Environmental protection supervision attacks, zhejiang taizhou more than 1000 factories distress!

Environmental protection supervision update: the second environmental protection inspectorate supervision work kick-off meeting in hangzhou, zhejiang province.Starting from August 11 to the end of September 11th, the central environmental protection inspectorate official in zhejiang.It also heralds the zhejiang all the enterprises will be the next month, in the face of all the central environmental protection inspection of environmental protection supervision, means that will face the risk on the restricting output, shut down, shut down.There are industry one of the largest industrial cluster in zhejiang: taizhou.According to statistics, taizhou has immediately, good green, the Taiwan aerospace, five star leopard and other oems, more than 100.Shock absorbing, Jin Yu star motor, good name such as pieces of plastic production more than 1000, including more than 100 and shock absorption around 20, 100, motor, auto, 100, cushion, rear axle of the lacquer that bake is various.Emma, Europe clique, times special brand factory.Thousands of companies that are involved in environmental protection supervision in the months of the storm.At the same time, local Jin Huayou zhejiang luyuan headquarters, have yadi factory of cixi, zhejiang industry cluster although besides taizhou relatively scattered, but also has many years of industry scale, will now become the object of the environmental supervision.Tianjin has become a major disaster area of environmental protection at present, nearly period of time is coming beichen painting factory bulldozing, wu qing 55 electric vehicles matching businesses are shut permanently, environmental supervision comprehensive upgrade, tianjin sector suffered a serious blow.Taizhou next month will be a key battleground in environmental supervision, only three days time to taizhou there have already been accessories enterprise production notice, the next is a month of taizhou plate and the cruelty of the whole zhejiang industry test, tianjin horror of the plates will be repeated?Related news reading zhejiang more electroplating enterprises in yiwu city, zhejiang province environmental protection bureau, said the production of environmental protection regulation for alloy materials, noting that the generally high cadmium content of cadmium pollution control, ordered the city now some electroplating enterprises implement production regulation of notice, by notice enterprise production from now on.The yiwu zinc alloy at low temperature (cadmium zinc alloy) basic production, in addition, wenzhou ouhai district without also received a notice of acceptance of the electroplating enterprises, since August 18, unconditional to stop production, the acceptance rear approved for production.A new round of environmental protection in zhejiang zinc downstream enterprises.The raw materials rise in price, the business has single dare not pick up only because the raw materials are in the crazy prices in the country.According to the information we CCTV, the current hardware prices by 20% 20%, sponge, solid wood, plate, spring wire, aluminum, lead, etc material is comprehensive rise, money can’t buy all cartons.Foreign trade, manufacturing companies are suffering, to the extent that have single dare not meet.Season hits, the whole car companies are to resist pressure to pursue sales, but the raw material is still rising, automobile enterprise manufacturing pressure will be more and more big, can only choose price unbearable situation.Environmental protection + national games, some enterprises production small make up the place in the part of the brand to understand: due to the environmental protection equipment, environmental clean up for industrial park in tianjin, second-line brand influence is not big, but will limit production, production to implement provisions of the national games, on the yield and the traffic problems will be caused great inconvenience.Part of the brand, therefore, will choose to simple product is transferred to the portion of the tianjin factory in wuxi factory production, to make up for the tianjin factory due to the influence of the national games and the environmental protection is short of supply.After production of environmental protection, from the voice of a grassroots cadres!Say thousands of business owners and workers voice!Tell everyone heart & hellip;& hellip;Line I’m a from ordinary cadres at the grassroots level published my speech.Environmental governance as time goes on, I found some tabloid, weibo, WeChat objections on more and more.Is China’s century of environmental governance, was the event of a reasonably, always sacrificing the interests of the enterprises and individuals, in order to give our children a good ecological environment, still hope that we understand a lot.I visited several cities and get to know some things, to feel the truth and I imagine there are gaps.I see a lot of private enterprises do very specification, also does not have the big impact to the environment, the result has been turned off.And there are many companies the boss attitude is very clear also, support the environmental protection is a reasonably good, the environmental protection departments need to enterprises on environmental protection facilities, they are also willing to actively to do it.But don’t know what kind of qualified equipment, how to be up to standard, the government also did not give clear guidelines, said shut down immediately shut down, see some entrepreneurs and workers worry helpless eyes, I cannot tell you this.Let me realize the environmental protection in a clampdown, some local officials to execute the law personnel is not satisfactory.I had an interview with many enterprises, they feel very confused, and even angry.There are a lot of business for twenty or thirty years, reasonable and lawful to coming all the way, also does not have the big pollution to the environment.The local government, environmental protection department also did not require companies to install in advance what kind of environmental protection equipment, how to just calculate battalions.Suddenly to shut down don’t let dry.Do have a furniture business for more than 30 years the boss said to me with tears in their eyes, & other;Is a reasonably good governance environment, we do business will fully support to cooperate.We also want to be the blue sky, white clouds, green hill, green water.When I see the news some illegal enterprises with sewage discharges, put some river caused serious pollution of land, we also very sad.Those enterprises should immediately be shut down.But how also didn’t know that I do furniture has been shut down.When I asked law enforcement is my device is not qualified?Or where there is a problem?Law enforcement officials said, & lsquo;I said not qualified is unqualified, can give you find one hundred unqualified reason.& rsquo;I’m speechless.You see around me crops, fruit trees grow lush, the surrounding air floater.Old workers in our factory, some work has more than 20 years, some of them are my witness at the wedding.Since their children have already grown up, live also very healthy.Explain every day working in this kind of environment did not cause harm to the body, so we don’t have any big impact enterprise of environmental protection.My parents have more than eighty years old, when they should be enjoying old age.See son, let them worried.To eat is not good, don’t sleep well, let me deeply disturbing.They are so big age, still wind up for his son.My child in school, he asked me why don’t we do?I really don’t know how to answer.I have entered middle age, wanted to relying on their own hard work, give the family a better life.Didn’t expect to fall into the embarrassing situation.More important is market downturn over the past two years, for the sake of environmental protection equipment, the purchase of raw materials, and loan in the bank, the relatives and friends there are borrowing.Suddenly stopped and workers’ wages, factory, equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products on the production line into a lot of money, and owe consumers won’t able to supply.This series of problems, I really don’t know what to do.People alive should pay attention to integrity, how to face the support I borrow my relatives and friends, and give me the loan of bank staff and hard work of employees.These days I’ve been thinking about, if the factory really don’t to do, to sell all of the equipment, material also is not on the debt.I work a little also, in this life, is not clear, call me what to do!Think about these really have no courage to live.Look at the elderly, children, I can only insist teeth.Let us know if our equipment is unqualified, clear what kind of equipment is qualified, how to mark.We must do as you say.If we don’t allow the industry development in the city, how also get to a reasonable amount of time to do a good job of finishing!Let me put the materials, semi-finished products and finished products into money.Good clear the loans, loans, workers’ wages.So I’ll give you all have a replacement.Throughout the &;He said the SOB.There is also a do electric boss, some environmental protection equipment has been installed, has spent hundreds of thousands.Results to shut down, also do not conform to the industrial policy.Other companies in a city for decades, and to shut down.Some other cities of local government investment and commitment to production over there.Bosses under great determination, finally moved to the other party production, the result was not long before has been shut down.Listen to the bosses I’m sad tears from one story.I felt so heartache.There are many, many like this case, I am not on this list one by one.For those who are more specification, no big impact to the environment, a policy of specification after governance first let them gradually.In I know many enterprises survey, most of them are law-abiding business, uphold the party’s environmental policies, our government should come up with a clear attitude and requirements, and business face to face communication.An enterprise, they are not environmental protection, safety production experts, fire experts.If is industrial policy adjustment, should be timely tell, don’t let them on the equipment investment, to give them a reasonable amount of time to do cleaning work.Only face to face communication can better and faster to implement environmental protection policy implementation.Traditional manufacturing some boss are very bitter, they leave their homes and struggle in different cities.Running for twenty or thirty years to have today’s results.Most of them are the 60 s and seventy s, like now few young people are willing to engage in this industry.Because it is very hard to earn money is not much, in their second generation are not many people willing to accept their parents’ industry.If they are all cut down at this time, the traditional manufacturing industry in the future must be a great loss.Through this understanding, I have a new understanding: some individual companies there is a serious offence, langfang, these a few crevices or the sea of tranquility, and some rivers are polluted, let a person feel special.See these problems on the surface is not get timely treatment, and obviously is a kind of lazy, not as the behavior of the corporate governance, found that one should never be.But can’t put some more specification, law-abiding business, the impact on the environment is not big enterprise a struck down, for these enterprises to have a management improvement process, to meet environmental requirements.Here I also make a suggestion for environmental protection: we have big training law enforcement, and can also came to a big training service for the enterprise.For some environmental experts and law enforcement personnel to understand the enterprise from all walks of life, need to go to what kind of equipment to meet the requirements of environmental protection, what kind of equipment is qualified, to guide the local government.Let them a better service for the enterprise.May already do this kind of job you went to the front, but I in many enterprises realize that some companies ask some local government law enforcement, they answer is he doesn’t know what kind of equipment is qualified.So some companies spend the money or not up to standard.It’s a very headache thing for many enterprises.I think the environment is the officer in charge of the local environmental protection inspection group to the place, law enforcement officers to give them training training, let them better service for the enterprise.Even put all the local enterprise together, you tell them about yourself.Many enterprises is to support environmental protection policy, just don’t know how to transform.For these law-abiding business support environmental protection enterprise, we clearly told them what kind of equipment installation qualification, what can you do to improve, to limit their time rectification, installation of equipment.To get the support of the masses, and can make the enterprise fast standard requirements of environmental protection, it is both the beautiful things.Isn’t that what we want an environmental results?Some local governments work done really does not reach the designated position, you are a result, they are really scared.Some problems don’t understand, also dare not tell the truth the truth.Only for various enterprises stick seals, shut down, it’s bitter these enterprises.I think that under the leadership of our party, is not fair to them, is unfair.Again want to environmental protection and the relevant leaders to consider my this suggestion.To support these law-abiding business, environmental protection enterprises a living space.(this article source: electric Shared around the world, the copper market, also, Shanghai metals, gold spider fasteners web.)(the original title: bad news: the environmental protection supervision attacks, zhejiang taizhou, more than 1000 factories calamity existing production has been discontinued), this article provided by the China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)