Development of manufacturing industry of equipment of Ningxia bronze gorge obtains reporter of countrywide net intermediary to nod assist

On August 10, thirteenth the bronze gorge city of the border of a field that Ningxia of countrywide network media covered a group to be located in the Yellow River all right, besides be attracted by the beautiful scenery place of bank of Yellow River gold, collaboration of ministry of thing of support of bronze gorge town initiates an area the impression that new-style win-win mode also left profundity for the reporter.

You may not imagine, the Ningxia of —— of industry of bearing of hub of a car that the nice spare parts on car of well-known trademark of not little abroad is born at bronze gorge city poors limited company of bearing of hub of Si Ke car. Limited company of bearing of hub of car of Ningxia humble Si Ke is founded 2014, repair bearing of bag, high-grade accurate gear-box in order to produce unit of bearing of hub of high-grade steam wheel, hub to wait for series product to give priority to. Introduce full automatic numerical control grinder 150, full automatic numerical control lathe equipment of stage and 200 other and advanced numerical control. Through here is machined subtly and assembling the car component after, 60% exit reach the product the international market such as Ouya and southeast Asia, the product of 40% supplies domestic car to make reach equipment of special type precision to create a company, be like auspicious, case inferior, the automobile factory home such as boreal steam.

Introduce according to company controller, ball bearing of 15 million deep trench produces per year implementation after the project builds entirely car, car of bearing of 10 million tapered roller ability, already finished ball bearing of bearing of hub of conic and high-grade car, deep trench automatic product line is covered 360 times, equipment reachs domestic number automatic production changes advanced standard. The company regards the core that the company grows as technical innovation from beginning to end, pass institute of industry of university of industry of the Luoyang institute related to industry of domestic and international bearing, Zhejiang, Beijing, LYC enterprise reachs the collaboration of talent of high administrative levels, li Zhicheng is one of 10 large bearing firms of Chinese, the aircraft carrier of Chinese bearing component. The company passed the quality system attestation with automobile the strictest industry, the reliance of the car manufacturer that product quality and technical innovation culture got the whole world precedes and mechanical manufacturer.

The ministry of westerly of the eastpart part that this garden area is a model transfers a project, come to bronze gorge from Hangzhou, to promote western region industry upgrades, economic progress and the force that industrialized level promotes him contribution, realize thing ministry industry to be balanced again, initiate an area new-style collaboration win-win concerns. Its build upgrade to promoting manufacturing industry of Ningxia and even northwest area equipment transition, stimulative place economy grows, drive obtain employment, make aircraft carrier of industry of equipment manufacturing industry, implementation dimensions is changed manage, industrialization development has very important real sense.

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