influence enterprise management, and puts forward related Suggestions.(the original title: combination machine tools member enterprise in-depth industry hotspot issues) (source: China machine tool industry association)