Factory of Shanghai machine tool specializes in grinder innovation research and development to finish national science and technology special

Reporter on September 7 from 2011 grinder advanced make with the know on innovation technology seminar, limited company already made plant of Shanghai machine tool countrywide machine tool finishs national science and technology in production monomer enterprise great and special most enterprise, sales revenue can break through 1 billion yuan this year.

The machine tool is weighed for machine tools, the grinder that assumes a metal to machine last working procedure is called its technical level decides the artwork in master directly product precision. Current, domestic grinder year consumption makes an appointment with 10 billion yuan, among them 70% support entrance. But long-term since abroad executes block to the core technology of grinder industry and crucial part. Factory of Shanghai machine tool specializes in grinder, begin to carry out from 2009 and finish a series of country science and technology great and special.

The OK and relaxed freely that factory of Shanghai machine tool makes processes 250 tons of work exceed grinding machine of roller of heavy-duty and rigid numerical control, weight exceeds 300 tons. Do not think this big guy is only able rough work, it is actually artful can embroider can machine a diameter not only 2.5 rice, length 15 meters top class workpiece, and the 1/8 that precision can achieve silk of a hair. Grinder of numerical control of miniature of precision of accept rice class is be used at war industry and aerospace industry exceed accurate grinding equipment, fixed position precision is less than or be equal to 100 accept rice, repeat fixed position precision to be less than or be equal to 50 accept rice. Volume is not large it, as the magic square of an OK and free roll, size range of pipe bent is very wide, but concave and convex and curved surface of grinding treatment freedom, spherical, torus.

Stone light tells general manager of plant of Shanghai machine tool the reporter, the enterprise strives for 925 end to achieve sales revenue 2 billion yuan, among them home market of grinder of large cylindrical grinder, large crankshaft is had rate more than 60% .

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