Four short board “the development of Chinese wisdom”

At present, China is also in many areas has made a lot of let the world of achievement, such as manned space and manned deep-sea, large aircraft, super computers and high-speed rail equipment.But in the manufacturing industry as a whole, there are still technical innovation ability is weak, industry small, scattered, weak, internationally competitive enterprise scarcity problems.In order to achieve the manufacturer to manufacture power, intelligent manufacturing is positioned as the main direction of made in China.And, taking the industrial & other;2.0 throughout the &;Make up a missed lesson, & other3.0 throughout the &;普及、“4.0 throughout the &;Demonstration of the strategy of arrangement in advance.It should be said that the overall situation, based on long-term, and close to the actual target.Now there are four short board, restricts the & other;Throughout China’s smart &;The pace of development.First of all, is the core equipment of others, difficult to completely independently controllable.If left unchecked, the reality of a large number of key equipment is still dependent on imports, in don’t have own core intellectual property and manufacturing process under the condition of rashly, could become a full of a large number of foreign technology and equipment & other;智能制造”Is once again & other;The market for technology & throughout;.  其次是制造体系“Lack of brain and heart & throughout;, hollowing hollowing out need to be addressed.The heart is chip, imports more than 90%.More than 80% of the brain is the software industry, high-end market monopoly by foreign, domestic software market share in the low-end market is less than 50%.Is again & other;四基”Relatively weak, affects the quality of the brand more valuable.& other;Throughout the four base &;产业对外技术依存度在50%以上,高档轴承、液压件、气动件和密封件等基本依赖进口。Casting of 5000 years of history in China, the world for 16 years, but technological innovation ability is weak, high energy resources consumption and pollutant emissions.  最后是技能工艺和职业培训水平不高,工匠精神传承不力。一味大干快上,会造成高端技工紧缺、低端技工过剩,下岗多和就业难将在较长时期内共存。德国能搞“4.0 throughout & industry;,不光是因为在汽车、机械、医药化工、光学、电机和电气等方面世界领先,还因为德国工人具有良好素质和复杂技能。  即便国家对推进智能制造如此清醒审慎,各地在实施过程中也出现了一些冒进苗头。但智能制造不是要将规模做大,而是要将原材料和智能物流等基础保障、智能制造和智能运维等内部架构做强,以提高劳动效率。智能化重在通过大数据对易发故障部位做重点监控,而不是密密麻麻的安装探测头,优化不好会降低效率甚至拖垮系统。And as on the path, equating intelligent to automation, informationization, buy equipment, purchase software, jianping, on the cloud, big machine substitution, collect a lot of data, but not fully study customer demand, lead to intelligent manufacturing into formal and movement, indeed improve the cost.  再如在产品上,也要追求高大上。不提机器人、3D打印、无人机、高铁和北斗导航等,好象就没法谈智能制造。德国Festo(费斯托)公司在工业自动化和培训领域享誉全世界,最尖端的产品却是小小的气动元件。产品没有高中低之分,技术工艺质量等因素才决定了产品的高中低档次。Intelligent manufacturing era, still need this even more persistent specificity, excellence, perfection and meticulous, artisans of the spirit of perfect.在笔者心中,智能制造不管如何风云变幻,本质上仍是互联网+工匠精神,或言之智能化+专业化。Spirit is not only a skill, but also a kind of spirit.这种精神未必能造就一个成功的企业,但一个成功的企业一定离不开工匠精神。(the original title: comment: intelligent manufacturing need more originality inheritance) (source: China industry news)