Group of DMG Asia president makes an on-the-spot investigation to peaceful river machine tool

On March 5, 2013 afternoon, party of Zhu Jianfeng’s minister reachs ministry of collaboration of international of group of assorted of Chan Xilin of general manager of DMG of Han Nuo of president of German DMG Asia, Beijing, general the company looks around make an on-the-spot investigation. The leader such as Liu Yan of Jiang Hua of company general manager, chief engineer welcomed honoured guest enthusiasticly. In Jiang Hua the accompanying of the leader such as general manager falls, han Nuo visited company exhibition hall to reach above all all right assemble a workshop. Producing the spot, industry of index of the function of the product of core competition ability such as lathe of gear-hobbing machine of machine tool of the machining center of horizontal of high speed high spirit that dot of ginger gross weight makes to company production, coordinate, numerical control, numerical control, main technique, application and domain undertook introductory. After Han Nuo is looking around, to me the product of the company gives reputably, hope both sides will be strengthened henceforth medium cooperation is produced in the machine tool.