“Germany technology + made in China” high-end brand launch ASCA shenyang machine tool nc machine tools

– shenyang, April 19 (Reuters) April 17 solstice 22, the 15th China international machine tool exhibition held in Beijing China international exhibition center.During the exhibition, shenyang machine tool group under globalization strategy of nc machine tools high-end brand ASCA officially released.According to the shenyang machine tool group enterprise culture minister li east is introduced first, beginning in 2011, shenyang machine tool from German heath company’s technical background and the design concept, design was developed according to the concept of SMART structure is simple, easy to maintain, reliable performance, economical and efficient characteristics of ASCA series products.”ASCA series products, security, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency concept throughout the product development, always boost shenyang machine tool quickly realize globalization.”To the east said.”In the process of introducing German industry in China, shenyang machine tool to understand German research concept, design concept, manufacturing technology, advanced by understanding, standard, in the industry standard of the global market and industrial system, and make the made in Germany seed blossom in Chinese soil, and upgrade to meet the need of the global market.”Shenyang machine tool group consultant Dr GeXingFu said.In group chairman GuanXiYou point of view, the 2017 Beijing international machine tool exhibition for ASCA series of products is not only a product exhibition, exhibition is a brand, its theme is to make production life easier, make manufacture easier.The, ASCA series products not only to exhibit in the technology of image, more to exhibit in the commercial image and its display HoriTurn4080MY slant bed horizontal lathe, HoriMill63 CNC horizontal machining center, VertiTurn3230iM handstand car 3 product is the embodiment of the “German technology + efficiency of China”, is a German high-end industrial technology combined with China’s efficient manufacturing.It is reported, the exhibition of the three new products has entered the stage of industrialization manufacture in China, and it has the condition of market oriented commercial, marking the official start of the ASCA series products in the global market into the process of commercialization, marketization operation.