Company of machine machine tool accelerates numerical control on special grinding machine makes step

   Factory of Shanghai machine tool limited company makes home with production the biggest but grinding of 250 tons of workpiece ” super aeromodelling ” grinder of roller of MK84250/H numerical control is breach, accelerate of all kinds number to accuse special grinding machine to make step with all one’s strength, layer upon layer fulfil responsibility, ensure this year of private plane task finish.
On aircraft company was held a few days ago ” private plane of machine tool manufactory produced 2008 special subject is met ” , be aimed at the detailed list of private plane contract of delivery of year of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces, chase a stage to examine whole set and constructional plan case, eduction of 7~12 month produce plan, advanced concrete executive step. On the meeting, light of general manager stone summed up the sale status of 1~6 month, point out the difference that exists at present, decorate to issueing the job of one phase to do, ask to accomplish: It is small private plane should be striven for produce on time; 2 it is to solve be short of, whole set problem, catch good part percent of pass; 3 it is to design the problem on to want to be solved early discovery, early; 4 it is the psychosis that keeps good, the difficulty that appears to the likelihood and problem should consider to help somebody attain his aim, make good early-warning plan, ensure of task of the private plane inside year finish; 5 it is to what put forward measure should clutch fulfil, want to stress plan, lead responsible examination to fulfil about the director by the company.
In addition, the production that aircraft company MK84250/H exceeds grinding machine of roller of large numerical control on is made already also spread out in the round, according to the plan that group of company private plane makes, already entered the early days that delivers makings and partial part to machine level at present. To be opposite this are large henceforth the technical issue that grinder appears with the likelihood in rigging a process in treatment prepares somewhat beforehand, private plane group will organize company technology center on June 12, supply, protect character, treatment, assemble, the branch such as heat treatment, hydraulic pressure, tool holds meet and discuss to meet, lathe bed of main to its part, head wearing, rear push frame, emery wheel wearing undertakes analyse inspects analytic introduction. Introduce through explaining, make personnel had sufficient knowledge to this machine tool related departmental door, weight of spare parts of this machine tool and treatment facilities exceeded the company’s existing equipment capacity, next spare parts precision and suitable precision do not take certain craft step cannot be achieved. This is made in treatment with respect to requirement machine tool in cooperate each other between departmental door, carry on group spirit, assure what this product creates the job to finish.