Error of nc machine tool 3 d compensation and development trend at home and abroad

Chinese roller industry network to introduce error of nc machine tool you 3 d compensation and development trend at home and abroad.1 common CNC machine tool geometric accuracy of 21 of the three axis error in machine tools in the mobile space, with a total of nine translation error parameters, nine Angle error parameters and three vertical degree error, error of a total of 21 items.21 items to eliminate the influence of position error of machine room, need to accurately detect the error, and the research and development related software, will detect the error data is converted to have corresponding function of nc system can accept parameters, provided to the system of compensation as a result, thus improve the accuracy of machine tool space.In actual situation, the reasons for error of the machine tools would be the result of superposition of a variety of error function, a single error measuring obviously unable to completely improve the volumetric accuracy of machine tools, especially in the work area of the whole machine is the accuracy of each direction.2 nc system of the new function using spatial accuracy compensation method to modify the error of nc machine tools work when, as mentioned earlier, early has been proved in the three dimensional measuring machine industry is one of the effective methods to minimize machine tool positioning error.At present, many international well-known numerical control system manufacturers, such as Siemens and Fanuc, both in its high-end CNC systems support this space precision compensation method (3 d error compensation or VCS), using this method can be generated by the machine tool error parameters of the whole working space to fully compensate the deviation of the machine is working on the geometric accuracy and real-time correcting existing space positioning error of nc machine tools.Three development trends at home and abroad a few years ago, when a space precision compensation function of Siemens 840 DSL high-end CNC system (VCS) and Fanuc 31 I (called a three dimensional error compensation) to the market, the foreign manufacturer of high-end CNC machine tools has been studying spatial accuracy of measurement and error compensation parameters calculation method, and a small amount of research results published.Look from published data available, using laser tracking measurement method, as sites in different parts of the machine tool measuring machine anchor point error of each space, separated by a certain mathematical model of error sources;There are measured by laser interferometer with the cue instrument and other tools, according to the method of error item by item to item 21.With laser interferometer to test the various error sources are generally accepted methods at home and abroad, the test results for all has the accuracy of traceability, can measure and check the machine, item by item, proper measurement accuracy, stable and reliable, and can easily check space compensation effect at any time.XL on the market the most widely used in the UK – 80 laser interferometer has open software interface, convenient user research to develop their own software on its own.