General meeting of branch of lathe of machine tool association is held

On December 23, 2008, the 10th times general meeting is in branch of lathe of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool group of Shenyang machine tool is held, this second meeting is held below the special setting of global banking crisis, the conference is right situation of current home international and machine tool industry especially the challenge that lathe industry faces had analysis and communication, how to realize lathe industry to protect growth to close to the target of development undertakes discuss and planning. Total a secretary in charge of sth of association of tool of Chinese machine tool grew Wu Bailin to attend the meeting.

President of Shenyang machine tool closes stannic friend to say, in recent years lathe industry obtained very great progress, the gross value of industrial output of 37 members company arrives by the 9 billion growth 2004 15 billion 2007, rate of industrial dimensions dilate is very rapid, product level, class and orgnaization also had apparent change, the numerical control production value that branch has 12 companies is changed rate more than 30% , 7 exceed 50% , the exit of numerical control product also is shown increase a current continuously. But 2008 since the 3rd quarter, produce and sale of industry of whole machine tool is quick slow down, especially in October 2008 after the portion, the production value of common lathe drops compared to the same period 24% , production value of numerical control lathe drops compared to the same period 40% , below the setting of economic crisis, machine tool industry still faces a lot of not certain factor, the industry also will face major difficulty. The country publishs a series of pulling to move inside needed policy step offerred great opportunity for industry development, want ego of member unit base oneself upon only, sturdy confidence, give full cooperation, grab seize opportunity, lathe industry protects growth and the target that hurried develops to be able to come true certainly. The conference fills president Han Changsheng to chair by An Yangxin.

Conference vote produces group of machine tool of Shenyang of unit of chairman of director of the 6th chapter, 4 enterprises such as the first machine tool of Nanjing are vice-president unit, 8 enterprises such as machine tool of Great Wall of Ningxia new luck are standing director unit, 12 enterprises such as Shandong Lu Na machine tool are director unit. Agree via board of the 6th lathe, li Xiankai of vise general manager of machine tool of Shenyang of appoint to a position holds the post of secretary-general, chen Hongjun of Shenyang machine tool holds the post of deputy secretary-general.

Senior engineer Shao Qin makes department of trade of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool the strategic position from machine tool industry, numerical control machine tool develops a tendency, market consumption and the field that develop the current situation and current condition and mission made detailed report. Later, the conference entered discussion phase, each manager undertakes discussion around current condition and the countermeasure that did not come, viewpoint profundity, operate from a strategically advantageous position, have very fundamental referenced value to lathe industry and even machine tool industry.

President of Li Weiqian of day water spark

Spark machine tool begins those who experienced a point of view to appear from October, from us 100 and 125 model old product order decreases apparently, before our order is very full, do not work, old product not be willing to part with or use is put down, can saying is the insipidity that feed, those who abandon regrettablly, but old product also is increment, new product also is not done, so current and bad situation is a kind of benefit to spark instead good, the economic benefits that forces spark to lag behind the past is not very apparent product falls into disuse.
Spark is belonged to already big batch production has small lot sheet again manufacturing enterprise, the race to control below the case with can good in the situation mode of this kind of organization a market, batches of small sheet the effect that can reduce pair of enterprises when the situation is bad. Batches of spark machine tool is small sheet production already formed certain dimensions this piece, the normal production of spark was not affected, hope to production value can hold after the Spring Festival. “Xiong Fu ” when should talk stability, want to live, cash is king, the principle is to should hold to, specific it is to strengthen interior management, be in charge of good ready money to flow, each special had caught fulfil.

Shenyang machine tool involves stannic friendly president

Shenyang machine tool is whole 2008 the sale of the group is 11.4 billion the left and right sides, target of the beginning of the year is 12 billion, exit finishs 160 million dollar, the contract in the hand 5.5 billion, grow 23% compared to the same period, it is OK to should say to was returned first half of the year 2009. Affected to us 2008 serious is 4 kinds of products: Common lathe (small-sized) , simple and easy lathe, radial drilling machine and average boring machine, these 4 kinds of products are the dimensions of 3 billion probably. But the fall that the growth of numerical control machine tool cannot make up for Bench Machine Tool, look to drop compared to the same period from contract gross 40% . The situation notted allow 2009 hopeful, the market is adjusted will become inevitable.
Although China appeared in recent years,successive high speed grows, but pattern did not change, market high speed grows, we also grow in high speed, the import also rises in high speed. Again the industrial catenary that is us is not in in his hand, accuse guide screw of system, slideway than exactly the amount, the functional assembly technique of core is foreign forestall, this also is a problem that the industry develops. This the lesson of the market is very deep, but my individual thinks also is an opportunity that the industry adjusts actively.
Face 2009 and in the near future the market, we put forward ” transition, move, upgrade ” . Transition is whole industry wants to organize and manage mode change to what be a center with the client, ultimate goal is transition the enterprise to be dominant with technology and service, shenyang machine tool will appear before the client with the part of cutting technologist in the future, technical personnel and salesperson will become the main force of the enterprise, the hope comes true with lustrum. Move basically is to point to product structural adjustment, the portion had begun to undertake central product plans be been with Shenyang in November 2008, the productivity of general accuracy machine tool all move arrives on research and development, the likelihood needs time two years, want to eliminate one part machine tool actively, have again even if make new-style supply catenary system and manufacturing system compositive. Chinese market demand is rich, general accuracy machine tool also will long-standing, how to choose, very crucial, so we put forward to upgrade with new technology old product. Average boring machine undertakes reforming with modern technology and control technology, not be numerical control is changed, we had found technics, and succeed, satisfy the requirement of medium and small businesses, the price should compare petty gain of numerical control boring machine, preparation was pushed 2009 to the market; Having again is new-style numerical control lathe, have the product the design of thoroughly remould oneself, from exterior proceed with; 3 it is vertical machining center, we built career department technically, china sells machining center of many 20 thousand vertical every year, but the business that China sells vertical machining center without a mainstream, the end that we want 4000 to strive 3 years to achieve year of yield; 4 it is machining center of horizontal of high speed nicety, we also are being done.
Face current condition, I consider as a product the optimal period of structural adjustment, total market did not go, it is the requirement that we cannot satisfy the market only. I appeal our industry cooperates adequately finally, lead plane manufacturer and fluctuation swim the business is more compact, the height of technical natural resources of Shenyang machine tool is opened to everybody, everybody learns from others’s strong points to offset his weakness, progress jointly.

Zhejiang triumphant amount to Director Yu Songtao

Kaidashi showed Zhejiang 2007 sales revenue makes an appointment with 350 million yuan, it is the best outstanding achievement of throughout history, growth of before 2008 3 quarters also is in 15% the left and right sides, enter the four seasons to spent exit to drop 40% the left and right sides. The situation is grim, we did not lose confidence, situation of policy of follow closely country, seize opportunity, seek new point of growth. Exit drops, increase the development strength of home market, maintain the basic stability of sale in domestic market. The effort that we made clear large, heavy-duty, nicety, high speed, intelligence and machine tool of much axis linkage direction. We should decrease use up, increase investment, saving energy, condense a team, the overall policy that develops steadily. Our president raised new requirement, retrieve proceed with from product quality, take the development of new product seriously, take promotion of technical progress, craft and product quality seriously to rise, value the market and user service, take team construction and personnel quality seriously to rise, meet a challenge.

Chongqing general manager of Zhang Mingzhi of 2 machine tools

Chongqing the impact that 2 machine get is very big, but we won’t blame everyone and everything but not oneself, analytic reason, besides the element of the market, more is the problem as a result of oneself, imitate too much with follow, enlarge is large-scale, it is unsuccessful, own innovation ability also has difference. But this also is the best opportunity that we adjust, if do not have economic crisis advent,we also want to adjust. Make from essence of life, adjust a structure, reduce the yield of general car actively, the gain of general car is small, make the progress that is sure to affect a business for a long time. All products are fixed position with the market, small and essence of life, have distinguishing feature, hold neatly, satisfy the requirement of the user considerately. 2 machine give birth to Chongqing in Chongqing, burgeoning western industry also can attach most importance to the progress that celebrates 2 machine to offer more opportunity.

From October 2008 portion crop decreases 50% , the level that achieve profit falls, our stock is not fortunately much, but overall productivity was frozen 60% . In process of new product development, we saw the profit that private plane turns. The situation is not Anacreontic 2009, we can be entered optimize product structure, do good resettlement, the enterprise that finish is transformed and transition, undertake grooming to employee, grab from the foundation, develop new product, achieve core product numerical control to change, from which small-sized stride to bed of large scale computer.
Chongqing general manager of 9 sources Zhang Yubo

Chongqing 9 sources are civilian battalion enterprise, face the crisis small company is harder, whether undertake innovating on system, big company gives aid to or annex small company, large area is small, the technique that big company eliminates, craft gives small company, small company still has the market through transforming, help small company spend difficulty. System conformity can drive the innovation of the product, such everybody can use technical platform adequately. Association whether just face us to guide many a little bit in exit, recommend a few foreign traders or found a platform, let us need not worry about credit problem of the foreign trader too much.
Vise general manager of Zhang Shusen of Shandong Pu Lisen

Pulisen passes Shandong to be adjusted for years, at present common lathe is occupied 30% , the impact that get is very big. We are adopted reduce inventory, reduce cost, put energy on large, numerical control and machine tool of deep aperture treatment. Deep aperture machine tool is our strong point, also compare to 2m product structure from 2mm reasonable, the influence is relatively minorrer than other product. Combinative oneself is actual, answer the market, captured a good luck to grip the market. Exit is affected this piece to us not quite, the situation is a little special, we although capital is in short supply but did not borrow money, also did not have a package, change the package after making especially smaller. Current we should accelerate product development, groom employee rank, stress construction of team of good management, talent and quality rise, anabiosis for the next ready-made.
General manager of Li Jiang of treasure chicken machine tool

The main product that we glide is machine tool of general accuracy machine tool and economy numerical control, in numerical control machine tool high-grade have glide. Exporting a respect basically is general car, 2007 16 million dollar, accomplished 21 million dollar 2008, basically finish first half of the year, the fastest add fast achieved compared to the same period the growth of 70% , but from October 2008 the portion begins to fall apparently will. Face current condition, want to practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, firm stresses quality. From 2008 the beginning of the year began us to start ” burr project ” , burr basically is to point to a few easy uncared-for small issues, begin quality to be checked greatly, the result is right, still the needle is begun to quality management groom. 2 should adjust product structure, promote the improvement of old product, develop new product, make good after service, offer the solution of whole set, we have special branch to make the numerical control private plane such as modular machine tool. 3 should fall this synergism, from 2007 the end of the year begins to do, reduce the cost with each needless respect. Strove for the production value that keeps existing 2009.

Zhejiang couplet Jiang Zhangyan president

Small company is early to the metabolic perception of the market, a few development of big company and reflection means and a few change make or the situation of civilian battalion small company is different, we also are thinking, what can small company do for the industry. The product structural adjustment that we have includes equality of water of brand, technology, also be very good integrated opportunity currently, think face the market our development is correct. We made a key develop machine tool of economy numerical control 1999, current condition forces us to undertake conformity, undertake the product upgrades replacement, promotion serves a level, before understanding the blemish of the product, cross system, cross area development. We also hope bibcock enterprise can effective conformity, optimize resource configuration, small company cooperates big company, do for big company some tackle key problem etc.
Total a secretary in charge of sth of Wu Bailin of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool is long

Chinese machine tool industry is successive 7 years (2001 ~ 2007) develop continuously, make the position of Chinese machine tool gets rising, at present China is the biggest market, our development let abroad have crisis feeling, each transnational corporation, each country association pays close attention to the development of industry of Chinese machine tool and demand particularly.
Face current difficulty, how to do. Recognize situation, it is to transfer currently period, want pass the winter, and this winter unlike as one used to do, add the United States second borrow the crisis to affect we, have bit of one disaster after another. Analytic reason, one part is accidental, one part inevitable. If our tentative idea does not have this crisis, everybody can adjust a structure actively, develop 7 years hind two years, slow down in demand of general accuracy machine tool, high-grade machine tool rises ceaselessly, there was a sign before crisis happening, so early should adjust, but in view of all sorts of clues cannot give up, pursuit gain is the biggest today change while, what ignore long-term interests very easily is the biggest change. But the one side that evildoing also has had, have pressure, have a challenge, have opportunity more. 15% what the exit that those who rejoice is us takes entire industry only, we did not wait like Switzerland, Korea (exit occupies dominant) the impact that get is so big, left an opportunity to us, but also cannot be fond of oneself, because abroad can be in China vigorously, the competition of Chinese market will be more intense.
The country is rolled out pull move inside need to revitalize equipment manufacturing industry the policy of 16 domains won’t invest low-level repetition on construction, must upgrade, these industries are the user of the machine tool. Development of a few years laid very good foundation for us, pulled the 10th month 2008, this is brushstroke fortune, beautiful day Europe has respective way, china also has idea — pull move inside need. Industry grows 1.5% to be able to drive the GDP growth of 1% , these are good luck.
Current business should according to oneself actual condition thinks way, living is the most important, “Ailment takes medicine, cannot when serious ” , be practical and realistic, solve exceedingly to put close. Special period, want to stress technical development, rely on own innovation, machine tool industry lies industrial catenary extreme, pull move inside want the result after showing pair of machine tool industries to also can be delayed, if await inactively, product structure did not rise, spent this period, also do not have an opportunity. Undertake enterprise interior is adjusted in time, from product structure and proceed with of increase production means, experienced exercise to benefit the internal organs, improve product quality, solve dependability problem. Conditional enterprise can use good international resource, but cannot ” brain is calorific ” , wanted to be certain.
Finally, change a job to lathe branch successful and satisfactory end expresses congratulation, congratulate new the director that be elected, standing vice-president, director, hope you make larger contribution for the industry!
The conference last by close to always make summary progress, closed to always put forward to hoped at 3 o’clock: It is to encourage member unit to communicate more, learn each other, raise oneself; 2 it is to strengthen cooperation, the respect waits in development of product, technology, especially lathe; 3 it is to tackle key problem jointly, draft national level jointly. 2009 ” 11 · 5 ” great and special will start, industry itself is together jointly, it is easier to strive for a country to support. Wish everybody finally Happy New Year!