Had affirmed the eyes, it is paper box factory offends what do not rise ” person ” (go up) !

Papermaking circle provides ” of authoritative “ hero a list of names posted up to release most, those who produce per year a quantity to exceed 1 million tons is gigantic without bully paper mill one by one exposure, factory of base paper of many paper box theres is no lack of inside, every are the “ person ” that has a story. Their each actual strength is uncommon, or on the make, or family property accumulated over a long time is substantial, or village somebody, nature also is the “ person ” that box factory offends paper not to rise! Today we introduce ethereal period mainly article of Jiu Long, manage, sun, Shan Ying and Hua Tai, below period we can continue to introduce couplet to fill, flourish is become, build sunshine sunshine of century of & Jin Zhou, Jing Xinghe. Jiu Long: Keyword of 13.13 million tons of   : Bully gas appears of   Jiu Long be born with grow the color that having romance. 23 years ago, jiu Long just is in Hong Kong to receive the small business butcher of waste paper originally, but provide commercial clue extremely however. After Dongguan of comfortable inland Guangdong establishs the first fortified point, climb slope to jump over cage all the way, look at exact scope to accomplish ” of queen of papermaking of ” of king of world “ waste paper, “ all the time! Already was in the mainland nowadays Dongguan, too the Jiu Long that city of storehouse, Chongqing, Shenyang, Le Shan, spring, Tianjin, Heibei and abroad Vietnam have base of 9 big production still is in outspread, predict to be in arrived in year 2018 2019 the time in year paragraph inside, still can go up newly 6 paper machine, add newly always produce can make an appointment with 3 million tons. The group is produced per year can break through 16 million tons of can be expected soon! In papermaking circle, jiu Long is a person that had not given any faults on the strategy! The ox forces! Is Jiu Long how to repair refine to be produced per year exclusively into China can you cross ten million ton of papermaking bibcock? Of the development concept besides itself, controller before outside the manufacturing technology with look up thinking and excellent oneself, the green that still having ” of “ taxation privilege to upgrade in its transition develops the ” of “ secondary attack on the road. Of course, this bit of achievement still cannot make condition of nine dragon firm self-given today, she still is in seek is bigger stronger, put forward catchword in recent years: We should do hundred years business, we should do the Jiu Long of the world! Manage article: Keyword of five million five hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred tons of   : The place that   of of careful calculation and strict budgeting has Jiu Long is justifiable civil, like having Kendeji always like the place that has Mcdonald’s! As Jiu Long, manage article also is to come from Hong Kong, word argue article is entered one year earlier than Jiu Long row. What with Jiu Longbai hand build up differs is, manage language is rich 2 generation do poineering work, father is ” of king of vanity of “ Hong Kong! Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, aim at outback papermaking industry infinite business chance, father decides “ hits this ” to give son manage article to support its to march papermaking course of study. Common saying says, difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart. Vanity and papermaking are two completely disparate industries, jiashangliwen is novice of papermaking course of study, by what arrange start business original 4 years, it may be said 3 fold. Go all out in work 4 years hard in the course nevertheless, manage article paper mill is in finally 1998 put into production, produce per year can have 80 thousand tons only. And the turning point that manage article grows, it is from Japan low buys to produce can 200 thousand tons secondhand paper machine, ling Jisheng produces speed and quality to be improved greatly, make manage article becomes the large family inside course of study. The course develops quickly for years, manage article already became the throughout the country business of the 2nd big papermaking, more the beauty that wins ” of “ papermaking king praise. What differ with bold and powerful enterprising of Jiu Long is, manage article is outspread more slant conservative, share 6 production base at present, be located in Dongguan zhuang1huang2 to emerge respectively, Changshu of Guangdong Hong Mei, Jiangsu, Chongqing always plain, Jiangxi the river after 9 rivers and Vietnam, the group is current always produce per year can be 5.63 million tons of wrapping paper, 180 thousand tons of wood pulp. In recent years manage article begins to march bumf market, produce per year can be 465 thousand tons, still continueing enlarge is produced in. Manage article also has his little cause, plan future produces the group can promote reach 10 million tons. The sun: Keyword of four million four hundred and thirty-one thousand six hundred tons of   : The heart   of artisan marched in July 2016 before market of paper box base paper, the affirmative not very of the box that make paper is familiar with the sun, but in colour box bound and the press he can be reverberate like thunder. The sun, what Shandong aid goes rather is middleaged groups small, idea spirit is beautiful, have the heart of an artisan, or special to science and technology the person that be obsessed with. From him ” of the first piece of paper began “ of own research and development 1982, hold to large on equipment and research and development investment, kind conquers with product strength the market. No matter the product of the sun is paper of art paper, culture, grey bottom once appear on the market,paperboard of white paperboard, food or life use paper, get immediately the angle of high-end market. On July 10, 2016, sun paper industry produces per year 500 thousand tons of low grams to weigh project of paper of high-grade cowhide board to switch on the mobile phone formally put into production. The hardware of this project papermaking, equipment that make a starch belongs to international to be configured first-rate, craft belongs to kraft industry top end technology, its are the biggest the characteristic is synchronism of machine of valuable assistant paper decorate. In manufacturing workshop makes two diverse product line at the same time, production packs the project of machine of valuable assistant paper that uses paper differently, still belong to in home first. This is the sun marchs first domain of paper box base paper, absolutely with great quantity. In recent years, sun international movement again and again, make paper collaboration with industry of American international paper, Japan early or late, invest Laos, United States. Nowadays, the sun already was versed in by a 30 thousand yuan of loan, 30 many farmers the village of build up does type small part, work up makes papermaking of be in harmony, chemical industry, foreign trade, electric power, scientific research, forest the large share-holding system that paper, investment is an organic whole is old fellow. Had walked along 1000 hill 10 thousand water, the sun still course does not change, enthusiasm is not decreased. The sun still will have 3 new increase production 2018 can put into production, at the appointed time the paper of the sun, oar year productivity will achieve 6.02 million tons, among them cowhide board paper is 1.6 million tons. Shan Ying: Keyword of 3.58 million tons of   : A new force suddenly rises papermaking encircles   today when red blast child gallinaceous —— Shan Ying, can not be that Shan Ying before 2013. That Shan Ying before comes from Anhui, the hill eagle husband nowadays is done advocate is to come from Zhejiang sea salt, original name brings the boy of the group for auspicious. Industry of hill eagle paper and Ji An group finished annex smoothly to recombine 2013 and appear on the market, it may be said of this one movement is get through a superintend and director that Shan Ying develops 2 arteries and veins, powerful powerful combination formed upper reaches domestic and international waste paper is bought, box of production of intermediate base paper, downstream paper produces a complete papermaking industry chain. The Shan Ying after recombining is from now on in domain of Chinese papermaking course of study a new force suddenly rises, on the make. 2017, shan Ying of 4 years hit dormancy fist of a combination, papermaking circle looks agape: On July 20, denounce endowment exceeds 1.9 billion to buy line of business of boreal Europe paper 100% equity, one is in Europe dedicated the fierce part;7 at greaseproof and kraft fractionize domain is accused 28 days month to grandfather incognito, new name very month of;7 of international of eagle of atmosphere —— hill 28 days, hill eagle international is located in county of public security of city of state of Hubei chaste tree of garden of industry of guard of Home Yang plant produced per year project of 2.2 million tons of wrapping paper to hold foundation stone laying ceremony, was to take over the month of Hubei project;12 of industry of paper of Chang Tai of overlord of former Heibei of ” of “ downfallen noble 20 days actually, hill eagle international throws away “ to weigh pound bomb ” , the Fujian Province couplet that buys hold of Yo of natural person Chen Jia with means of 1.9 billion cash fills paper industry 100% equity of finite liability company. Ask an attention, this is the between company of home of the biggest brushstroke cash on history of development of Chinese papermaking circle is bought. Jing is not surprizing, outside meaning? With respect to this one action, hill eagle international adds 4 papermaking product line newly, produce per year can add 1.05 million tons newly, always produce can promote fluctuate to 4.59 million tons, squeeze into before papermaking is encircled 3 armour directly. With hill eagle international is at present new the construction schedule of the project, transcending manage language also is things. Hill eagle international already made a part nowadays regenerated fiber, papermaking, pack, presswork, commerce, content shedding, cast the financing internationalization that is an organic whole gigantic without bully. The estimation of hill eagle international that left to hang still meets us in the day in future more surprise, wait and see what happens! Hua Tai: Keyword of three million one hundred and thirty-one thousand seven hundred tons of   : The newspaper old of the be worthy of on world of   of luxuriant face about, ceng Xinwen paper produces per year a quantity to be as high as 1.8 million tons. A few years nevertheless Qian Huatai does not want to do this eldest child, begin to plan to break 840 million yuan of RMBs from 2015, the 6 newspaper product line that has oneself with time of 5 years changes the line of production 5 times medium entirely culture uses paper or wrapping paper, leave the —— of a newspaper machine with Shandong the largest cadre to produce per year 450 thousand tons 12 paper machine to continue to produce newspaper only. On June 19, 2015, the industry of China peaceful paper as Guangdong river door produces a first qualification corrugated paper successfully, the mark is worn domain of wrapping paper of Huatai make one’s bow. Some people refuse to obey be no good, feel Hua Tai resembles the cosset that is God. Early not transition is late not transition, can drive in unluckily a corrugated paper is produced on the vital link that the Guangdong before the bottom will eliminate 57 paper job in June in those days. Should know to because this policy consideration can be,be caused in those days bead the wrapping paper rush to purchase that trigonometry sees inaccessibly is wet, paper value considerably violent wind rises, and corrugated paper is to go up among them a the biggest paper kind. Hua Tai cuts wrapping paper field first have to this profit is good, favourable geographical position of climate of it may be said! The Hua Tai of savor benefit, in November 2016 Shandong east 11 machine transform the former newspaper of battalion cadre produce paper of core of rows of tiles on a roof. This time is nodded, everybody understands, it is paper value achieves the history new upsurge the period that does not have a friend. Twice this through around ability changes, hua Tai uses cutty time corrugated paper produce can promote reach 800 thousand tons, become the force that domain of paper box base paper cannot ignore. Hua Tai also is done not have at this point go no further, prepare to work energetically again in Guangdong river door, begin to plan to build to produce per year again from 2017 can product line of 300 thousand tons of corrugated paper. Rich easy and capricious, prospective China peaceful can other produce a line to ability corrects corrugated paper or build more corrugated paper to produce a line again with respect to unknown.