High-end CNC machine tools and robots in areas such as opportunities for development

– the voice of the economy “trading live” report, issued by the state council yesterday (19) the “made in China 2025”.The sprung to “2025” made in China is in the first decade of our country to carry out the strategy of manufacturing power of action.In this program, has been clear about the nine strategic tasks and priorities, among them, including high-end CNC machine tools and robots ten key areas, such as ushered in the golden opportunity of development.Since China’s reform and opening up, China’s manufacturing industry sustained and rapid development, build the efficience, independent complete industrial system, vigorously promote industrialization and modernization process, significantly enhance the comprehensive national strength, to support the world manufacturing power status in our country.However, compared with the world’s advanced level, our country manufacturing industry is big but not strong, in the capacity for independent innovation, the resources use efficiency, industrial structure level, the degree of informationization, quality benefit obvious gap, transformation and upgrading and span development of urgent and arduous task.Although at present our country is manufacturing power, but the independent innovation capability needs to be strengthened.In the world economy is in a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution of the time, our country is to speed up the transformation of the pattern of economic development, which will reshape the international industrial division of labor pattern.In the manufacturing industry in our country in the world economy industry chain in what position?Hualong securities senior investment advisers Ren Liang analysis: Ren Liang: China’s manufacturing industry has developed for nearly 30 years, manufacturing now accounts for over 40% of China’s GDP.In 2007, the growth of China’s manufacturing industry has the world’s largest 20 years.In fact, in 2006, China has become the world’s second largest manufacturing country, China is now 172 products manufacturing production has been one of the world’s first, the added value of manufacturing in dollar terms, now is $1.0956 trillion.So compared with manufacturing powerhouse, gap is mainly reflected in what respect?Ren Liang think: Ren Liang: first, China’s export products because the price is cheap, continuous anti-dumping sanctions by the United States, the European Union, China up to now still is the world’s anti-dumping investigation of host countries.The second China’s export products, product quality ingredients do not meet the conditions of the western countries and be recalled a lot of, is just like our China’s second largest toy manufacturers in foshan lida, due to export toys containing lead paint is also been a lot of recall.The third point is many products in China lack of core technology, others and high-tech products still rely on imports, such as the chip lithography machine, engineering machinery hydraulic system, and so on.And our products of China’s manufacturing resources and energy consumed is much higher than the developed countries, such as cement, paper such as pollution, energy is still a pillar industry of China’s manufacturing industry, at the same time of development, at the expense of the environment.Fifth, let’s many manufacturing industry because the underlying technology is lacking, caused the homogeneity of the product, in a disordered vicious competition, every time we can see on the Canton fair play between Chinese enterprise, and make a lot of benefit from foreign investors.Additional our manufacturing enterprise of blind expansion, resulting in the whole manufacturing industry overcapacity.At present China’s manufacturing industry and the gap between the developed countries personally, I think of we now may be a manufacturing power, but to enter the manufacturing powerhouse, is still a long way to go.Based on the information of the physical system intelligent equipment, intelligent factories such as intelligent manufacturing is leading manufacturing mode change.International and domestic intelligent manufacturing equipment market at present have how old?Ren Liang: as a key development direction in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the important embodiment of informatization and industrialization depth fusion, cultivating and developing intelligent manufacturing equipment industry to speed up the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, promote production efficiency, technology level, product quality and reducing energy consumption in fact have very important meaning.In 2012, the scale of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry in China reached 500 billion yuan, the overall situation is good.And in recent years, countries vigorously promote the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, policy support is also gradually in the overweight.Released by the ministry of manufacturing five-year development plan, and ministry of science and technology, the 12th five-year plan released and issued by the ministry of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry the 12th five-year plan, we can see the overall policy support is big.As one of five industries in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, intelligent equipment industry is currently the only to the domestic capital market fully digging a gold mine, its prospect is consistent, our intelligence is equipped with an average annual growth rate is expected to more than 25%, over the next five to 10 years is high speed period in the development of manufacturing equipment, intelligent equipment scale could exceed 1 trillion, the proportion of high-end equipment manufacturing industry could reach about 20%.Among the “made in China 2025” programme of action, referred to the high-grade CNC machine tools and robotics.Nc machine tool as the national defense strategy of equipment, is the most important means of manufacturing all kinds of weapons and equipment, is the important guarantee of national defense equipment modernization.In recent years, China’s machine tool manufacturing industry benefit from national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry environment, has made remarkable progress.Qinchuan machine tool of the listed company’s machine tool industry comprehensive high-end equipment suppliers;Shenyang machine tool is the industry’s leading companies.The company’s products and how many gap between the world high-end CNC machine?Ren Liang: currently, China’s numerical control machine tool is in the phase of rapid ascension, in recent years, like aerospace, automotive, Marine research and development of these areas have also reached more than 100 kinds of high-end CNC machine tools.Let’s compete with foreign words, first of all, the first point is relatively backward management technology, product quality is not very reliable, the less reliable with our quality management ability is weak, backward technology level, there are still a lot to do.The second technical level and innovation ability is not enough, the product competition ability is not strong, the source of nc machine tools, advanced technology in our country at present stage is mostly through introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, the overall is still in the update the status of technology, for digestion, absorption and improve the investment is not enough.The third point is the numerical control system and the feature of professional supporting system is not perfect, still rely on imports.Fourth, is the high energy consumption of the manufacturing process and use of resources, comprehensive utilization rate of machine tools is low, lightweight design technology is less at the same time, and also needs to improve service levels and overall service quality, with the enterprise own management ability level also has a lot to do.Many listed companies enter the robot industry at present, how many companies to establish their brands in the related field, and has a certain market share and performance gains?Ren Liang: the whole industry chain of the robot can be divided into upstream of the key parts, middle reaches of the downstream of the whole machine system integration and application.Upstream from the industrial chain, the key components of proportion or abroad are large, from the point of view of a-share listed companies, let’s put the robot makers roughly divided into four categories, the first is the core parts manufacturer, the original is the production of CNC system or maglev motor, etc., the automation components manufacturer, relatively speaking it can timely access to relevant technologies and resources of the client.The second type is the system integration.Grown up here on the background of the colleges and universities and industry accumulation of integrated enterprise, and in some industries, such as welding, tires, and food processing areas have certain project experience and understanding of how to make use of their robots in the related listed companies, such as soft, julong equity holdings.The third class is completely new entrants, through cooperation with foreign companies, relying on the original business areas and certain experience, and in their own industry in robots, like the recent action larger CiXing shares, and Richard shares harden today, and the wei co, etc., and cooperate with foreign robot parts company, company research of core parts, such as the Shanghai electrical and mechanical.For now, robots are famous manufacturer of 90% are foreign.Said to China make an action plan for 2025, we can dig into what investment opportunities?In such a manufacturing powerhouse strategy under an action plan for the first decade of the incentive, if to choose a train of thought, we should be how to excavate potential investment value of listed companies and opportunities?Ren Liang: on the whole, investment opportunities or in three aspects, now let’s from the three aspects of view, a-share market has been reflected.The first is the intelligent control device, industrial automatic control device, and the digital and intelligent.Second, intelligent machines, like the aforementioned intelligent robots, numerical control machine tools, equipment.The third is the intelligent terminal products, is the ability to integrated into the intelligent and networking products.Mark, investment opportunities in the main process in the process of industrialization and informatization two fusion, larger investment opportunities.Three kinds of enterprises may benefit first, the first is to actively participate in to upgrade manufacturing bibcock of m&a and the second is the industry meet the personalized needs of system solutions provider, the third is a lot of industry is still in the process of 2.0 to 3.0 upgrade, automation equipment and competitive solution supplier.Recommends that investors according to the following three points to the layout of the positive.First of all, to master the core technology of enterprise, robot, real and day’s shares;The second is to master core technology of related components, like inovance technology, the new da;The third is the robot has entered in the field of Shanghai mechanical and electrical, Richard, and CiXing co.(source: epicenter wide net)