High precision bearing help nc machine tool of high speed, melt high-accuracily

High speed and precision is the eternal goal of machine tool development, with the constant improvement of the spindle speed, mechanical and electronic products renewal speed, precision and surface quality of parts processing requirements also more and more high, machine rolling screw pair has a good transmission performance, but also have the ability to convert instantaneous high or low speed and satisfies the requirement of sensitive, durable and reliable.Especially SKF, FAG, NSK bearing foreign companies have developed a new type of structure of the angular contact thrust ball bearings, used in ball screw bearing.There is still a small contact Angle to the current domestic angular contact ball bearing or combined with thrust ball bearing as support bearing of ball screw, the machining precision and low rigidity., at present, domestic high precision ball screw bearing very few manufacturers can batch production, and also have a limited variety, not a series.Foreign high speed precision ball screw ball bearing, although good performance and reliable in use, but is expensive and hard to ensure the delivery date, which directly affect the development of nc machine tools in China.The completion of the yue high precision ball screw bearing will greatly improve the level of industrialization of nc machine tools in our country, and replace the imported bearing, the development of national industry in our country, strengthen our country mechanical and electrical products in domestic and international market competition ability.High precision ball screw ball bearing is a bearing ChanXiangJiao contact, the nominal contact Angle of 60 & deg;, the bearing can bear larger single direction axial load, also can bear radial load, usually need to use in groups.LYZYC high precision ball screw bearing adopts integral structure, keep the frame is made by the high performance engineering plastics, the count.The bearing has great capacity of axial load, good rigidity, high speed performance is good, small friction torque, flexible rotation, high performance, long life and other characteristics.