Component of lathe of automation numerical control reachs working principle

Lathe of automation numerical control is one kind uses numerical control technology, realize behavioral machine tool according to the program that has written beforehand. It feedbacks by unit of program carrier, device losing a person, CNC, servo, position system and component of machine tool machinery are formed.
On lathe of automation numerical control treatment spare parts passes the following measure normally:
1) basis machines the design of the spare parts and technology program, the code that uses a provision and block format write program sheet, record it in the; on carrier
2) inputs the program on program carrier in CNC unit to go through inputting device;
After 3)CNC unit passes the program of the input processing, to the machine tool the servo of each coordinate gives out signal;
The signal that CNC unit issues 4) servo basis, the athletic component of drive machine tool, control necessary auxiliary operation;
5) drives the opposite movement of cutting tool and workpiece through component of machine tool machinery, treatment gives the workpiece; of the requirement
6) detects the motion of the machine tool, give CNC unit through feedback device feedback, in order to reduce machining error.
Of course, to machine tool of open loop numerical control it is to did not detect, of feedback system.