Development of machine of iron town essence of life goes the CNC that can have heavy cut to large requirements workpiece on the west automatic lathe

  Machine of Xi Tiecheng essence will appear on the market on April 25, 2008 small-sized CNC automatic lathe ” Cincom ” the new product of series ” A32-VII ” . This type is improving automatic lathe of shift of main shaft workbench CNC ” A20 ” the mechanical construction of series, raise tigidity while, the biggest treatment the diameter increased 32mm. Type has standard type and without guide-post bushing model, respectively stock is right reach machine of left main shaft.

To raise tigidity, improved the configuration of linear slideway, dropped pitching moment negative charge. Lathe bed uses construction of the costal region in be in charge of construction to reach, trace of the cut when so heavy cut is machined is very even also. Raising openly the reverse side while main shaft is rigid, the torsion for high practical area, increase main shaft wall thick, adopted the construction of the puissant main shaft that prop up.

Through raising mechanical tigidity, satisfied deep-felt feed of deep, high speed and main shaft high speed rotate wait for cutting condition. The respect of fast feed career of each axis, x1 axis is 32m/ cent, other axis is 45m/ cent. The rotate speed coming back of main shaft spends a respect, openly the reverse side all is 200 ~ 8000rpm. Cutting tool installs number to be 23. Additional, because new lathe used the circumstance that moves in stone’s throw to fall also can the design that high speed works, still shortened so handling time.