Dano bart successfully developed high precision chip cutting solution

, bart efficient automatic flexible system was designed and developed to suit the different needs of customers.This scheme is developed for an international iron and steel company, used for cutting high value-added steel tube, at the same time ensure that the material waste is minimal.

dano bart as machine tool manufacturers, high precision is developed with the high added value steel pipe cutting of multiple cutting solution, used in automobile, oil, natural gas and strategic areas such as bearing manufacturing.The plan got customer’s approval, can help customers to cut various grades of steel, 60-280 – mm diameter range, maximum thickness of 40 mm, 25-400 – mm length range.Not only hereat, dano bart system high flexible architecture makes it can provide other functions according to the customer request.

with factory MES system compatible with the tool machine design.Fully automatic operation, configuration feeding machine used in pipe precise positioning clamping, prepare for subsequent cutting.Then use the installation work in the rotating head three blades, started cutting work.

a main technical characteristics of this solution is the power of saw blades with the work head rotation helps thicker workpiece cutting.Therefore, when reduced and productivity improved significantly.In addition, the machine with mechanical hands material system, can put the thread will cut pipe line for subsequent processing, or for storage.

machine tools equipped with professional software dano bart, can communication with the central control system, the production order can be sent directly to the machine tool.

4.0 dano bart developed product integrates industry technology, suitable for zero defect manufacturing architecture, meet the requirement of incision minimized, and reduce the material waste when cutting.This is a whole solution, including process parameter analysis, processing unit and peripheral devices.This kind of intelligent automatic package gives customers high productivity and high processing speed.Material waste of the smallest, ensure high quality products at the same time.

, moreover, it can machine tools and other equipment integration, production into line, and will cut pipe fittings for pallet storage, and then transported to other processes.Integration synergy to optimize the sawing development dano bart is committed to the development of the technology with advanced high value-added cutting plan.

in this context, dano bart bought Finland Plantool company, the company specialized in the design of circular saw and provide reliable and high precision solution, and using the latest software of control system.Dano bart overall solution combined with Plantool company, will be the forefront production system into reality, to satisfy the needs of different users.