Equipment of machine tool of 2018 China International exhibits activity of the corresponding period wonderful will raid!

Intelligence is made is China is made 2025 with industry the core of 4, it is the old tendency that prospective manufacturing industry develops. The machine tool is the machine of production machine, have decisive place to the development of Chinese manufacturing industry. ” China is made 2025 ” plan to point out, development is a batch of nicety, high speed, efficient, flexible numerical control machine tool and foundation make equipment reach compositive production system, accelerate machine tool of high-grade numerical control, add material to make the research and development that waits for forward position technology and equipment. Maintain a gender in order to promote dependability, precision to attach most importance to a dot, develop the main function component such as electric machinery of system of high-grade numerical control, servo, bearing, grating and crucial application software.

2018 China equipment is made make the application around laser, machine tool with intelligent production forum with robot of application, industry (vision, grasper, application) and the industry heat topic of the respect such as content couplet net, invite scholar of the expert inside course of study, supplier and user delegate, make with respect to equipment make with intelligence cast financing and buy, the intelligence of the robot is changed, modular, systematization, automation, flexible change a solution, the respect such as technology of network robot controller spreads out discuss.

2018 China equipment is made create forum with intelligence

Time: On March 15, 2018 – 18 days

Place: Peaceful wave international exhibition center

Sponsor: Exhibition of elegant eminent of peaceful wave of guild of robot of peaceful wave of Zhejiang machinery Joint Industry Conference serves limited company

Undertake: Exhibition of peaceful wave elegant eminent serves limited company

Equipment made show intended for a limited audience on March 15


Speech content

Speech honored guest

09: 20-09: 30

The leader speaks

Zhejiang saves vice-chairman of mechanical Joint Industry Conference to hold secretary-general concurrently

Zhao Qun

09: 30-10:00

The machine tool is made with application

Adviser of professor of college of project of machinery of Zhejiang industry university, doctoral student, university of industry of assistant dean of college of project of machinery of Zhejiang industry university, Zhejiang – microelectronics of company of American Fairchild semiconductor encloses associated lab director, selected Zhejiang saves new century 51 talents project.

Liang Lihua


The machine tool uses a field

Peaceful Boyongbo is mechanical production limited company


5 axes machining center technology

Li Chi is accurate and mechanical

Use inspector general


Che Xi is compound processing technique

Inc. of equipment of intelligence of Zhejiang Hai Deman


Laser Ban gold

Celebrate limited company of source laser science and technology without stannum

Wang Xiaohui of Zhejiang division general manager

14: 00-14:30

Laser, be well worth doing

Jinan Jin Wei engraves science and technology to develop Jiang Xifeng of limited company general manager

Intelligence made show intended for a limited audience on March 16


Speech content

Speech honored guest

09: 30-10:00

The crucial technology of the robot

Cheng institute teachs machinist of Zhejiang industry university, doctoral student adviser, technology of robot of Zhejiang industry university and director of engineering research center, enginery of Zhejiang industry university is fictitious director of demonstrative center of education of emulation state level, selected Zhejiang saves new century 51 talents project.

Time cry


Intelligent technology, industry 4

Zhejiang university is taught, chinese oscillatory engineering can diagnose professional council director, los angeles of American California university distinguishs school visit learned man, er person university visits Australian Xin Nawei scholar, selected Zhejiang saves new century 51 talents project. Dedicated intelligence is control of equipment design, Electromechanical, small stream accuse development, intelligence breakdown is diagnosed and the research such as development of high-powered computer software.

Yang Jian


Mobile robot, three-dimensional and stereo capture assembles a technology

Limited company of science and technology of Shanghai Xi Mingguang cable


Robot grasper technology

Ning Bo helps hand robot limited company


Arc solder technology

The pine leaves a group

14: 00-14:30

Mandatory hang out one’s shingle financing channel

Peaceful wave equity trades central limited company

Market chief inspector

Xu Yajun


Talent demand and before look up layout

Institute of peaceful wave project

An Peng

Equipment of machine tool of China International of distance 2018 China Mach spreads out extend the time that still has 50 days, the organizing committee is in the preparation of like a raging fire, the part joins the brand that postpone business: Sha Di overcomes tall pine of Japanese campstool gram, United States Ha Si, Japan, Japan, contemporary coercion of 3 water chestnut electric machinery of Japanese, Xi Tiecheng, Korea, Korea as jade-like stone on ferry of Ma spy, Japan, Cheng of Japanese Gong Ye, STAR, Taiwan.

On March 15, 2018 – 18 days, in peaceful wave international exhibition center, we disappear not to come loose!

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