Hangzhou machine tool becomes grinder of figuration of domestic numerical control to produce base

 Company of group of Hangzhou machine tool (the following abbreviation Hangzhou machine) 7 axes of MKL7150 × 16/2 puissant figuration grinder passed 5 linkage numerical control recently Hangzhou city expands line of business of heavy chemical industry moderately of special fund project check and accept.  

    Hangzhou machine from 2001 this company rolls out double wheelhead of numerical control of the first MKLD7140 since puissant figuration grinder, a few years short time with respect to establish the lead position in the whole nation, become grinder of home’s most principal numerical control figuration to create base.  

    Statistical data makes clear, at present Hangzhou machine accumulative total of puissant figuration grinder already produced the numerical control of all sorts of model, norms nearly 60, basically achieved a sale entirely, accumulative total sales revenue is equivalent to the value of plane abrasion of many 1000 common M7130H, puissant figuration grinder already made numerical control the economic point of growth with Hangzhou new machine.  

    The batch of puissant figuration grinder produces Hangzhou engine numerical control, promoted the production of homebred grinder the standard greatly, enhanced the competitive ability of as high-grade as world-famous brand grinder. Come a few years, hangzhou machine complies with the development trend that international grinder makes, arrive from double wheelhead structure in lumbar pillar movable type, the figuration grinder that moves to complete pillar again, become domestic grinder to make the mark that the technology progresses. In respect of numerical control technology, from 3 axes two linkage develop 7 axes 5 linkage and 9 axes 5 linkage, satisfied the need of domestic most advanced user, broke technical barrier of abroad. Make with aviation, car, turbine is made for the key, formed a batch of firm users group.  

    In the meantime, it is a target with the steely industry, industry that pack, jian Ren grinds the numerical control that Hangzhou machine developed to have bright distinguishing feature, figuration of roller of numerical control rows of tiles on a roof is ground etc child series product.  

    Be worth what carry is, as a result of Hangzhou functional batch produces high-grade figuration to grind, this becomes the main factor that restricts high price of foreign congener machine tool, its society benefit is inestimable.  

    Commendable is, hangzhou machine realises soberly, advanced level photograph compares company product and abroad to still have not little difference, and the end that figuration grinder wants 100 million yuan to achieve year of sale, current market sale is very inaccessible, country is right high-grade grind machining center to still lack demand power.  

    To make the whole world integrated grinder supplies service business, hangzhou machine will take practical step, enlarge the production of grinder of numerical control figuration, raise the dependability of the machine tool, raise a machine tool the reliability in the user, enhance an user to choose the confidence of grinder of homebred and high-grade figuration. Develop figuration grinder new breed actively at the same time, extend applied domain, cooperate through the technology with abroad, realize exit of grinder of figuration of high-grade numerical control, raise the additional cost of the machine tool.