Food having friend is pounded ” phoenix claw the first “

Another snacks production company appears on the market concussion A, this is southwest monopolistic the Inc. of food having friend of phoenix claw, its become “ phoenix claw very likely the first ” . Appear on the market: The route of the IPO of food having friend already went   afterwards two years to declared IPO first in December 2015, the IPO course of food having friend already passed two years. Going up early century 80 time, lu Youzhong of author of food having friend begins to contract management meal business, founded Chongqing has friendly hotel. Cannot think of, counterattack of ungual ” of phoenix of any of several hot spice plants becomes bubble of small “ distributing food wide accept the leading role that like, then Lu Youzhong turns and dedicated at bubble any of several hot spice plants the research and development of the recreational food such as phoenix claw, obtained bubble 2001 the invention of ungual technology of phoenix of any of several hot spice plants is patent. Arrived 2005, the bubble any of several hot spice plants of food having friend is bamboo shoot of phoenix claw, bubble, crystal the sale site of ten breed such as cowhide muscle and bittern goods had enclothed China north, Hua Dong, China city of each big provincial capital such as medium, Hua Na. Since 2010, friend begins to begin to change make preparation land capital market. 2014, food having friend is in new 3 board hang out one’s shingle, friend handed over manual of IPO raise capital by floating shares in December 2015, begin to A set out. Recently, meeting website announced card inspect to have the manual of raise capital by floating shares of friendly food, the company plans to be in hand in place to appear on the market, new a hair linage quantity and company shareholder are public amount of share of put on sale is total will not exceed 79.5 million, after issueing, total capital stock does not exceed 305 million. The personage inside course of study points out, press the current normal state that send careful, ” of ungual king of phoenix of any of several hot spice plants has the “ bubble after be being announced newlier beforehand friendly food will be in card inspect goes up to be able to send careful meet inside a month. Hotspot: Household company is successive 3 years net crosses 100 million   to have friendly food is a household company. Before issueing, company author Lu Youzhong with of 66.94% hold a scale to rank the biggest partner. In addition, divide into equal parts of Lu Youzhong’s wife, children and brotherly Zhao Ying, Lu Xin, Lu Yougui fastens hold 17.58% , 6.98% , the share of 1.71% , familial and aggregate hold achieve 93.12% . From advocate battalion income is formed look, bubble any of several hot spice plants phoenix claw is company income main source. 2017 1-6 month, phoenix claw income achieves bubble any of several hot spice plants 385 million yuan, occupy advocate the proportion of business Wu income is amounted to 78.28% . 2014 – 2016, the company sells bubble any of several hot spice plants phoenix claw realize income respectively 645 million yuan, 575 million yuan mix 630 million yuan, hold the corresponding period advocate the scale of business Wu income is amounted to respectively 73.56% , 76.63% reach 76.27% . Public data shows, of food having friend advocate business Wu lies fallow for bubble bittern gust the research and development of food, production and sale. 2017 1-6 month, the company realizes business income 494 million yuan, net profit 105 million yuan; And 2014-2016 year the company realizes business income 880 million yuan, mix 827 million yuan 752 million yuan, profit of net of the corresponding period is 119 million yuan, 108 million yuan mix 122 million yuan. The market thinks, its successful trade pattern is to rely on sheet to taste explode the paragraph is hit explode the market. What the market cares most is his the origin of claw of chicken of —— of main raw material. Manual of raise capital by floating shares shows, its purchase channel to have two kinds, one kind is from domestic company replenish onr’s stock, another kind is abroad entrance. Inside report period, the sale mode with main provision having friend is mode of agency sell on commission, the company undertakes selling without the brand shop below the line of oneself. Data shows, the sale rate of agency of food having friend achieved 95% above, mode sells to take income only continuously on the net 5% the left and right sides. And from industry future development trend and gross profit lead a level to look, selling pattern continuously is more dovish and more profitable method. Risk: Nearly 3 years battalion closes and profit did not grow   to look in a lot of people apparently, the biggest problem that friend is faced with depends on product structure too onefold, the battalion of nearly 80% closes to originate bubble any of several hot spice plants phoenix claw a product. And have friendly bubble any of several hot spice plants at present the market of phoenix claw is had rate in 20% the left and right sides, had been the bubble any of several hot spice plants on the market phoenix claw the first brand, prospective market space is relatively limited. Recently 3 years, the camp that has friend closes and net profit did not grow apparently, appeared even 2015 among them battalion closes and net profit glides, future having friend whether grow not to decide at present continuously. The market still notices, have 1% what investment of friendly research and development is less than total battalion to close nearly 3 years, and think you very much, week coot appear on the market the investment of research and development with food annual company is in 3% the left and right sides. Mean in the devoted inadequacy of respect of product research and development, current and character has friend and was not enough reserve on innovation product development, the outstanding achievement growth that this gives future having friend possibly also brings uncertainty. And food safety resembles this kind having friend especially to food company for the business that pursues cooked food producing treatment, it is the biggest risk factor all the time. Label: Have statement of friend phoenix ungual IPO: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! [return list | Join collect | Print this page] annual solicits contributinos / information cooperates: